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A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
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Final Q & A and Update from Me

Posted by Kenny (Collaborator)

Hey everyone! 

KP here, just letting you know this will be the last update you see from me during the campaign. There will be more periodic posts after the campaign has finished, but I'll be disappearing mostly into the realms of design/playtesting once again.

I just wanted to address a few of the questions we got in the last week and a bit. I was intending on doing so earlier but things don't always quite go the way I plan. I had also intended (and recorded) a video to answer things, but my editing is not working and I'm not sure it would upload before the campaign is over, so I'm going to be typing them instead. Here we go!

1. How will playtesting work? Will backers be involved?

Playtesting will be fairly standard practice: internal and external playtesting (blind and non-blind) will be included. As the primary way this playtesting is going to happen will likely be through Tabletop Simulator, it will also allow us to view videos and really gain a good insight into the tactics and strategies people use and whether certain characters are over or underperforming. Once I've got a Tabletop Simulator module comfortable up and running, I'll be making it publicly available, so backers will be able to get involved!

2. How do you feel about the campaign overall?

I think we're going to end in a good place. Raphael looks like he'll be unlocked, either by this campaign or with the assistance of the Chinese campaign, which is an excellent thing. I won't go into specifics, but there was definitely a bit of a rocky road in the middle, but we've made it to the end!

There are plenty of minis that have been added to the campaign via add-on or stretch goal, and I think there will be plenty to keep people happy for a while. Could the campaign have been managed/organised better? Absolutely. Still, I think the campaign has gone pretty well overall.

3. Why is attacking the way it is? It doesn't seem streamlined.

I personally thought attacking was actually very streamlined. You roll dice, you do some math, and you're done. No need to roll armour saves or dodge chance or anything. Just some arithmetic and division and you're good (note for those who do have difficulty with division, a quick reference table will be included in the rulebook).

Ultimately, the current system is mathematically sound and allows for a wide range of abilities and far easier balance. In addition, attacks are more consistent; you're less likely to hit high highs or low lows, instead hitting the average or slightly above / below with higher frequency.

4. How will Lore be included?

Now that the artbook has been unlocked, it's highly likely the lore will be included in there. This includes any lore from updates (subject to small changes) as well as any other unshared lore.

5. Can you explain the factions?

As mentioned in an earlier update, there are now only two "factions": Light and Dark. There will be subfactions within these greater categories (e.g. Angels, Humans) which will have their own unique abilities, Fate cards, and Upgrades, but Angels and Humans can fight alongside together this way. It also ensures that future products have something for everyone!

6. Delivery Details?

Can't say much here, except that it's my duty to deliver a game that will bring you smiles / joy. I will do my best to ensure that happens, and I will not allow a game that I'm not satisfied with to be sent out. 

7. Divinity Card Details

Finally, I'll be sharing some info on Divinity Cards. Specifically, I'll be talking about Ethel the Equaliser. Those who have read Charlotte's story may recognise Ethel as the god she worships. 

The idea of divinity cards is to provide wide, army shaping effects that really change the game based on which you pick. Ethel, for instance, has an ability to equalise the Fate cards in players hand, allowing you to draw more cards or your opponent to discard their excess. Ethel's other ability allows you to give your opponent a taste of their own medicine by sending negative conditions back to your opponent, or capitalising on positive ones for your own. A Human player playing Ethel may be more inclined to play more of their Fate cards each turn. Additionally, opposing players must be cautious about throwing around Tokens everywhere lest they simply be copied by Ethel's powerful ability.

Thank you to everyone who lent their undying support to this indie board game campaign. You guys have made it all happen, and Limbo wouldn't be a reality without you all. So thank you!

Until next time... 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      I picked up the tabletop simulator recently and am really enjoying other kickstarter projects played through it.
      Really looking forward to playing through your ideas and enjoying being a part of the journey toward the final game

    2. Missing avatar

      Ross A on

      Very well done guys, this campaign has been great to follow and back. The product looks to be a great solid foundation and leaves lots and lots for potential future campaigns (I hope.)

    3. Missing avatar

      yong jun park on

      One question! How many miniature stretch goal left? What could be included? It could be secret thing but I want some hint of what we might get from help of Chinese campaign

    4. Daniel Van Caem on

      Awesome update, some excellent answers in there. #1 was especially surprising and exciting.

    5. Paul Cartwright

      All sounds good to me. I still think you deserved more, but for a first Kickstarter game I would say you've done pretty well with the amount of backers and money. I was already happy with what we were getting from the start so anything unlocked is just a great bonus to me. Can't wait to get this game and start painting/playing!

    6. The King of Average on

      Glad to get some details on the Divinity cards - thanks!