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A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
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The Skeleton King Needs Your Help!

Posted by Kenny (Collaborator)

Hey Everyone!

Today I'm bringing some exciting news that has a bit of an interesting backstory, and it's something we need your help on.

Some of the sharper eyed followers may have noticed something slightly amiss about the pictures of the core game contents, specifically in regards to how many units each faction has. Specifically, the intention was for the core box to contain 3 different troops (but 2 sets of each), 5 heroes, and 1 lord.

However, slipping past the notice of either Limbo or myself, an extra battalion of troops made their way straight into the centre. You'll notice them as they're also the only troops that don't have a corresponding second group. 

You see, originally there was some talk of including them as an alternate set of sculpts for people to use, an idea that was eventually scrapped. As it turned out, these sneaky troops have found a way into the limelight, and as they were something that were announced as part of the core set, we decided to leave them there.

As the game designer, however, this posed a challenge. If the troops are extra troops for the humans, then they, for whatever reason, will have an extra character in the core set. However, if we make them simply alternate sculpts, then they seem really strange and out of place.

So in the end, we decided to make them characters on their own. Of course, as I said, this would mean the core set would be unbalanced.

Unless, of course, we also added a new character for the Dark faction:

A Mighty Force From Beyond Life
A Mighty Force From Beyond Life

I just want to emphasise that this character is now part of the core game. That is, EVERY CORE SET ordered will come with our little skeleton friend here. It's like you've just unlocked a stretch goal out of nowhere. 

This makes the most sense to us, as we didn't want to take things away that had already been announced. At the same time, we needed to resolve a silly oversight that was made in positing the picture. Of course, this oversight means MORE minis for everyone, and MORE variety in the core game, which is a win for everyone, really.

Now, here's the thing. We're undecided on how we want to implement both our skeletal friend here, as well as change the troops for the Light side. That's where you all come in. I'm going to share what my current design thoughts are regarding them, and I'd love for you all to comment on this and share what you'd love to see.

1. We make them both Heroes, which is my preferred path. The main point of contention to this lies in the fact that the level of detail on each of the minis is not as deep. This would mean that the troop squad for the Light force would likely have some interesting rules regarding its three troop hero squad. I have some ideas I think would be interesting to try.

2. We make both of them Upgrades. This would mean that they are almost like "elite" versions of troops, and can be attached to a squad to boost its abilities and provide an extra character to activate for that squad.

3. We make one of them a Troop squad and the other a Hero. This causes some asymmetry in the forces of Light and Dark, but it's likely the most natural solution.

I'd love to hear from all of you and remember to post any comments or questions , and you have here. This idea gets me excited, and I hope you all share the feeling. You can help us bring them to life!

Until next time...


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    1. Missing avatar

      Stefano on

      Option 2 is nice, but I am afraid whether the new rules are actually managable or not.

      I vote for 3. I prefer asymettries, which also gives to the different factions a new difference factor. I just don't like the fact of having two kings for skeletons

    2. warwing on

      I like option 1. Having a hero that's actually a combination of 3 units would offer totally unique strategies from both forces and would be very interesting to play.

    3. Prawfut on

      I like option 2 most. Or a combination of both 2 and 3 (2.5?). Have the human troops be elites that can upgrade another squad and the king is a hero for demons, then offer demons an "elite upgrade" sg and offer humans a hero sg.

      Also like the suggestion below for a skeleton Queen... Or banshee Queen... A Sylvanas banshee Queen homage would be epic.

    4. Missing avatar

      Tyler dockery

      Sorry, that was option 3 below.

    5. Missing avatar

      Tyler dockery

      Asymmetry means different tactics must be employed. This allows seasoned players more strategy (ideas on how to approach a situation) and tactics (what you DO in the situation). You may find more humans follow a leader into battle while the undead simply go where they're told.

      Human hands on the skeleton king? Perhaps they're gloves if the leg and face are bone.

    6. SkyLarDam

      Option 3 it is for me.

    7. Jop

      I like option 2!

      Nice idea to have your first troop and then add a leader to the group to crush your enemy. Give a nice boost to help you out when you needed that extra luck to win

    8. Mr. E52s on

      My vote is for option...

      ...whichever the majority picks.

    9. Ant on

      So we have two skeleton Kings now? You should tweak one of their crowns so we can have a skeleton queen.

    10. Steve on

      I like the idea of a unit of 3 for a hero choice. But with the banner, these guys definitely look like they could attach to and support a unit as well.

      Making them plain troops choices is my least preferred, they look like more than troops. :) Though as you say less than individual heroes.

    11. Missing avatar


      I trust your judgement.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ash on

      I vote for making them troops and having one of the Light heroes have the ability to summon their ancestors to the fight. Not so much as Necromancy, more of a call for aid from ancient human warriors to rise and help their species survive one last time - kind of deal.

    13. Galitos

      I feel troop vs hero very flavourful

    14. Missing avatar

      Thomas Schmidt on

      I think option 1 sounds best

    15. Balgin Stondraeg

      So I presume we're talking about the original Rose Knights sculpts as opposed to the new ones, right? I always presumed they would be an alternative sculpt.

    16. Missing avatar

      Iliya Uderman

      Option 3

    17. Thomas M

      Option 1

    18. Missing avatar

      Mark Bonatti on

      Asymmetry is good, I vote option 3.

    19. Grediel on

      Option #1, if that's what you like the best then go with it.

