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Queers Destroy Science Fiction! is a special issue of the Hugo-winning magazine LIGHTSPEED 100% written—and edited—by queer creators.
Queers Destroy Science Fiction! is a special issue of the Hugo-winning magazine LIGHTSPEED 100% written—and edited—by queer creators.
Queers Destroy Science Fiction! is a special issue of the Hugo-winning magazine LIGHTSPEED 100% written—and edited—by queer creators.
2,250 backers pledged $54,523 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Reinik

      I forgot to say something about this when the books came, but I wanted my name listed and it wasn't either.

    2. Geoff Brown on

      Took me most of the past year to get my one-year subscription reward from "Women Destroy..." fixed and now my one-year subscription from this Kickstarter isn't right. Hopefully it doesn't take a year to fix this one!

    3. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      Hi Steve,

      Sorry about that! Someone else said the same thing. Not sure how that happened. I think we'll post a note to see if we can get people to let us know if they had wanted to be listed but ended up not being credited, and then we can include a page with those folks in QDH or QDF or something like that.

    4. Steve Irwin on

      I completed my BackerKit with my name as I wanted it shown in the Kickstarter backers section of the book 3 weeks before the deadline and somehow I didn't get listed :(
      With that being said, I DO love the DESTROY! books :)

    5. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      Hi Erin --

      Good question! (Since we completely neglected to mention it!) No, it hasn't been yet. So in addition to the "JJA Queer Sampler" ebook anthology, and Queers Destroy Fantasy/Horror, the filk song is also still forthcoming.

    6. Missing avatar

      Erin on

      Was the filk song already sent out?

    7. Missing avatar

      carol mammano

      Congratulations! Can't wait to read it.

    8. Jessie Cook on

      Congratulations looking forward to it.

    9. Missing avatar

      Sheila on

      Wow! This funding campaign went above and beyond the stretch goals, congrats Queers Destroy Sci-Fi! I look forward to the beautiful destructive issues you're going to turn out.

    10. Missing avatar

      JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski on

      This campaign has been wonderful. Thanks for the amazing daily essays.
      Now wreck all the genres!

    11. Paula R. Stiles on

      Congratulations, guys!

    12. Missing avatar

      afromine on

      Yay! Congrats!! :-D

    13. Missing avatar

      Nancy Beranek on

      Yay! Can't wait to read everything!

    14. Ryan Adams on

      Congrats! The daily essays alone have been amazingly inspiring. I can't wait to read what comes from all of this.

    15. Cecilia Tan on

      Wow! Blew through all the stretch goals in the end!

    16. Missing avatar

      turkish "nickname" delight on

      Glad this did so well either way.

    17. Missing avatar

      turkish "nickname" delight on

      Darn. Came back too late to email my questions. Oh, well, at least I managed to pledge something. I'll have to dig up the physical wants somewhere else...

    18. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      @creator -- thank you!
      (and, having provided for this outcome, I probably won't end up having to deal with it. :-))

    19. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on


      Giving away a dupe would probably be the easiest option, and we'd be fine with it!

    20. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      @creator -- I got a copy of Lightspeed as part of another project reward; will there be a place on the survey to tell you? so I don't get a duplicate?
      or, if I end up with a dupe can I just give it away (in good conscience)?
      I'm talking about all-digital rewards, not physical.

    21. Missing avatar

      turkish "nickname" delight on

      @creator Mostly trying to figure out how they relate to several of the pledge levels. I'll do a bit more puttering around trying then might end up emailing to figure it out.

    22. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on


      Yes, sorry -- unfortunately there's no good intuitive way to setup the add-ons. I wish Kickstarter would build it into their infrastructure!

      If you have any specific questions, please let us know. You can email us at

      If you're just having trouble figuring out HOW to add an add-on, this Kickstarter has a good set of instructions for how to do it:

      If you're just having trouble with some of the options, let us know what we can do to help.

    23. Missing avatar

      turkish "nickname" delight on

      agh. having a hard time understanding some of the add-on options.

    24. Philip Bowman on

      Quick! a new stretch goal!

    25. Anthony Terragna on

      Congrats on being all stretched out!

    26. Tasha Turner

      We did!!!

    27. Tasha Turner

      We can do this.

    28. ShadowCub

      $4200 in 29 hours for the last stretch goal!

    29. ShadowCub

      With 49 hours to go, we only need $6122 more to reach the final stretch goal.

      That's a few subscriptions and/or a handful of print copies pledged ($125) per hour.

    30. Missing avatar

      Eric G

      Could there be an add-on for the WILDE STORIES, but for all the past editions? A separate one for HEIRESSES OF RUSS as well. :) I'd never heard of the collections so I'd like to get them all in one swoop. And if that helps us reach 50k, all the better!

      Separating the 2014 editions might also get more takers. You could price them to make the combo more attractive (10$ separately, 16$ together) if you want to cross-promote them to the other's audience.

    31. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      Jake, the Destroy Fantasy deadline will be announced after we line up our guest editor. The Fantasy issue will be published later than SF (Dec.), so it'll have a later deadline. We'll have a different submissions link for you to use since a different editorial team will be working on it.

    32. Jake Frondorf on

      When is the destroy fantasy submission deadline? Does it use the same form as the sci-fi submission does? It was very specific about only wanting sci-fi.

    33. Tasha Turner

      Woot we hit $40k and are getting fantasy. I guessed at what the trade PB would run & added it to my pledge to help us hit the goal. One last goal to go. Can we raise another $10k in 3 days? I hope so. The Women Destroy series were fantastic and the calibre of guest editors for Queers Destroy is pretty high so the issues should be phenomenal.

    34. Missing avatar

      Megan England on

      Just upped my pledge for add-ons - hope others will do the same, because we are SO CLOSE to unlocking fantasy! We can do iiiiiit.

    35. Tasha Turner

      I'm so excited about all the possible add-ons. I just upped my pledge amount to grab a few.

    36. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      Hi all,

      Sorry about the delayed response! We were in the process of sorting out Reward Add-Ons and we're now pleased to say that we now have them available:

      So now you should be able to pick and choose to get exactly what you want. :)

      Thanks again for your support!

    37. Tasha Turner

      @Doron I'm pretty sure the "women destroy" issues will be sent out within a couple weeks post-funding. It can take 2-3 weeks for all the funding issues to be worked out & Lightspeed magazine gets the money we've pledged. I think that's how it's worked in the past campaigns when I was getting back issues.

      @Julia I'm with you I'd love to order a couple additional print copies.

      I used the contact me button asking Lightspeed to drop by the comment section to answer questions.

    38. Julia Taylor

      Is there a way to pledge for multiple copies so I can have one for me and share a couple copies to share with our Gender Sexuality Alliance library and the Campus Women's Center?

    39. Doron Mosenzon on

      When will those who choose the Megapack reward receive the "Women Destroy..." issues?

    40. Dr. Mary C Crowell

      I have really enjoyed the personal essays! I'm glad they are going to be part of the issue. �

    41. Elizabeth Underwood on

      I'd love to pledge more and get more of Nightmare. Any chance of that being a backer level?

    42. Chelle P on

      I would dearly love to pick up print copies of the whole Destroy series. (When I backed WDSF, I only went for digital.) Is this possible?

    43. Tasha Turner

      I want t-shirts and buttons as add-ons to wear at cons.

    44. Sara Samuel on

      The updates with personal essays are FANTASTIC!! Thank you to those who are sharing their stories!

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