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A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
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The Fall of Mulkogh

Posted by Kenny (Collaborator)

It was early morning when the alarm bells sounded. Yet by the time it's chime neared final note, it's desperate tune was falling on thousands upon thousands of dead ears.

Mulkogh, the land closest to the Maelstrom, was understandably the first to face the onslaught of its devilish hordes. Caught by the surprise invasion, the land of Mulkogh was quickly torn asunder. Although many did manage to escape the slaughter, the vast majority fell within hours of the "The Arrival". Mulkogh was decimated.

Mulkogh, torn asunder
Mulkogh, torn asunder

Among those never again seen was King Moucrum, the long standing noble leader of the city. Though his death was never confirmed, none would dare scout out the kingdom try and discover the fates of those who lived their. Any and all who were never heard from again were presumed to be slain by the demons.

Mulkogh is now home to a host of skeletal begins known as the Ossilytes. Many speculate that some demonic magic brought back the soliders of Mulkogh against their will, and now compels them to slay the living. Yet the Ossilytes rarely, if ever, leave their broken city, instead guarding it with eternal vigilance.

However, stories have circulated about an Ossilyte king, a massive skeletal being composed of the corpses of many fallen Mulkoghites. In the darkness, this monstrosity prowls the wilds and human lands to the east, searching for those it can harvest. Some stories even say that when the beast kills, one of the corpses that comprise its body springs to life, only to be replaced by the fresh kill. Of course, these are only stories, and nobody knows the truth behind this mystery.

Yet one detail that's shared in every retelling is the presence of a shining gold crown on the head of the Ossilyte king, a crown that was once worn on the head of King Moucrum of Mulkogh. 

The stories are true...
The stories are true...

The former king of Mulkogh lives still, in the form of a horrific golem comprised of the bones of his victims, as well as the slain people of his former lands. Moucrum is an incredibly tough combatant, with an above average defence meaning he's unlikely to be suffering too many wounds in a single attack. Moucrum also continues the trend of 5 attack heroes, though coupled with Reach, Pierce 1, and a Daze critical effect, Moucrum is easily one of the most fearsome warriors you'll come across.

Of course, while he can bolster his combat prowess and survivability by engaging in a Grim Harvest, it's his Ossification and Lord of the Deathless abilities that truly make him king. Whenever Moucrum fells an enemy, he's able to convert them into a helpful Ossilyte ally. Though not a particularly strong combatant, Ossilytes often get a huge benefit out of the free Command handed out by Lord of the Deathless. Moucrum retains his leadership talents even into unlife!

The Undead keyword affords Moucrum one of the biggest surprises the game has to offer: That Which Has No Life. When Moucrum would succumb to the wounds he's suffered, you can remind your opponent that what is already dead cannot be killed again, and have Moucrum not only survive what would otherwise be a lethal blow, but make a steady recovery from it at the same time.

That ends the lore and spoiler update for today, and means I'll be moving on to announce that we've put up some new stretch goal information, including info on the Human Lord you've all been waiting for!

To clarify, we understand that this is actually not the one we may have spoiled slightly earlier. There has been a lot of discussion back and forth about which Lord is the most likely to be affordable for Limbo to produce in order to ensure that backers are likely to get that coveted 4th Lord, and the answer has come in the form of Raphael, who you'll find on the front page! Be sure to check him out (I'm currently suffering from a bit of a headache and don't have the image on my computer, but he'll be updated shortly).

I hope your excitement is building as we unveil more and more of the heroes and their stories!

Until next time...

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    1. Paul Cartwright

      Yes love the lore and some fluff. Just seen the new stretch goals, very nice and that miniature should look amazing (like all the others).

    2. NoobleBear on

      YAAAASSSSSS, man the lore is AMAZING.