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A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
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Make a wish

Posted by Limbo Miniatures (Creator)

Hey guys,

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. NINE days to go! Today's update is very simple, which is make a wish for yourself! Any more characters you need for 75mm resin version? A cool stretch goal idea you want to share? A new faction? Feel free to write anything that you want from the game, and we will try our best to make them happen. There will be a surprise gift for the 100th and 200th comment. Have fun :)

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    1. Jonathan B on

      Thanks Limbo <3

    2. Jonathan B on

      I would end up on a "make a wish" More mini out of character in the style of walls, sheep and altars would be really great as well as one or more succubus

    3. Jonathan B on

      But well I stop, all good things have an end and this monologue must also have one

    4. Jonathan B on

      And as Justin said, it was never said that we could not spam

    5. Jonathan B on

      I could not resist seeing no one comment

    6. Jonathan B on

      Do we ever know that a secret objective is still going on

    7. Jonathan B on

      Yes I am using this post to reach the 300 messages: D

    8. Jonathan B on

      If you want to continue your adventure on Kickstarter later we will be there, we will be even more numerous and more motivated

    9. Jonathan B on

      I think I can speak on behalf of other backers saying that we support you for the future

    10. Jonathan B on

      I can not wait to see what we can do together, as well as with our Chinese friends

    11. Jonathan B on

      To listen to us and support us despite the ups and downs.

    12. Jonathan B on

      Thank you for this wonderful project, thank you for selling us a dream

    13. Jonathan B on

      Limbo, Justin, Thomas, sculptors and others who have worked in the shadows that we do not know.

    14. Jonathan B on

      I take this post, just to say:

    15. Jonathan B on

      Upgrade the token?!
      Succubus troops <3

    16. Mabinguari

      @, Calvin Chan +1 for 3D Scenery pieces and acrylic tokens!

    17. Mabinguari

      Nature fraction is a good idea!!! There are a lot of ideas to make miniatures: Fairy & Horde of ferrets, Dryads, Werebeasts (werebear, werewolf, werefox, etc.), Nymph & Will o'Wisps, Nix and Mermaids, Silvan, Birdmaster with the Owl, Pixie and many others.

    18. Luke Durham on

      A diablo styled arch angel!

    19. Missing avatar

      Christopher James on

      +1 for Lucifer and/or the 4 Horsemen!

    20. Missing avatar


      All in pledge level, With or without extra 75mm for painting

    21. Jonathan B on

      Can we hope a translate ? like French :D ?

    22. Missing avatar

      Rob Harget on

      I would love for someone to do Lucifer right for once in a game. Amidst all of the huge demons a small beautiful child wearing a scorched robe. Then have abilities that just wreck.

    23. Nosson on

      +1 to Ian's suggestion. Many of Limbo's previous models fit the scheme and feel quite perfectly and would make for excellent additions without the need for new molds (in theory). The price point wouldn't need to be adjusted from the website and this would rocket finances into the campaign. Many people would love these sculpts but may not be aware of their existence with Limbo being a smaller company (currently).

    24. Missing avatar

      Todd Serpico on

      What I would love from the game - 2 things, one realistic and one not.

      In the realistic category: I would love to have add-ons of being able to take more of certain units without having to buy another full game set. I will be playing this as a game, but my primary reason for being here is to use the models in other table top wargames. And as such, some of the base-line/core units I would love to have double or triple the amount of models in the core game, but I don't need all of those extra heros/lords. Being able to add additional quantities of those units would definitely get more money from me.

      The unrealistic one, is that I really wish the bases weren't integrated like they appear to be. A lot of those 30mm models I will need on 40s (or multibased to 120x80s) for other games, and finding a way to do that without cutting them off of the base because I want to play this game also will give me a little frustration.

    25. Calvin Chan

      Acrylic tokens and 3D scenery as add-ons

    26. Missing avatar

      Ian Pearson on

      Any chance of the Medusa or Succubus that you've made resin figures of in the past appearing in the game as either stretch goals or add on?

      Links to the figures:

    27. S Buntenbach

      +1 luzifer

    28. Missing avatar

      Ross A on

      if looking for an eastern flavour (in place of poor Wong) then perhaps a lithe and mysterious female human monk armed with a quarterstaff or double ended a dynamic martial arts type pose, robes flowing about her, but her face still hidden within a deep cowl or hood....would be thematically consistent with the previous 'dangerous females' in the range to date. could serve as a new human hero, or leader of a (to follow) unit of similar male monks...

    29. Missing avatar

      Ash on

      A cavalry unit of Tiger Knights to accompany Rodrigo for the humans!!

    30. Missing avatar

      Sergio Andre Gentil

      Lucifer is an angel would be cool mini to have "a bad angel" as a mini for the bad side.

    31. mac on

      I'd like a resin casting as an upgrade option for the whole game

    32. Missing avatar

      Areu on

      Spanish translation :) Would be great!

    33. Missing avatar

      Joshua Cikan on

      a demonic looking alter to go with the human side one.
      some form of neutral faction would be amazing.

    34. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      A resin addon for the Human Lord

    35. Fallen on

      An actual Angel faction??

    36. KS Huntress (in Deep Madness)

      + 1 unbased minis

    37. Missing avatar

      Absolutionis on


      * The minis available unbased and unassembled only for people that ask for it.

      * Less big flashy things and more interesting infantry. The best models right now are the knights, ghosts, and the muscly crossbow guy.

    38. Missing avatar

      Charles Yung on

      New neutral faction can use by both side.

    39. Brixx on

      Neutral forces like elementals or treefolk that might get used/corrupted by either side

    40. Missing avatar

      Arthur on

      Please change wong as a ks exclusive, he is a bit fugly

    41. Missing avatar


      Having Demon Hunter (shown in preview) + Veronique + Angel Adrat + Captain Elya + Witch Vahlrose + Angel Sephiria as 75mm Resin Add-ons
      All-In Pledge/Add-ons
      Polls on on which hero to feature, maybe switching current strech-goal heroes with others and making them as add-ons to offset.
      Rebel Faction of Demon Hunters of various races led by a Lord Dragon would be interesting
      Card Sleeves

    42. Missing avatar

      Richard Vasquez

      4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse minis that can join either side :) or more Angel minis, is cool too.

    43. Missing avatar

      Raul Flores Gutiérrez on

      if you animate with a new faction, vampires type, "vampire Hunter D the blood lust" would be great, a faction "between Heaven and Earth" in Limbo;) I saw that someone padia translation into Spanish, would also be very good

    44. ray bans

      Hero Mister Wong as a 75mm

      Love to see a Nature Faction
      Mister Wong
      Earth Elemental
      Other Animal Heros - some like Wong, and some just beast

      Sick of Chaos ripping appart the world
      And of Order trying to make everything done to some grand design

      they are the defenders of nature, and the world, where the world and those that live in it, should be allowed to grow naturally instead of having everything dictated to them, or destroyed with no balance or reason.

      they are the defenders of nature, farmers, villagers, beast, plant, oceans.
      standing in the way of order, chaos, pollution, control, manipulation, greed

    45. Barry Duran


    46. Paul Graves

      love to see Angel Ardat either as an add-on or better yet in 75mm.

    47. Missing avatar

      John Afroditi

      One resin moder free in core box