    20. Missing avatar

      Albert Kosasih on

      To be honest sudden asymmetric (not the game designer intend to do) i worried about the balance. Since we lack of playtest, not even full gameplay video till now. Adding asymmetric seems takes a lot of time for limbo than making new elite troop (they are masters in making minis 😊)

    21. Missing avatar

      Albert Kosasih on

      Or adding new dark side elite troop in the sg? Anyone counting total number dark vs light side hero yet? Including addons, sg and the angel bonus

    22. Cody Brown

      Option 3 seems like the best way.

    23. Imperator on

      Option 2.
      Its something completely new to the game and so the natural choice. Upgrade or elite versions of troops oh yesss.

    24. Tyler

      I like option three.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jason L on

      @Noodlebear: The balancing to consider would be balancing the characters: Even with the point-buy at the start, balancing the game so that each character is given the appropriate point-cost is something that requires substantial testing.

      I think 3 makes a lot of sense because the "asymmetry" can be addressed by add-ons (not necessarily during this kickstarter, although I hope we can get more add ons :) : A human hero add-on and then an undead troop set. It can even be given a lore reason: Maybe the humans started with more troops, but as those troops fell, now more undead troops are popping up. But to counter this, the survivors on the Light side have gotten better and better, elevating some of them to heroes.

    26. Missing avatar


      Good concept but balancing woiuld have to be Option 3 if them are the only choices available. Dark arealdy has Vahlrose which makes sense that you can use the troops on the Dark side. If lets say the Skeleton King was ressurected from an LightNecromacer but still had his own willpower/soul of vegenace against the demons for what they did to his kingdom. Would make sense if he was for the Light side to use skeleton troops unless you plan to either introduce a Light Necromancer or we get dual backstories of both Light/Dark so it would fit on both sides.

    27. ThomasT. on

      I like option 1 the most.

    28. Windchild on

      Option 3 makes the most sense, so that would be the option I prefer

    29. Howard Gibson on

      The skeleton king looks amazing.
      Option 1 for me. If/when their number is reduced then their power/abilities are reduced, they need each other to be fully effective during the game. Not sure exactly how you'd represent this via gameplay though..... but that's why you're the professional and I'm a mere mortal backing this project lol

    30. Missing avatar

      yong jun park on

      option 3 would be a good option.

      one idea that I had come to my mind is making living one and dead one with the backstory as a family. brother or father and son...kind of light one tried to make them rest in peace, and the dark side wants to make them working with together. kind match the story which would be number one opinion.

    31. Missing avatar

      Juan Manuel García Sánchez on

      About making him neutral, don't see the point, as undead are already part of Darkness side

    32. Jonathan B on

      I have a preference for the number three options for the reasons cited by SharKK see option two but one is going too much imbalance the game

    33. Missing avatar

      Justin Wellman

      I vote for the asymmetrical option. If one faction as more options for X and the other has more options for Y it makes decisions about what faction to play more interesting.

    34. Missing avatar

      Tom 1860

      Option 3 is the way I would prefer for game play. The idea of neutral forces is certainly an interesting one though...

    35. Missing avatar

      Albert Kosasih on

      Agree with taison, like three musketeer thing, 3 hero count as 1. But what about the scale? It will be lame is the 3 hero is smaller than other hero imo.

    36. Missing avatar

      Juan Manuel García Sánchez on

      I forgot to aks: Don't we already have an Undead King?

    37. TaisonMor

      Having a 3 troop hero squad sounds interesting.

    38. NoobleBear on

      Enzo, gameplay balance wouldn't even be a factor here because pre-game you purchase your troops with a set amount of points (as far as I remember.) It doesn't matter if one faction has more characters you can still only have the equivalent amount of points to distribute so faction characters don't matter at all. Someone correct me if I'm wrong?

    39. DsasterCraft on

      Really liking the idea of a "multi-unit hero" (could be only 2) but they'd have to be quite distinguishable from base units. Troop Upgrades also sounds good, it has to be implemented farther down the road, imho.
      So yeah, number 3 for now, but I'm certain you guys have some nice design ideas already.

    40. Enzo Maini

      I choose whatever does not impact the balance of the game. I am still concerned this has been lightly tested and not really much of a game here.

    41. Missing avatar

      Juan Manuel García Sánchez on

      Well, I will go for a 4th option, that includes the sculting of 2 companions for the Skeleton King ;P So we will have the Order of the Rose "command" and the Skeleton King and his retinue.

      Then you can choose to add them as unit of troops, unit of elite troops, upgrade to base unit troops or even as a hero unit, whichever suits better the rules or involves less changes in them.

      But it's only my craving desire for more minis coming from the ranks of Undeath XD

    42. S Buntenbach

      Nr one

    43. NoobleBear on

      He does look regal enough to fight for the human faction imho.

    44. NoobleBear on

      SWEET! That skeleton king looks bad ass! I'll say it again the minis on display here are top notch. Regarding how to implement, I'd vote for option 3 since that was the original design. Maybe we just shoot for another stretch goal or future add-on for another human hero down the line. Have we considered an option 4 where the skeleton is actually a neutral force? Lore could be very interesting... maybe he and his army are mercs for hire since he clearly loves treasure. lol. Humans pay more he fights for them, Demons pay more he's on their side.

    45. Locusta on

      I think option 3 is the best option. I agree with what SharKK has posted below.

    46. Charon13

      Option 1

    47. Shiyao Li

      Yeah, I would probably go for option 3 as well.

    48. Missing avatar

      Mikhail on

      Can make both heroes, but with the ability of joining the squad as an upgrade. This diversifies their use from the desire of the player. I'm sorry if that's a pun.