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A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
1,842 backers pledged AU$ 342,975 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      WarHippy on

      @zhi Exactly my problem. It is their poor handling of the situation that has me questioning my pledge more so than the change itself.

    2. Missing avatar

      WarHippy on

      @dexoh Really? I'm the entitled one not the people screaming to get it changed because the devs vision didn't fit their vision? Grow up.

    3. Missing avatar


      so there were only 429 votes out of 1731 backers. So you changed the stretch goals with input on less than 25% of your paying customers input? Seems like a really dumb idea. I am probably dropping my pledge too. If a small vocal % of the backer base is going control the direction the game is going, it is going to end up being a dumpster fire sooner or later.

    4. Missing avatar

      pablo on

      The base design of the dice is the same that this add-on?

    5. Mark van der Upwich

      Shame about the Wong, the others are a litte bit 'more of the same' for me, but Alas...

    6. Missing avatar


      Please include lore in the art book

    7. You are fake news on

      Awww warhippy, the stereotypical entiltled KS backer. Gotta love em.

    8. Mabinguari

      Wish we will hit 350K SG!

    9. Thomas M

      @DDm - Note: That comment has been valid both ways the entire time.

    10. Missing avatar

      DDm on

      Too much drama around 1 mini. "You make me pay for my only love in this world, no, I would walk away!!!" Isn't it over the top? Move on, already, it's not like it was eraised or anything. Sorry, I love to shed a tear on a good drama story as much as the next guy .. It's .. Just .. WHY?)

    11. Officer Brush Collaborator on

      The all-in with the game content only with a current pledge is about $281 AUD which is $208 USD

    12. Officer Brush Collaborator on

      Unless you are talking about all the 75mm models as well then yes it gets expensive

    13. Officer Brush Collaborator on

      @Tim this is about $360 USD

    14. Missing avatar


      Please stop with the add-ons. If someone wants everything, it's close to $500. Seriously. Take a step back and look at the scope of that.

    15. Officer Brush Collaborator on

      Yeah I meant to say 35mm the first time hence the second comment ;)

    16. Missing avatar

      WarHippy on

      So I have no interest in the Knight or Imp and now I will have to pay extra for Wong if I want him as part of the game? No thanks. I think I will probably drop my pledge entirely. I will have to think it over for a day or two.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Because they talk about playing with him in the game, I am pretty sure he is 35 mm.

    18. Mr. E52s on

      Thanks for the art book!

    19. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update guys. Added both add-ons to my pledge.

    20. Will S on

      @justin smith - you said in two diff comments that Wong is 35mm AND 75mm.... i'm assuming its a typo? lol

    21. Missing avatar

      DDm on

      At some point KS app on my phone stopped dropping me notifications about your updates. And I don't like it.

    22. Paint'Riot Studio

      bad news for my wallet....

    23. Officer Brush Collaborator on

      Wong will be the only 35mm one as he was a hand sculpted model. The others were all digital and were planned as 75mm scale :) maybe in the future

    24. Orkojonazos on

      Thank you for keep the book unlook, you rule!!!!!!!!!

    25. Mr. Interesting on

      Queue everyone asking for 35mm resins. Me included!

    26. Officer Brush Collaborator on

      Sorry my bad I misunderstood him :) 35mm scale I saw it.

    27. Officer Brush Collaborator on

      He is 75mm scale which is the same size he would have been in game as it was a hand sculpted piece not digital so he couldn’t scale it

    28. NecroMancer on

      Is Wong 75mm scale like the other resin pieces or will he be 35mm?

    29. SharKK

      Nice update, thank you!