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A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
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Chinese campaign

Posted by Limbo Miniatures (Creator)

Dear backers

We are glad to inform you that our campaign at Modian China just started!

Feel free to have a look at here:

We raised roughly AU$27K for the last 8 hours, which means we already unlocked the knight and imp even if KS campaign ends right now. But I'm sure you guys will help us go further and let's march to Raphael!

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    1. Kal on

      I was originally only going to wish you luck on the Chinese Campaign... but now that I've read the money contributes towards more stretch goal, I demand that you do supremely awesome! :)

      Really good to see the Chinese page, even if only because I get to see the translations. :)

    2. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Mark Bonatti : yes

    3. Missing avatar

      Mark Bonatti on

      So does the money from the Chinese campaign also add to this campaign?

    4. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Limbo Miniatures : wich manufacturer did you use ?

    5. Howard Gibson on

      303% of funding already....... bloody hell!!

    6. Limbo Miniatures 2-time creator on

      Sadly I'm afraid she won't be able to make it in this campaign but you have my words you will see her in near future :P

    7. Missing avatar

      Pawel on

      Is it possible to we also have YASA as SG?

    8. Missing avatar


      Cool. So you are saying even if this kickstarter ends and we dont unlock Raphael, if you get enough funds from the other one we will get Raphael?

    9. Paul Cartwright

      I wanted those extra map tiles so badly so excited about that. Let's see how many more stretch goals we can smash through!

    10. Limbo Miniatures 2-time creator on

      @young jun park, if everything goes well then we will start shipping in March 2019. Money is not a big issue as we already in the contract with the manufacture and they already working on it even we haven't pay them anything yet.

    11. Missing avatar

      yong jun park on

      @ Limbo Miniature
      then how is the shipping works? This would come to our door or shipping in March 2019.
      Chinese campaign end in next months. Money is quite huge but it is separated. It would take time to get the money from Kickstarter and the Chinese company.
      Isn't it too hard to make it in time? I know Limbo Miniature has working experience in this area for a long time, but I think it is really a too tight schedule. I can wait as long as miniature and everything comes to us at perfect condition.

    12. Limbo Miniatures 2-time creator on

      Chinese campaign will keep unlocking new stretch goals after KS campaign ends and then share with KS backers as they also benefit the stretch goals from KS. Same contents.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jarek on

      I see the Chinese campaign still has 31 days to go, so how will that work - If more future funds over there will lead to unlocking further stretch goals, will they be added to this KS as well even after it has finished? Or will the Chinese and English versions have different contents?

    14. Missing avatar

      yong jun park on

      more mini!!!! I really want to see YASA as a stretch goal in netural hero...which i know this mini means more money + effort. Just wish...

    15. Ray Dexter

      Super sweet!

    16. Mr. E52s on

      Raphael! Raphael! Raphael!