Limbo: Eternal War

by Limbo Miniatures

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    1. SharKK


    2. General Cammy

      Both those ladies look amazingly bada$$

    3. Missing avatar

      yong jun park on

      give us I can pay more..

    4. Mr. E52s on

      Love the concept artwork!

    5. Barry Duran

      WOW! You cats are some seriously great artists! So cool!

    6. Missing avatar

      Absolutionis on

      This seems like the type of stretch goals that I'm a fan of.

      They're concept that haven't been fully realized and require additional funding to justify their inclusion. Additionally, they're not unreachable after the project has been funded.

    7. Missing avatar

      Scott Palmer on

      So, on the Campaign page it says that stretch goals will go to all backers, but here you say just the core game. Will there be stretch goals for those that backed the Resin sets rather than the core game?