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A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
1,842 backers pledged AU$ 342,975 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Brian Moore on

      Wong as an add-on please!

      I like him and might buy him as an add-on to paint, but he doesn’t fit with the game for me. Thank you for listening to the backers! If he stays as a stretch goal though, I suppose it’s fine anyway because up until this moment that’s what he always was to me, so no sweat off my back :D But my vote is for him to move to be an add-on

    2. Sven on

      While I don't have a problem with Wong at all, I'd still prefer the two characters as SGs and the Panda as an add-on. It just "fits" better.

    3. Jodie on

      Keep panda, he’s awesome.

    4. erwin on

      @Noeste : I do agree, stick to the original plan. Small modifications can approve the gameplay but don't change your project just to keep the backers happy.

    5. Amanda Swank

      thanks for keeping track @Ant!
      it's good to see where we're at :)

    6. Missing avatar

      brian kerns on

      +1 to keep the Panda-man in as a SG

    7. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Wong as add-on please. I appreciate all your communication.

    8. Evan Easley on

      I am pro panda and pro Wong. I think he should stay. He adds some great variety.

    9. Ant on

      Ugh phone... continuing

      There are also a couple confusing votes, that essentially boil down to "I like wong I'd buy him as an add-on" is that for or against?

    10. Ant on

      As of Amanda's comment I have 25 for keeping Wong, 42 for moving to add-on. It's closer than I thought it would be.

      There are also a couple confusing votes, that essentially boil down to "I like wong,

    11. David Dowbyhuz

      I'm fully pro-Wong!

    12. Missing avatar

      Master Ryan on

      Go with the original plan. I don't like Wong but don't like changing things mid way either. I may still cancel my pledge on this any way.

    13. Missing avatar


      As much as I love the idea about letting backers vote and adding and removing SG, It is an awful AWFUL idea in practice. Please do not do another one of these. Yes, it seems great that the Limbo people are really listening to the backers and trying to make them happily, but it is impossible to make everyone happy. One side is going to win and the other side will lose, and there will be people on the losing side that will feel cheated/ or not listen to and drop their pledge. It is a fact of life and has been proven over and over again: "take an issue that some people original didn't care about, have them debate about the pros and cons of the issue and after a hour you have a small group of people willing to get into a fist fight over their views of the issue." Just issue a statement about "discussing issue so-so if the design team and release a statement what you decide and why you did it. It will be better and cleaner this way, asking for a vote is going to open a big can of worms that will lose you more backers than you will likely gain.

    14. Amanda Swank

      I'd rather have a panda than another faceless male.

      +1 panda as sg

    15. Missing avatar

      Albert Agius on


    16. Missing avatar

      Todd Serpico on

      While I like the other models, keep Wang in

    17. Missing avatar

      Albert Agius on

      Move the Panda!! Give us more human and demon goodness!!

    18. Paint'Riot Studio

      Apreciate to have wang free....

    19. Missing avatar

      Noeste on

      Please keep true to your original vision! Keep the panda part of the game and as a stretch goal.

      You are the creators of this game, story and world, and if you don't follow your own hearts' ideas and plans, I fear you might lose the drive and passion for the project, and it will not rise to greatness you envisioned when you set out on this journey.

      Having a single exotic miniature as a stretch goal, is a fun and cool addition to a Kickstarter, and can be a tease for a future expansion (kickstarter in a year, perhaps?). I would love to see an oriental expansion down the line. If it includes more beastmen (e.g. foxes, regular bears, tigers, deers), all the better to me.

      The price of the game without a single stretch goal is well worth it, and I'd gladly pay for it as the game was presented on the day the campaign started - the stretch goals are just bonus, and I do not understand how anyone can be upset with what they get for free. (Yes, I know there's a trend, especially for large and established companies to take ~10-40 % of the finished product and present it as stretch goals in order to drive enthusiasm and hype during the KS campaign)

      The bottom line is, however, this is your game; your universe. It is one thing to heed constructive criticism, but another to scrap your own dream in the process of trying to please someone who happens to yell really loud. As the creator, you can never fully please everyone, but if you stop putting your own soul and passion into it, if you stop following your own vision, then the quality will suffer.

      Stay true to yourself.

    20. David Mackenzie

      I like Wong and would be happy to add him as add on its a shame we won’t see a dwarf faction though

    21. Windchild on

      I'd prefer Wong as a SG. I originally did not see how he fit, but with this new lore I like the idea of having him as a part of the game.

    22. Missing avatar


      Move to Add-On, that way I can get a resin version of him. ^_^

    23. Missing avatar


      Can you just do a playable non-resin as a ADD on ?

    24. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      change it and make wong a resin addon

    25. Missing avatar

      Marcel Lo on

      I also vote for moving Wong as add on cause I prefer the knight and imp.

    26. Missing avatar

      Martin Flavall on

      I'd prefer an add-on please

    27. Daniel Van Caem on

      The only problem with Wong being changed to an add-on is that he won't be playable anymore according to Justin Smith.

