Limbo: Eternal War

by Limbo Miniatures

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    1. Officer Brush Collaborator on

      A great update! Hope this helps those worried about loss of details

    2. Missing avatar

      Florian Schaak on

      damn, these look good

    3. Missing avatar

      Ross A on

      @Justin. Superb update, calms any nagging doubts I had for sure.

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      Igor Milosavljevic on

      is it wrong to think that the Pvc ones look better than the resin ones?

    5. Paul Cartwright

      Fantastic update, it was obvious the art book would only be small if you were just going to give it away for free and all the information to satisfy me about the quality of the miniatures is already out there. But hopefully this will satisfy those who were worried. The miniatures are looking great, can't wait to get painting these!

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      Absolutionis on

      Especially considering many of us are into miniatures, is there any possible option for these to be delivered unassembled and unbased?

    7. Barry Duran

      +1000 for PVC, look AWESOME!

    8. Missing avatar

      DDm on

      Make sure to add this photos to the main page, so everyone would see, not so sure about unassembled minis, a lot of people would get upset (i would love to get them separetly, but most people want to just open and play). And please-please-please go wild with advertising)

    9. The King of Average on

      @Igor - not at all! It all depends on what you are molding. Harder plastics hold better detail, but are more 'crisp" and therefore organic portions look worse than with softer plastic. That means things like flesh really do show up great in soft plastic.

    10. Enzo Maini

      Any chance to have an add-on option for just the miniatures? I would love to paint them and have them on the shelf separate from the game itself and even use them for D&D or Pathfinder.

    11. Thomas M

      Very Nice

    12. Missing avatar

      DDm on

      Enzo, how much do you think you would save on cardboard?)

    13. SamuraiJack

      Will there be more resin add on options or will there be any option in the store for the minis in resin later on?

    14. Balgin Stondraeg

      I'd certainly be up for more miniatures at a normal gaming scale in resin.

    15. Missing avatar


      any possibility of a gameplay video soon?

    16. You are fake news on

      @shadow literally the first line of the update says they're working on a new gameplay video.

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      Derek Marshall

      I don't know what plastic material or techniques Archon Studios use but they are some of the best cast figures I have received and easily rival anything moulded in resin.