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A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.
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In The Beginning: Lore Update #1 AND Regarding Stretch-Goals

Posted by Kenny (Collaborator)

Hey all!

As promised, here is the first of what will be several lore updates. We're going to go larger scope first, and then hone in on the heroes you'll be playing with when you get your hands on the game. And so we the beginning.

“At the dawn of time, the primordial beings now known as “deities” were all that there was to existence. Each of them embodied an aspect of creation as we now know it. Some of the cosmic entities represented what we see as good in our world, things such as love, courage, and loyalty. However, there were also far more sinister beings, themselves representing far darker aspects of our world: destruction, deceit, tyranny, and countless other evils among them.

The forces of good united to secretly create the world, for it is only through their powers that life as we know it could exist. Far removed from the darker deities, the land flourished with trees, oceans, land, animals, and, of course, the peoples. It was a world of purity, of splendour and beauty eternal.

The creation of such a good thing sent ripples throughout the cosmos. Little did these good deities know that their actions had set the universe itself into a state of disequilibrium. As life flourished on the world, the forces of darkness were invigorated by a mysterious power. Suddenly aware of what transpired, they sought out that which had been hidden from them. And when they found it, they did what they do best: they corrupted.

Many of the peoples of the land soon succumbed to manipulations of these fiends. Their very nature became warped, as their bodies became host to the powers of darkness. These were the very first demons, mortals so twisted that they no longer even remotely resemble their former selves. Fuelled by overwhelming power, the demons rapidly cast the world into chaos.

The First Apocalypse
The First Apocalypse

Just as doom seemed to be upon the peoples of the land, the power that had fuelled the forces of evil left them just as easily as it had come upon them. Not only did it abandon them, but it rushed and filled the deities of light. The shift in the cosmic balance allowed the peoples of the land to drive the demons away from their lands. The peoples of the land had prevailed, but the damage was done. Although evil had seemingly been banished, the seeds of evil had planted themselves in the hearts of all. A once united land quickly became divided.

The power that infused the deities is what we now call “Fate”. Our understanding of it is still limited, but it appears as though creation wishes for itself to be in balance. When the forces of goodness or evil become too powerful, “Fate” seems to favour the other, empowering them to bring the universe back into a state of constant balance. The powers beyond remain in a state of limbo, locked in a seemingly eternal war, each of them trying to rid creation of the other” -Excerpt from The History of the Avereen by Avrigard Elster. 

Hope that has filled in some blanks for many of you. Tune in to future updates as we explore individual characters further!

On a side note, I've been in constant talks with Limbo about many of the requests people have made for the campaign (trust me, I see almost all of them). I wanted to address one of the more common queries/suggestions/requests that I've seen: reducing stretch goals or introducing plenty of add-ons. First, I'm just going to reaffirm that I personally don't have anything to do with the fulfilment/production side. Second, there are more add-ons planned, with some cool new stuff coming due to backer demand. However, I've been consulting with Limbo about how we might best be able to reconcile the requests of our fans with the realities of production on his side. Let me try and explain why the campaign has progressed the way it has so far.

Whenever a new stretch goal is unlocked, that means a new mini being added to everyone's game. The reason that the distance between stretch goals is so large is to cover the cost of this. The higher the backer count goes, the more of those models need to be produced. For some of the larger, more awesome models, this cost can really add up. For this reason, the distance between stretch goals needs to be larger the more that are unlocked. It's just the nature of how costs scale.

If stretch goals were instead offered as optional buys, this could alleviate some of the risk IF every backer were to grab the add-on (never the case). However, add-ons carry their own risks. No matter how many people back an add-on, it needs to be produced. Given that the upfront cost for production is where most of the cost is, coupled with the fact that add-ons contribute to unlocking stretch goals (which also increase overall costs) despite possibly not covering their costs, this can mean that add-ons actually cost the creator money. They have to be planned very carefully, and priced accordingly. This is why add-ons tend to be far more costly to purchase than the core game. As a long time backer of games, this is something that never really occurred to me. However, having greater insight into the goings on on the creator side has taught me a lot.

We've had many long discussions, as there's aspects which we're both trying to balance: I'm trying to balance the game not breaking due to uneven content, and he's trying to not break his bank by overpromising. When campaigns overpromise, problems occur. A few things could happen: 1) Things that were promised get cut, leaving backers annoyed and feeling ripped off; 2) The creator ends up out of pocket, paying for all of these extra things to ensure the backers get what was promised; or 3) The campaign doesn't deliver, and everyone loses. We don't want any of those three things to happen, which is why the stretch goals have been cautiously planned and add-ons haven't simply been spammed out to everyone. 

