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A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
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The Royal Tiger

Posted by Kenny (Collaborator)

In the far west lies the land of Aslan, home of the famous Tiger Knights. These noble knights are well known for both their fearlessness and relentlessness in the face of their foes. Alongside the Rose Knights, the Tiger Knights form the backbone of the greatest human army throughout the lands.

Greatest among the Tiger Knights is the one known as the Royal Tiger. A title passed from leader to leader, the Royal Tigers are often elected to office due to a combination of combat prowess, impeccable leadership, and unbreakable resolve. It is they who are first to charge into combat, and they who are last to retreat. No matter what the enemy conjures, the Royal Tiger will face it head on.

Godfrey is the latest in this "royal" line. From when Godfrey was young, it was well known that he would someday become a legendary warrior. However, rather than basing this on any particular affinity Godfrey had with the sword, it was his huge size that many speculated would lead him to a position of power. The boy, supposedly blessed with the body of a giant, was already larger than most of the soldiers at the tender age of 10. 

As an adult, however, Godfrey is a sight to behold. Towering above his fellow soldiers, as well as many of the lowly demons, his imposing presence on the battlefield is matched only by his legendary prowess as a commander. Many suspect that, along with the priestess Yakun, Godfrey will be the harbinger of a new age of peace, driving back the demons to whence they came.

Godfrey, the Royal Tiger
Godfrey, the Royal Tiger

Godfrey brings his incredible leadership skills as well as his deadly fighting capabilities to the fight whenever he is required. Being a Born Commander allows Godfrey to not only inspire those around him, but lead them to perform even greater feats. Of course, if they wait and Follow His Example, Godfrey's allies will find that those enemies that Godfrey has engaged with become easier targets to handle. His massive greatsword also allows him to cleave into nearby enemies, causing not only the focus of his ire great damage, but also slicing and dicing up others who dare attempt to harm innocent lives.

As a Leader, Godfrey has access to powerful Fate cards such as Inspire Greatness. By shifting one fate per character in the unit, Godfrey is able to inspire them to outdo themselves over and over again, providing them an extra opportunity to get into position to secure objects, or even just another opportunity to bring the smackdown to your enemies. As such a fierce combatant, Godfrey has a slight reputation as a Brute. He'll be able to unleash a Fate card known as Savage Assault. Readying a squad of troops by inspiring them can be powerful, but Savage Assault lets your biggest, baddest Brutes attack not-once, but twice!


There's an exciting announcement that Limbo has planned for tomorrow, involving even more awesome looking minis. We're glad you all seem to quite like Raphael, and hopefully, with the right amount of exposure, the campaign will pick up enough momentum to finally include the second Lord everyone is coveting.

Until next time...

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    1. Officer Brush Collaborator on

      Aslan is a common name and the trademark fight by the C.S Lewis estate was met with opposition which meant that the word and the exclusive use for the word In relation to Lions was not trademarked so it’s cool 😎

    2. Missing avatar

      Gilles Salmon on

      Hello. Good lore but à little disapointed by the model. I think humans Army miniatures seems really less exciting models. My opinion.

    3. Mercurius on

      "Aslan" is the name of the lion in the Chronicles of Narnia. May want to consider adjusting that...

    4. Missing avatar

      Byron on

      Need this model as a resin addon - stunner

    5. Paul Cartwright

      Loving this world they are creating and very excited about this announcement that's coming!

    6. Officer Brush Collaborator on

      I won’t be till next week

    7. Officer Brush Collaborator on

      I’m just not home to do updates.

    8. NoobleBear on

      We should def be including this lore on BGG!

    9. NoobleBear on

      +1 Justin. So good.

    10. Officer Brush Collaborator on

      Great lore