Limbo: Eternal War

by Limbo Miniatures

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    1. DsasterCraft on

      +1 Wong sticks around SG.
      I like how he opens the game having neutrals. Maybe have some recasts as add-ons for more options.

    2. Missing avatar


      Stick to Panda as SG

    3. Tyler

      I wouldn't be opposed to a non human race add on. Maybe Wong and one of the elves you mentioned. I would like to see your vision for this world though, not the fans.

    4. Kelly

      I vote to keep Wong as a SG.

      If the majority votes otherwise I will still get him as an add on but I am not a fan of resin for gameplay.

    5. Cody Brown

      Keep Wong as the stretch goal.

    6. Missing avatar

      Stefano on

      Not panda, remove it from streach goal

    7. Missing avatar

      Agnar on

      Switch Wong to addon

    8. Belkov on

      Send panda to Pandaria!!! :>

    9. Missing avatar

      Auriana Johnson on

      keep wong as a stretch goal.

    10. Missing avatar


      I don;t think people are voting with the proper information, You do realized that removing the panda and adding 2 different stretch goals will probably also delay the project ship date by 2 months? the vote should be:
      1. keep the panda and keep the ship date
      2. Change the SG and add at least +2 months of shipping delay

    11. armitagelee

      Wong is Right!..........I vote to keep Wong as well please. Lovely mini and I would prefer not to pay for having to get him as an add on and get a generic knight instead. I do like the imp though, but still prefer Wong. Thanks for asking, keep up the brilliant work. All the best with the project.

    12. KS Huntress (in Deep Madness)

      Wong as an addon!

    13. Makkek on

      Keep him, he’s awesome

    14. KS Huntress (in Deep Madness)

      Maybe a Wong + Wong Clan playable addon?

    15. KoenVDH on

      People here are not game designers and certainly don’t have your vision in mind. Stick to your design!
      I’ll happily paint and play the panda.

    16. Missing avatar

      Gustav Forsberg on

      +1 for Wong to stay!

    17. Some Guy

      I prefer the change: Wong as an add-on.

      I want The Imp as a stretch goal.

    18. Missing avatar

      DDm on

      Shipping date is 99.9% unreliable, the moment I saw it, I didn't believe it. And it is fine by me. Would be a very pleasant surprise, if I am wrong) Actually, I hope I am)

    19. Pyro Stick on

      Honestly I thought wong was a brilliant looking mini and it's a shame some are trying to make this game what they want it to be or what they have decided it their mind that it should be no matter the creators vision. I would like to see him as a resin add on, that way I can at least get something in 35mm scale in resin from this campaign. Honestly I would really like to see an entire panda faction

    20. Andreas Kohlos

      Wong as Add-On

    21. Alberto on

      I think is an error to ask things like this, because you have said you will follow the will of majority, but for example; 101 persons no and 100 yes is enough to make a change like this?
      Please, follow your initial thoughs. The panda is lovely and must keep.

    22. Missing avatar

      Kim Bartlett on

      I prefer as an add on- knight and imp I prefer as stretch goals.

    23. ray bans

      either way, as I want Wong regardless

    24. Missing avatar

      Zed on

      Ad-on please. Have no interest in panda

    25. KS Huntress (in Deep Madness)

      Please make a cool playable Wong-Clan Addon!

    26. Missing avatar


      Please remove Wong from a stretch goals.

    27. Moretti Filippo

      I vote for the change.

    28. Missing avatar

      James Horton on

      Keep Wong as a SG.

      Id prefer the artbook to be an addon instead.

    29. Collin_S Collaborator on

      Hey everyone!! I made a vote doc for everyone to put their vote in So we can get a better count on things. Thabks for everyone's Help!

    30. Balgin Stondraeg

      I honestly don't mind either way on this one.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jarryd Rollo on

      Don't panda to the haters guys.
      Wong looks incredible, and I'm very intrigued with how special fence-sitter characters like him are going to interact with the war.
      I want to see him left in as a SG. Your game, your world, your dream.

    32. Missing avatar


      #keepwong #nothingwongwithpandas

    33. Cristian on

      Switch Wong to addon

    34. Collin_S Collaborator on

      Hey everyone!! I made a vote doc for everyone to put their vote in So we can get a better count on things. Thabks for everyone's Help!

    35. Pyro Stick on

      I really like Wong and would have been very interested in a whole panda faction but voted to have him as an add on so we can get him in higher quality resin. Maybe add a few more pieces and make it a mini expansion

    36. Missing avatar

      Chin Fung Wong on

      Please keep Wong as SG

    37. Bannister

      My worry is copyright issues from WoW, getting sued and the whole project getting shut down.
      Resin snaps easy, so likely will need to have spares printed= costs to produce.
      also your inclusion of the flower knight as a replacement? w.t.?

    38. Captain Malevil on

      AS of today you have almost 1800 backers, don't let the few vocal ones writing here to change your vision, really. It's ok offering some ideas and of course you can take whatever you like, but it's YOUR game and 90% of the backers will not write anything.

      Be true to your vision

    39. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Erik Aadland on

      Wong is beautiful! He ads a sense of mystery and lends an element of originality to the universe. I would love to see a whole range of his cohorts in the future!!!

    40. Collin_S Collaborator on

      Hey everyone!! I made a vote doc for everyone to put their vote in So we can get a better count on things. Thabks for everyone's Help!

    41. Mr. Interesting on

      Keep Wong as a stretch goal. Who has the time to complain about stretch goals? What the heck. Some of you folks need to get a life.

    42. Chris P

      I'm a Kickstarter Backer and thus I vote to have ALL 3 playable miniatures as STRETCH GOAL!

    43. Heath Lambert on

      I agree with Christian.

    44. Collin_S Collaborator on

      Don't for get to vote guys!! Let us hear what you would like! PANDA OR NOT??
      The link below will take you to a ballot.

    45. Missing avatar


      Great to see a back story to the race and character. If the choice is only this i would like to keep the panda as a sg.

    46. Missing avatar

      Kyle Olson on

      While I don't agree with those who have been vocally against Wong, if given a choice I'll admit I would rather have the knight and imp. I would be happy either way but that is my preference.

    47. Missing avatar

      Samuel N on

      Better replace the panda and avoid unnecessary litigation costs and negativity. Those like the panda so much can buy an upgraded version with a larger size and resin material

    48. Missing avatar


      If it has to be changed then i can only see it work with changing a hero for a hero (for example the lady shown in update 7 as a teaser). I would like the normal version of Wong to be an add-on to fit with the rest of game, Just feel that a tidbit/teaser of the background this was missing when it was added a strech goal could have gone different than this route.

    49. Missing avatar


      Best solution: Like you proposed in the Update. Move Wong from stretch goal to a resin add on around AU$20, and add the Imp and Tiger Captain as new stretch goal.