I hope that clears things up for everyone. I thank you all for the support you've given us so far, and hope we can help maintain your enthusiasm. Tomorrow night, I'll be going through the mail and answering every question in there in a video, so make sure you get them in!

Until next time...

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    1. Missing avatar


      I think the stretch goals and add-ons are reasonable. I would have likes an all-female pack though!

    2. Missing avatar

      yong jun park on

      Reasonable and clear enough to understand. look forward to this project to be the success

    3. Missing avatar

      Miguel Ángel Roldán Ramírez on

      Comprendemos que no podéis tener pérdidas y que tenéis que equilibrar los stretch goals, pero los que llevamos siguiendo kickstarter desde hace un tiempo, podemos comprobar que las compañías ofrecen material desbloqueado en un trayecto menor que el de este proyecto. Y cuando estas compañías repiten con más proyectos en kickstarter será porque obtienen beneficios y ofreciendo una buena calidad en el material.
      Espero que no os siente mal está crítica, y a mí me tenéis conquistado con la calidad que parece ser que vais a ofrecer en este juego, seguid trabajando duro con él. Espero que atendais mí mensaje, gracias.
      PD.: Y una cosa que os agradecería mucho, es que penséis en la posibilidad de traducir el juego al español.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ash on

      Solid business approach, makes complete sense. Cheers for the update mate.

    5. Juan Fernandez on

      The concept of Fate as this Will to balance existence is great. It gives the rest of the Lore the glue that makes an interesting whole.
      In other words, there are no real villains or heroes.
      I am in only for the minis, but this update open my eyes for the game.
      Great Job!

    6. MemoriesofWe on Youtube

      I backed this game because I like what the core box offered and I want to see it succeed. I think because I still have that mentality I find stretch goals to be awesome extras and not something owed to me.

      Limbo and team are doing a great job. Great and fun campaign.

    7. Missing avatar

      peperaist on

      Great history!
      I hope you could put all histories (limbo universe, eternal war, lores and characters) in the art book if finally is unlocked.

    8. Paul Cartwright

      Love the lore and how it ties into the game through fate. Definitely looking forward to hearing more about the characters. As for the rest I think what you've been doing is fair and the right way to go. I think the way costs go up and the risks of add-ons is pretty obvious really so I don't see how anyone could have a problem with the way this campaign is being run. All in all I love what I'm seeing and what I'm hearing, I'm also glad you are being very cautious to make things right and this is definitely the way to make a successful Kickstarter that everyone (except the few constant whiners you always get) is happy with.

    9. Faice on

      Well put thanks for allowing us a peek behind the curtains :-)

    10. Galitos

      Great explanation. Thank you

    11. Missing avatar

      Byron on

      Cheers for the update!

      I think the stretch goals are spaced well and it's good that all of these financial considerations are being taken into account so as to ensure a successful fulfilment of the campaign and (hopefully) the future expansion of the Limbo universe / Eternal War.

      I for one am all in game wise, whatever addons are uploaded I'll pick up. I want to see stretch goals hit of course, but I want to see this game's success more than anything.

      A potentially safe way of having these addons paid for without risking the bank could be to have an all in pledge? If you already have a set number of addons planned, you're likely to know the cost for them to produce etc and could release an all-in pledge before actually revealing these addons, just by stating 'Trust us, it's a good deal, you'll see by the end of the campaign etc' and maybe having an all in exclusive trinket as an additional incentive.

      This way could can calculate behind the scenes how much it would affect stretch goals, based on how many of these are purchased, and not risk a falsely inflated view of how successful the campaign actually is, whilst still providing excitement, anticipation, and hype.

      I'm not sure if any of that message made any sense. Hopefully it did. I just hope you understand that the backers all seem to be doing that - backing all the moves you've made and are making. We're enamoured by the project and desperate to see it succeed as well as it deserves to.

      Btw love how the lore is focussed on balance and ebb and flow like the game.
      50 points to this update!

    12. Philipp Reuther on

      I think it would actually be cool to get the PVC minis of the board game as seperate add-ons. I mean you already produce these and I think with this people can actually paint the minis without trying it first on the board game.

    13. Kraken on

      Why not make the big minis of the box available for purchase as separate add-ons?
      Since they are already being produced for the main product, having them also available as add-ons would help to amortise the cost.

    14. Greig Burges on

      Clear, and transparent communication helps, you guys are doing great.