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A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
1,842 backers pledged AU$ 342,975 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Kehlenschnitt (Miremarsh Stumpy)

      +1 for keeping Wong as SG

    2. David Kmenta

      Wong should definitely stay!

    3. Matthias Kroll

      Ich Like Wong!

    4. Missing avatar

      Krzysztof on

      I'd prefer rather artbook was an add-on than a SG ... but if it comes to Wong I don't care whatever you choose. I don't mind him as SG. I won't buy him as add-on though. I just want to stop people from escaping from this campaing and start unlocking next gameplay related SGs (anything that is not artbook).

    5. Imperator on

      Wong as an Addon.
      I think it was his outlook that disturbed some people. If his weapon or some demon corpse on the base tied him to the aesthetics of the rest of the game I think he would have been a better fit!

    6. Missing avatar

      Nephy on

      Wong stays! But would be okay either way...I am pretty neutral about it myself!

    7. Missing avatar

      Florian Schaak on

      @NecroMancer Yes, I would. As a completionist having one of the characters either in another material (and scale?!) or completely miss out on him is a nogo. But if Addon-Wong does not even get a character chard and is completely detached from the game like you said, then yeah that would be ok for me. So if thats the case then Im back to I dont care I guess :D

    8. Paul Cartwright

      I just wanted to back your vision of the game, you have created such an awesome world, amazing miniatures and from the gameplay and abilities I have seen a fantastic game. So I trust you as the actual creators of this game to make it the best possible. All these people know only a small amount of the game and world your trying to create, so they can't make fully informed decisions for you. I can understand the fed up tone in the update as I feel the same, this campaign has been plagued by negativity about almost every aspect and it's ridiculous. This deserved to do so much better then it has, hopefully you will get a good boost towards the end but even if this is so it still won't be anywhere near what it should be. I hope you will do another Kickstarter after the game has been released for expansion's, because people will see what they've missed out on because of their imaginary red flags and complete misunderstanding of your vision for the world and game. Anyway what ever you do I will be pledging as much as I can now and buying all the gameplay add-ons in the pledge manager. And when you do another Kickstarter (and you will when there's a huge demand for an awesome game everybody missed) I will be there to.

    9. ThomasT. on

      I like the change, it appeases the critics and gives us more minis (which I like). If the panda would move to add on I would certainly add him to my pledge.

    10. Missing avatar

      DDm on

      rude* just couldn't leave my mistake behind. Извините, английский для меня язык иностранный (sorry, English is a foreign language for me) ^^

    11. Missing avatar

      gavin something on

      Wong as add on. I like oriental stuff, and even panda's are fine, but he doesn't really fit in with the rest of the miniatures. If it were an asian themed game, it would be different.

    12. Calvin Chan

      Panda stays please

    13. NecroMancer on

      @Florian I don't want to be mean or rude but I hope you wouldn't drop your pledge over one miniature. Plus from how I read the update it sounds like the character will be completely removed from the game so you will not be missing out on any PCs. Wong will instead be offered to the painters at an additional cost.

    14. Missing avatar

      Raul on

      I like the change (add on).

    15. Missing avatar

      Nigel Baboolal on

      Listening to bakers and taking their criticism and using it in the future is one thing, changing your campaign is a completely different thing altogether.
      The base game seems like it's worth the general admission, everything else is icing on the cake.
      All of these changes and additions due to what people are saying sort of has me worried about how this campaign is actually going to turn out. I see delays and rushes in or future because of all this.
      You should do what you had planned. Use the new minis as add ons. I don't like the panda much, but hey, it's free.

    16. Jonathan B on

      I vote for moving Wong as add on cause I prefer the knight and imp, but it's a nice idea to keep it as add on.

    17. Missing avatar

      Michelino29 on

      Panda add on. I like the change.

    18. Max van Hooren on

      I love the lore about the other races. But I do think that Wong fits better as an Add on. I do want to keep the dwarf in the SG though!!

    19. Missing avatar

      Steph B

      Wong as an add-on please

    20. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      I'd prefer Wong as an add-on and those other two miniatures as stretch goals. But that is my personal preference which I'm only giving because you asked.

    21. Missing avatar

      Florian Schaak on

      I dont care about Wong one way or the other. If you do offer him or any other character as a resin only addon though (which I have absolutely no interest in buying since I´m a gamer) I will definitely drop my pledge => wont pay money for resin & wont buy an expensive game where I do not get all the characters to play with.... so I guess I vote for leave Wong as a SG.

