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A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
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Fate Comes For All

Posted by Kenny (Collaborator)

Fate determines the course of history.

From the mightiest demon to the smallest rodent, the inexorable will of the universe erodes all of them from existence. It's the great equaliser, the ally of the oppressed and the weak, and the enemy of the powerful. 

To some, it represents the ultimate power in the universe, one which, if controlled, would all but ensure eternal power and glory. Many have tried to discover how to manipulate it. Known as "Weavers", these powerful beings are able to channel and use small amounts of this essence and control their destiny ever so slightly. 

Aeteranius, the ever prideful, has mastered this art to an extent none have matched. With the unique ability to see and manipulate the future of not only himself, but of those around him, Aeteranius is often known as the Harbinger of Doom. Far less aggressive and bloodthirsty than his brethren, Aeteranius would much rather experiment and learn more about Fate and how to control it than fight in an "eternal war". That being said, few are those who have survived encountering the Harbinger of Doom on the field of battle, with tales of reality itself twisting and contorting spreading throughout the lands. If Aeteranius is left to continue to tinker with Fate, none but he can guess what the future holds for the world.

Aeteranius, Harbinger of Doom
Aeteranius, Harbinger of Doom

Aeteranius is the most pure support Hero in the arsenal of darkness. Although he can fend for himself when necessary, his true worth is shown in his three powerful abilities. 

Curse of Ageing is Aeteranius's bread and butter ability. Handing out not only Daze, but a break of your choice as well, allows this demon weaver to either completely cripple his enemies' attacks, or set them up for a brutal beating from his allies. The best part of all of this? It's absolutely free of Fate cost; simply spend and action and debilitate the opposition!

Premonition best represents Aeteranius's foresight and time manipulation powers. Whenever Aeteranius activates, your opponent must show you two of their Fate cards, granting you useful information on your opponent's options. On top of that, if you spot a Fate card you feel would be better to avoid, shift 2 Fate to your opponent and discard it, ensuring your opponent's dastardly plans will never come to fruition.

Both of these abilities already seem like they could be a real hassle, but it's Twist Fate that has the most game changing potential. For a hefty cost of 3 Fate, you can choose and re-roll any number of dice during a nearby attack. Find yourself on the receiving end of some pain? Get rid of all of your opponent's 4s and 5s, sparing you and your allies from serious damage. Are you the one dishing out punishment? Give all those 0s and 1s a second chance to shine, potentially turning a mediocre or terrible attack into a lethal blow.

Thanks again for joining us for a character and lore update. With only a couple of days still to go, it'll be interesting to see where Fate has deemed for our journey to end. Will we unlock the much desired Raphael? Time (and probably Aeteranius) only know. 

Until next time...

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kenny Collaborator on


      The current version is your opponent chooses two.

    2. Balgin Stondraeg

      Are the two cards to be revealed by Premonition chosen by the opponent or picked randomly?

    3. The King of Average on

      Awesome, thanks Justin!

    4. Paul Cartwright

      My second favourite miniature (my first being Elladarieth) looks amazing painted and sound's great to use in game, by great I mean very annoying to my opponent ;)

    5. Officer Brush Collaborator on

      Qianwei Shi

    6. Officer Brush Collaborator on

      I will find that out! :) I assume it’s one of his painters from the campaign page :)

    7. The King of Average on

      @Justin who painted it? Artists should always be credited :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Ross A on

      Superb! Again I suggest more really creepy looking ‘pan’s labyrinth’ looking daemons in future addons and the next campaign. Bring on the horror!

    9. Officer Brush Collaborator on

      Original image was very messy as it was from the painters desk which is why it is as it is.

      Here is the original photos so you can see it closer :)

    10. Shiyao Li