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Women Destroy Science Fiction! is a special issue of the Hugo Award-nominated magazine LIGHTSPEED entirely written—and edited—by women.
Women Destroy Science Fiction! is a special issue of the Hugo Award-nominated magazine LIGHTSPEED entirely written—and edited—by women.
Women Destroy Science Fiction! is a special issue of the Hugo Award-nominated magazine LIGHTSPEED entirely written—and edited—by women.
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    1. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      Hi JB,

      Sure, I'll get that info from our ebookstore administrator and PM you on Kickstarter with it.

    2. Missing avatar

      JB Segal on

      I can still find no proud that I ever got any download links. I'm not actually sure I ever messaged y'all saying this.

      Can you pm me here with links, just so I can be sure it doesn't get eaten by any spam filters I have?


    3. Missing avatar

      Laura Clements

      I got the physical copy yesterday. It's fantastic. And huge! Thanks for updating my address at the last minute.

    4. Alex von der Linden

      I got the physical copy yesterday and it's awesome. I didn't realize it'd be that big.

    5. Ronald Wanders on

      it's here. ^_^ Now a few more months for the other 2.

    6. Alex von der Linden

      Whee, it's on ma kindle.

    7. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      No worries -- it was our fault for sending out the message in error. (One more month! :) )

    8. Ronald Wanders on

      Never mind, just noticed the message at the top of the Account window.
      Oops, my apologies.

    9. Ronald Wanders on

      Just received a message from the Lightspeed Store that I could download the "Women Destroy Science Fiction" issue from the shop, but no download links are visible.
      Am I doing something wrong? Or was that message perhaps sent out in error?

    10. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      Hi Sarah,

      I'll have our ebookstore sysadmin get in touch to help you out.

    11. Sarah Richardson

      I tried to use my credits and was directed to Paypal instead. Did I miss something?

    12. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      Hi Zoey,

      Yep, you can use them on anything in the store, and then you'll also get the Women Destroy Science Fiction issue when it comes out in June. I see you already figured that all out, but I figured I'd just reply in case anyone else has the same question. :)

    13. Zoey Jones on

      Woops, no, I can use them for old ones too! Sorry about that. :)

    14. Zoey Jones on

      Hi! I was only at the lowest tier and was supposed to get three randomly-selected back issues of Lightspeed. Instead it looks like I have 3 credits I can redeem, but I only see a button to do this for upcoming issues. I'm not complaining, since this has more value than expected (and I get to choose them!), but am I interpreting this right or are the credits only for the upcoming special editions and I shouldn't use them?

    15. Giuseppe on

      Well-done! Can't wait to read them.

    16. Missing avatar

      turkish "nickname" delight on

      Still, looks like some good reading.

    17. Missing avatar

      turkish "nickname" delight on

      Just joined up. Having a hard time understanding what's in some of the packages, though...

    18. Ronald Wanders on

      Sounds like a great kickstarter, whole bunch of good stuff to read, backed for a Year-One of Lightspeed. ^_^ Best of luck on the campaign.

    19. Kristin on

      What are the deadlines for the Destroy! Horror and Fantasy story submissions going to look like, or do you know yet? Any chance you'll be making those known through your Kickstarter updates?

    20. Jessica Sharbaugh on

      This is the very first Kickstarter that I have backed! I can't tell you how excited I am... wait, I'm an aspiring writer, I can tell you EXACTLY how excited I am: I'm jump-up-and-down, shake-my-booty, hands-clapping, "Woot!"-shouting-ly excited to have helped fund the further destruction of so many favorite genres of fiction. C'mon ladies, if we haven't destroyed it by now, we're not working hard enough!

      Thank you Lightspeed for being inspired by someone else being a jerk.

    21. Missing avatar

      Beatrice McKeown on

      I have loved reading all the emails and seeing which female writers other people think are important. Thanks for that. It has certainly given me ideas for books to read. I did miss seing my two favourite female authors mentioned though C J Cherryh and Lois McMaster Bujold. Maybe I am showing my age. Thank you for this and please keep up the good work.

    22. Missing avatar

      Daniel Nissman

      Whoops. Just saw the comment saying that they're not being offered through this kickstarter.

    23. Missing avatar

      Daniel Nissman

      If we pledge for a print tier, do we get print versions of the horror and fantasy issues, too? If not, how do we get them?

    24. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      Hi Enrico,

      Your best bet would be to sign up for the Women Destroy SF newsletter (which covers the whole project, including the stretch goal projects): We'll definitely announce stuff like that on there.

    25. EnricoB on

      Will be possible for you to send us an email when the 'other printed copies of destroying women anthologies' are going to be available to be bought, for example, in Amazon?

    26. Stephen Macneil on

      $35k congrats all around!! Great project.

    27. Catherine Asaro on

      Delighted to see this project. I look forward to reading the issue.

    28. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      Hi Gabrielle,

      Yes, that includes the Kickstarter bundle.

    29. Missing avatar

      Gabrielle Seaborn on

      Now that the $20k stretch goal is unlocked it says anyone who buys one of the lightspeed bundles will also get the Nightmare Year One bundle. Does this include the 6 issue Kickstarter Bundle or is it limited to the Year One/Two/Three/etc. bundles?