    22. Missing avatar


      I would happily pay $20 for a resin Wong as I personally like the model. I do feel however that the 2 potential new SGs fit the current game setting better.

    23. Missing avatar

      DDm on

      I'm backing all 3 existing add-ons at the moment, though I don't care about panda, and this new add-on (knight and imp) would have been the first, that I would very much likely to pass. So, my only bias is if panda would go to a resin part of party, and won't inflict on all in plastic pledge, where those 2 newcommers would not stay, which would ease my leaning towards all in plastic in the end. Hope I'm not being rood while being honest

    24. Missing avatar


      Make wong an add on

    25. Missing avatar



    26. Missing avatar

      gabriel on

      the only way i see it working is if we get a expaction with a panda faction if it going to be just these mini i think is better as a add on also would love to see the dwarves and the elves ^^

    27. Officer Brush Collaborator on

      A resin mold would probably be about $1K or more while plastic is easily 10K

    28. ICantAffordThisS***

      I didn't have an issue with the panda but I would happily pay the extra $20 and also get 2 more models

    29. Josh P

      I appreciate very much the fact that you are trying to listen to feedback.

      I'd add my vote to the removing of Wong from stretch goals.

    30. Missing avatar

      WarHippy on

      Wong is fine as far as I'm concerned and should be part of the game as you intended.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jason L

      I was never bothered by Wong. I thought of him more like a "preview" (like how Ymir was sold with Mythic Battles Pantheon to tease Ragnarok) and was waiting to see more of "his faction" (maybe not this campaign, but a future campaign). I think moving to add-on will be something people prefer, mainly because this is an overall increase in the amount of possible minis. If I may ask, why resin if he is moved to add-on? My guess is that because you're making a smaller number of him, the plastic mold would be more expensive?

    32. Ant on

      I'm for the proposed change, make Wong an add-on.

      I also appreciate the fact that you are listening to backer feedback especially when it's counter to your original vision.

    33. Missing avatar

      Miguel Ángel on

      Wong as an add on

    34. Huy

      A netural faction made of all those races would be cool

    35. Daniele on

      Wong as an addon, the two other miniatures are more fitting in my opinion.

    36. Missing avatar

      Veliki Medo on

      Yeah add on in sted of core. Imaho this campaign od about humans vs demons. You're already having hard time pushing angels on. Beastman might ne a bit too much for 1st campaign

    37. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Cole

      Give us the panda! Angels and demons has been done, SPICE IT UP!

    38. Missing avatar

      John Royston

      Let them see the vixen that is part of the Asian side. Maybe they will understand a bit more. I think it could work if you have full teams or races so to speak. If you just have demons and humans and throw something like wu Kong in it wont work. I believe if there is way to have a player choice from human (medieval time period), demons, asain etc it will give more character and player choice on who they want to use to battle it out.

    39. NoobleBear on

      lol it's also just occurred to me that my name is "nooblebear" and my avatar is a pixel bear. #biased.

    40. ludwin on

      Wong as an add on is my preference. I like the new items much better!

    41. NoobleBear on

      I think Wong is cool, I vote that he stays. He's WAY more interesting than a fairly standard knight. I also like that he's a neutral force. Common guys... look at the bigger picture here. ;)

    42. Missing avatar

      Eph&Pveith on

      I'm not willing to pay 20$ for one resin mini and would be sad to see Wong go, so my vote is for Wong stays. But I guess I'll be a minority.

    43. NecroMancer on

      Cool update! I would like to have Wong as a resin model simply because I like him and would like to have a resin copy. Plus it would be awesome to have the 2 new SGs!
      Also I like the background of the story! Damn humans always screwing something up.

    44. Giant Simon on

      The change you proposed is good. Wong seems wrong compared to the majority context/genre of this game.

    45. Missing avatar

      yong jun park on

      Not a bad choice to be made. Wong as add on for me. So this guy is neutral hero. Good to know there are plan for other faction as well.

    46. S Buntenbach

      Change and Resin addon

    47. Scott Resnick on

      Add on the panda. Warcraft lovers will adore him. :)

      PERHAPS this is also an opportunity to offer a 'mixed bag' game? I know it's a lot of work, but if the Panda is going to have stats, maybe there's an opportunity to allow people to only buy certain minis, at game scale? Maybe someone wants double Demons and no Humans, or someone wants Wong in place of the Fencer lady that was the first stretch goal, etc. That's very complicated however, but I have seen some KS that do 'you buy X amount of Y, figure it out in pledge manager'.