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A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
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A Tale of Elzabel

Posted by Kenny (Collaborator)

Elzabel was once an angel of unimaginable beauty, who was commissioned to lead the mortals of the world away from War and evil, and toward peace and harmony. For a time, she was successful, and became known as “The Calmbringer”.

An evil spirit approached Elzabel during this time of peace, with a challenge to her authority. “They follow you not for the goodness of your ways, but because they yearn to please a beauty such as you. They love you not with their minds, but with their flesh”.

“Begone, vile spirit. Were I but a rotting corpse, the people of the land would still follow the ways of the light that have been shown to them”, Elzabel replied.

“Let us see, then” the spirit snickered. In an instant, the spirit transformed into a resplendent being, with beauty that not even Elzabel could claim to have. As the being took on its new form, Elzabel felt her skin contort and burn, her hair fall out, and her once glorious regalia become ravaged by rust and dirt. The spirit spoke once more, in a voice as soothing as smooth as it was cold. “Go forth and lead your people, Calmbringer. Or shall it be my beauty that leads them?”

Elzabel and the evil spirit both appeared before the people, she in her sickly form, and the spirit in its glory. The spirit cam bearing a message of freedom. “The powers above have sent me to guide you. Elzabel has been stripped of her status due to her blasphemy. She has led you to become weak, but you are to be a nation of the strong. You have been blessed with the power to conquer. Go forth and do as you will”. Elzabel appealed to them on the grounds of the light and the teachings of the Loving Mother, as she had for ages past.

But none would listen, and soon plowshares were traded for swords. As the calm that Elzabel had brought came to an end, so too did the hope she had in the people. The Calmbringer fell into despair.

It was then the evil spirit approached her yet again, placing a hand on her cheek. “Do you see now? The people of the land are not worthy of mercy or goodness. Their inclinations are toward evil. They are not a worthy rulers of the land, being dominated by their lust and completely unaware of it”.

“You, Elzabel, would be a worthy ruler of the land. A land of beings who know themselves well, and are not easily influenced by greater powers. You would be a worthy successor to the Gods”. As the spirit spoke with soothing words of seduction, Elzabel could feel her skin healing, and her hair once again growing.

“You could be a queen, my dear”. Elzabel looked at the spirit, whose form was utter perfection. Even the twisted smirk on its face seemed only to add to its splendour. The spirits face came close to hers, and Elzabel shuddered. A shudder of defeat, that the life she had led was for nought. A shudder of disgust, that the people she had tried to help had cast her out for something prettier. And a shudder of pleasure, as the cold touch of the spirit seemed to become a warm embrace she didn’t want to end.

“Arise, Queen Lilith”.

Lilith, the Lilin Queen
Lilith, the Lilin Queen


Hey everyone! Sorry for the later than usual update (and also for the half chopped image above). The reason the image is currently half chopped is because the image I have of Lilith's abilities has gone slightly odd, and a lot of the iconography is off (they've also slightly changed). Instead, I'll just explain her abilities to you all, and give you a little further insight into them.

Card Abilities

Thanks to the aid of Anguish, her loyal serpent, Lilith is a reasonably dangerous attacker. A base attack of 5 combined with Reach 2 and the ability to deliver the Wound bane on a critical hit make her a force to be reckoned with.

However, anyone playing Lilith just for the power of Anguish is missing out on all of her other benefits. Just as beautiful a demon as she was an angel, Lilith is quite Distracting to those around her. Characters attacking Lilith just can't put their full might behind their strikes, and as such get -1 Attack when doing so. Additionally, those attacking or being attacked by Lilith can't spend any Focus tokens, allowing her to easily gain the advantage in battle.

Sanguine Sorcery allows Lilith to power her use of Fate abilities at the cost of a little blood. As a free action on her turn, Lilith can take a point of damage in order to Channel, granting her a Fate crystal to use as she sees fit. She very well may use this power to Dominate others, causing them to temporarily lose their willpower and act as her willing slave. The whole experience ends up leaving the victim Dazed and confused as well. At a cost of 3 Fate to use, Dominate is amongst the most expensive abilities in the game.

Fate Card Options

In regards to traits, Lilith has the Arcane, Demon, Leader, and Lilin keywords. These four keywords provide her with a wealth of Fate Card options. For example, she might decide to perform a Blood Ritual, dealing herself 2 damage in exchange for a whopping 4 Fate crystals to use! Of course, her Otherworldly Beauty can make it even more challenging for enemies to attack her, requiring your opponent to shift fate to your pool in order to even try and attack her. With all of this Fate under her control, she may decide to channel it into an Inferno, dealing as many dice of damage as she spends Fate to a nearby enemy!

I hope this update has been exciting for you all! Tune in as we begin to slowly unveil more and more of the heroes who live in a world of Eternal War!

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    1. Paul Cartwright

      Liking the back story and loving the look of her design. May be one of my favourites when I see her properly, plus her abilities sound like they will really mess with your opponents plans.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kenny Collaborator on

      @Ken Oakley

      She will definitely be in miniature form, but I do not have a sample of it at the moment.

    3. Locusta on

      Cool! Great work!

    4. Missing avatar

      Ken Oakley on

      is there a miniature or just a card?

    5. Philipp Reuther on

      That story reminded me a bit of Darksiders 1. It is a bit similiar with in boath games being an angel who falls for the darkness. Love it! :)