    28. Missing avatar

      Markus Öhrling on

      Panda as add-on. Nothing against it, but getting two characters as stretch goal gives more content and i really like that Imp.

    29. Missing avatar

      Derrald Losey on

      I’d say change. He seems out of place. While I get that there are more races I’d suggest focusing on the demons and humans, with only a few other races.
      He might fit better in a latter KS.

    30. Tyler

      I'd vote to make him an add on.

    31. Orkojonazos on

      I think it's better to have the panda as add on.

    32. Barry Duran

      Well - this is an interesting proposition. I like Wong a lot - like, a lot a lot! That said, I'm good with him as an add-on ( I'll buy him ) and get the replacements you listed above as SG's. So I'm for the more content available option, but just know it's not because I don't like Wong. I dig him, big time.

    33. Daniel Van Caem on

      In case anyone interested. So far it seems to be 27 for add on and 21 he stays as SG might be slightly off as I could have misread a few of the comments.

    34. Missing avatar

      Cat Mellette

      Long live Wong! Please don’t take away my Panda

    35. You are fake news on

      Wong stays!!! With background story you provided he fits in the lore wonderfully.

    36. Missing avatar

      Joshua Cikan on

      honestly this has been the creators vision to have a character from a lost faction come in as a merc.
      If this changes then the setting of the whole lore of the game where there are other factions that were lost before the war changes, which then would mean that the lore might aswell just be human vs demon...
      alot of people are just seeing this as a "changing 1 model to gain 2".
      as i said changing him to add-on would mean u might aswell just change the whole lore.

    37. Missing avatar

      Albert Kosasih on

      Wong stay, love panda

    38. Shiyao Li

      I personally don't care if the panda is going or not, no matter what I'll stay here to support.😝

    39. Daniel Van Caem on

      +1 to keep Wong as a SG #Wongslivematters
      Since the replacement SG seems to have been made on the sport changing it now would only delay the time we'd all get the finished products is a good point.
      I just have a few questions I would like cleared up.
      1. What size is he? I originally thought he'd be small, but I'm thinking he might be more a medium sized model, is that correct?
      2. So he is playable on either side right, info on this would be nice.

      Also @Thomas M Nooo! We need you, who will update the social stretch goal then!?

    40. Missing avatar

      DDm on

      See some radical decisions around here. No matter what you give to people, they would always be disappointed. Not having a choice is so much better, it seems.

    41. Will S on

      I vote add-on. He seems really awesome, but totally pulls you out of the dark, serious world you are creating with humans vs demons, to an almost comical, light-hearted take with a panda. Just seems very out of place, so having him as an add-on affords people the choice of what world they want to play in! Though does taking him out change any of the dynamics? Which leads to my bigger question: with all the recent changes you've been making, with factions, changing characters, changing numbers, etc based on users, has there been a ding to the game mechanics and balance? It would be terrible if we find the game is broken after some of us that like to min-max find an easy engine to destroy the game because of a change in balance or loopholes unintentionally created from all the changes? If there are ANY negatives to placing him as an add-on, I'd say keep him

    42. DsasterCraft on

      If this can't show the commitment to keep this campaign transparent and to try to please backers while still maintaining this project's vision.
      Tiger knight was heavily requested!
      And he + the Imp will add more strategic options on both sides.
      Having Wong as mercenary now also means we will get a wider lore with some neutral factions.
      Pretty exciting stuff! ^_^

    43. Stefan Brosch on

      I prefer the Panda as an Addon. :)

    44. Missing avatar

      Stix on

      Thanks a lot to let us choose.
      Wong is a nice looking miniature but I prefer the other you suggested.
      Setting Wong as a optional buy sounds nice.
      Thanks again for hearing backers voice.

    45. Missing avatar

      Bagourdis Dimitris

      Wong is great! If he is going to be moved to add-ons i will certainly pledge him. I believe that a neutral faction (elves, dwarves, pandas, even renegade humans and/or demons) sould be on the list in the future.

    46. NecroMancer on

      I would like to change my vote to keeping Wong as SG.
      @Thomas is right in that Wong was part of your original vision and with the background story really made his presence interesting.
      Either way I will still back the project (and buy Wong if it goes that way) but I think your original vision should be what is produced. Also as others have pointed out that deviations from your planned vision may cause serious delays or shortcuts which may hurt your reputation for future projects.

    47. Prawfut on

      I vote he stays. I am a bit curious why Wong concept looks so much like the panda from the cover art of world of warcraft mists of pandaria. Same pose, same hat with broken chunk over the eye, same bottle thing on the end of his staff that's held out behind him, same shirt, even the same pattern of dark fur around his eye. Is this all intentional? with…

    48. Missing avatar

      Nino Raisys on

      Wong for add on please

    49. Thomas M

      As I said in main comments....If Wong goes, I is no longer your world and your vision at that point and I do not buy resin add-ons.