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A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
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Posted by Kenny (Collaborator)

When the Demons first came, there were many who turned away from the gods, believing them to be distant, or weak. Although few doubt their actual existence, it is rare to find one that so perfectly encapsulates the qualities the gods encapsulate. Yakun, chosen of Ashara, is one of them.

Born into a family of wealth and prosperity, Yakun had everything she needed to live her life right before her. The noble daughter of a prosperous merchant, Yakun could have lived out her whole life in luxury and peace. Yet the hardships of the common people had always caught her attention, and she did her best to aid both the sick, the weak, and the oppressed. Volunteering at a local temple to Ashara, Yakun turned away none who came seeking help, and did what she could to ease the burdens of all who came her way.

With battles raging fiercely to the east, Yakun watched as all men in her local village were conscripted into the army. Soon, fewer and fewer people were coming to her temple requesting aid, as their lives were shipped off, ready to be laid down for the sake of the land. A noble cause, and likely a noble death for those sent to fight. Yet perhaps with the blessings of Ashara, some of them could be saved.

Yakun now serves as a shining beacon on the battlefield, supporting her allies in the fiercest of battles, and inspiring the mightiest and weakest among mankind to strive for the light in their darkest hours. As one favoured by the gods above, Yakun may vary well be fated to be the saviour of mankind.

But then again, not even the gods above fully control the fate of the universe.


Yakun, the Chosen of Ashara
Yakun, the Chosen of Ashara

Yakun serves foremost as a support hero for the forces of the Light. With the Favour of Ashara smiling upon her, Yakun will often feel as though the universe is on her side. And so it is; whenever Yakun activates, you shift one Fate into your pool. This powerful ability can serve to either deny your opponent resources, or simply power your own abilities. 

Benevolent Blessing allows her to restore life to allies around her. At the cost of 2 Fate, an ally with 2 and sight can Recover 4 AND remove a Bane from themselves. Given how debilitating Banes can be, it always helps to have Yakun around to help ensure your allies are performing at their best. In fact, her Inspirational ability allows her to Command any ally once per round for just 1 Fate. Even the leaders of the forces of Light are inspired by her presence on the battlefield, and thus Yakun provides powerful options to allied Heroes and Lords.

Don't expect her to be slaying any demons on her own, however, not without the support of some powerful Fate cards at least. With just 2 Attack, Yakun won't be threatening any of the vile beings in the world on her own. However, Fate cards like Holy Smite can let her surprise her enemies, giving her a 5 Attack, 3 Range attack with the potential to daze or stun. Given how devastating a well timed Holy Smite can be, evildoers had best be weary of the power that Yakun can bring in times of desperation.

Of course, Yakun isn't the only devoted one in this campaign. Thanks to all the support you guys have been showing us as Limbo evolves and comes closer to realisation each and every day! There's been some bumps in the road, and plenty of ups and downs, but when the day comes when Limbo is in your hands, I hope it will have been worth the journey.

Until next time...


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    1. Prawfut on

      @ Daniel the fuzzy is just around the edges. Most likely the picture was taken and then the model was photoshoped onto the background is on now. They feathered the edge of the selection, that's what gives it the fuzzy edge.

    2. Tyler

      What kind of fantasy game would it be without the priest showing too much skin? Mostly joking, it's good to have more minis regardless.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ross A on

      Great Update, superb miniature....exactly what Limbo should be doing to show off their amazing product. More like this please. Next up a profile/backstory for Tiriel?

    4. Daniel Van Caem on

      Cool update. The picture looks a little fuzzy though, can't tell if the picture is slightly out of focus or it's just the paint job that makes some of the details slightly blurry.

    5. Robert Pittman

      She thicc.