    30. Missing avatar

      Daniel Raffensperger on

      Howard Tayler sent me. Yay , Howard ! I've been reading women in Science Fiction since I was 12. Are you trying to tell me I'm not in the future, yet ? And since SOME men have been destroying SF for decades, no reason women can't join in.

    31. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      Hi ZMiles,

      The array of rewards is already so crazy as it is that we're hesitant to add more options at this point in the process. Unfortunately, Kickstarter doesn't make it easy to have "add ons," like if you wanted to back at the $20 tier but then also kick in extra for a secondary reward, etc. Which makes the tiering system kind of complicated!

      As such, we're going to hold off offering print editions of Destroy Horror and Destroy Fantasy via the Kickstarter, but we will offer them for sale on our website and via Amazon etc. once they're ready to publish.

    32. Danny Cordell on

      I am shocked it has taken women this long to destroy science fiction.

    33. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      Hi Catprog,

      FOUR YEAR SUBSCRIPTION backers get LIGHTSPEED issues 1-48 (June 2010 - May 2014) plus the WOMEN DESTROY SCIENCE FICTION (June 2014) issue, and then your subscription would start with the July 2014 issue. PLUS you'll get an additional 12 months will be added to the subscription (so the four-year subscription would become a five-year subscription).

    34. Missing avatar

      ZMiles on

      Hello! I am looking forward to this kickstarter, and have backed at the $20 (print copy of the Science issue) level. I was wondering if it is also possible to buy print copies of the Horror and (should it be unlocked) Fantasy issues as well? (I personally prefer print books).

    35. Missing avatar

      Catprog on

      I am confused with regards to the stretch goals.

      If I backed with the FOUR YEAR SUBSCRIPTION What exactly would I get?

    36. Steve Stormoen on

      You all are in Lompoc? I'd love to meet you!

    37. Alan Winterrowd on

      That's great! It also means I can talk myself into more JJA/Lightspeed Kickstarts. I had gotten away from short science-fiction, and Lightspeed has really whetted my appetite for it. I cut my SF teeth on short fiction and am not really sure how I slipped away from it.

    38. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      Hi Danielle,

      It's not possible, unfortunately. It would be great if Kickstarter let you do that, but unfortunately it doesn't. And the only solution is to add a bunch of crazy reward packages that just get more and more confusing the more you add. (I worry we're about at reward capacity as it is with so many options!) If you really want to get those bundles and/or support the magazine more, you can always just buy those bundles from the Fantasy Magazine website directly. That wouldn't count toward the Kickstarter tally (and thus not toward the stretch goals, unfortunately), but it benefits the magazine just about equally.

    39. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      Hi Alan,

      Sure, for subscription and bundle backers, we can make the random issues Nightmare/Fantasy back issues, since otherwise the stretch goal would just supersede that aspect of the reward otherwise.

    40. Missing avatar


      Are add-ons possible? I backed at a subscription tier, but I'd love to add on a couple of Fantasy Magazine bundles as well.

    41. Alan Winterrowd on

      If we get to 20K, so that we get issues 1-48 of Lightspeed, will the random issues be of Fantasy and Nightmare? That would be tres cool.

    42. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      Hi Katherine,

      I don't think we'll be able to offer that, as I think it would be cost-prohibitive given what the per unit costs of the print volumes are. However, assuming we unlock both stretch goals, we'll add some additional reward tiers that backers could potentially upgrade to should they want all three DESTROY volumes in print.

    43. Kate Merriweather on

      If we reach the stretch goals for the destruction of horror and fantasy, if we've already backed a print version of the destruction of science fiction: Will we automatically get print versions of horror and fantasy?


    44. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      Hi Kathleen,

      Once we make it to either of the DESTROY issue stretch goals, we'll add some new reward tiers that should make that possible. And if you backed already you can change your pledge amount and reward easily enough.

    45. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      Hi Geoff,

      We're probably actually going to make it just three issues of your own choosing (basically we'll give you credits in our ebookstore that will be good for one issue each), and that should solve the potential problem.

    46. Missing avatar

      Kathleen Miller on

      Also wondering: if we do make it to the various stretch goals, will it be possible to upgrade to print copies of all three genre-breaking issues? Because that would be quite excellent.

    47. Geoff Brown on

      Does the "no duplicate" concept apply to any back issues we may have gotten in your previous Kickstarter, too?

    48. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      Hi James,

      Yes, we'll ensure there's no duplicates. Thanks for asking!

    49. James Spinks on

      Quick question regarding the pledge levels. At the DESTROY SF! level you are offering 3 random back issues of Lightspeed; at the KICKSTARTER BUNDLE level you are offering 6 selected back issues *and* the 3 issues from the DESTROY SF! level. Should we assume that you'll be taking steps to ensure that the 9 back issues don't result in duplicates? I suppose this also extends to the bigger pledges that include larger collections of back issues as well where the backer probably wouldn't want/need duplicates...

    50. Andrew Louis Marnik on

      Glad to support this!! To the Moon!!

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