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POC Destroy Science Fiction! is a special issue of the Hugo-winning magazine LIGHTSPEED, 100% written—and edited—by POC creators.
POC Destroy Science Fiction! is a special issue of the Hugo-winning magazine LIGHTSPEED, 100% written—and edited—by POC creators.
POC Destroy Science Fiction! is a special issue of the Hugo-winning magazine LIGHTSPEED, 100% written—and edited—by POC creators.
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    1. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on


      Sorry about that! We'll look into it and email you soon. I bet our store emails went into your spam filter or something. The Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction ones come from different email addresses, so it's possible for one to get through and the others to get caught in spam.

    2. Missing avatar


      Hi guys,

      I pledged extra to get add-ons of all of the Women Destroy and Queers Destroy special issues, and though I did get an email with a link to download the horror ones, I haven't yet gotten anything to let me download the fantasy ones. Have I missed something? Thanks for your help!

    3. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      @Sarah Howes

      We'll be rolling out those additional digital rewards in the near future!

    4. Seraph Howes

      Hi guys,

      Am I meant to have received an email with back issues for lightspeed and nightmare magazine? I have only received an email with the June issue attached and I did pledge for one year subscriptions to both Lightspeed and nightmare magazine.

    5. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      @Benjamin Nash

      Hi Benjamin. We can do that if you like; please email us at to let us know to do that for you.

    6. Benjamin Nash on

      Will there be a way to add our one-year Lightspeed subscription to an existing Weightless subscription? Didn't see a space on the survey.

    7. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on


      Hi Romero. Yes the other digital rewards are rolling out separately. You should be getting additional emails re: your other digital rewards over the next several days.

    8. Romero Stokes on

      Hi - I logged into the Lightspeed account successfully - however, I only saw one item, the special issue - I did not see any of the other rewards. Are those other issues coming separately or should they also be in the account? Thanks!

    9. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      @Old Wookiee

      We used Backerkit for our surveys, so if you go to:

      and enter the email address associated with your Kickstarter account, Backerkit will send you a link that will let you double-check whether or not you've completed your survey or fill it out. You can also check your email for anything from (again, this would have been sent to whatever address you have associated with your Kickstarter account).

      Then, once that's sorted, you'll get emails from us re: your downloads.


    10. Old Wookiee on

      How can I get downloads?

    11. Old Wookiee on

      Where can I get link to survey?

    12. Missing avatar

      Paul Lord on

      @Creator, Backerkit contacted me, I am in the US and we got it sorted out. Thanks!

    13. Tanya N. Kutasz on

      @Creator Never mind, got an email from the rep while I was posting here, problem was solved as the correct amount showed once my shipping info was input and confirmed on the last page.

    14. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on


      Backerkit will be in touch!

    15. Tanya N. Kutasz on

      @Creator - Thanks - should I check back & try the survey again tomorrow, or wait to be contacted by a Backerkit rep?

    16. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hedges on

      @Creator - thanks, I've put my existing email in to be sure.

    17. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      @Andrew Hedges Apparently there's no way to make the question optional, so Backerkit says to please just put "n/a" in that field or else just put your correct (existing Kickstarter-related) email address in there again.

    18. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      @Andrew Hedges

      It's supposed to be optional, but sounds like it's not; emailing Backerkit about it now. Though if you just put in your regular (existing) email address in the box that would also work. It's just a matter of making sure we send your digital rewards to the right email address, and if you put your existing email in that box then that definitely circumvents any issues.

    19. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      @Tanya N. Kutasz

      Looks like Backerkit is incorrectly showing you the international shipping rate ($20). I'm going to reach out to Backerkit to see if I can get an account rep to help with that.

      $28 total is the correct amount for shipping to a US address. It's $23 + $5 shipping.

    20. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      @Paul Lord

      Paul, you're outside the US, I assume, right? Unfortunately international shipping is really expensive, and there's no way in Backerkit to "bundle" shipping costs. Let me put on my thinking cap and see if I can come up with a solution to that.

    21. Tanya N. Kutasz on

      I just got the survey yesterday, went to fill it out this morning.
      I originally pledged $28 extra (above my initial pledge) to get the TPB of POC DSF, as that was the price quoted for the US, book & shipping included in that $28 (per info here ). But on the survey, the TPB shows as $23, and then there is an additional $20 shipping charge, which is $15 more than originally stated. Is this correct? If so I may need to ask for a refund for that $28 as my budget is super tight right now and $15 extra is a lot for me at the moment :(

    22. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hedges on

      @Creator Just got the survey email - it asks me to leave the email box blank to use my existing one but I can't submit the form with a blank box. Should I just not submit the survey (I don't want any addons)?

    23. Missing avatar

      Paul Lord on

      Why is the add-on manager adding $20 in shipping for EACH trade paperback I select? $40 shipping for two $12 trade paperbacks? That can't be right?

    24. Cristina Alves on

      Hi ! :) Still waiting for my lighspeed subscription - will it take long? I want to read those stories !

    25. Old Wookiee on

      Any news, about surveys?

    26. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on


      We haven't sent out the surveys yet; we probably will do so this week, so stay tuned!

    27. Matej Gaba on

      @ Lightspeed Magazine : I'm sorry if I missed out this one, but is there any information when the survey will be available? Thank you very much and good luck with the Magazine! ;)

    28. Reinik

      Yay, funded with all stretch goals! What a good thing to wake up to.

    29. Jeni Bowers on

      YES! We made it, we got the anthology goal (thanks to any of my friends who chipped in on the last day when I promoted!) and we sent Lightspeed's vision of destruction out with a bang! I'm looking forward to supporting next year's torch bearers just as enthusiastically.

      Thank you, Lightspeed, Nightmare and Fantasy magazines for giving us this chance to shine and to everyone who's supported the Destroy special editions. <3

    30. Tasha Turner

      We did it! WTG team. I was getting a little nervous there at the end.

    31. RyanG on

      Hey, we got the Anthology!

    32. Missing avatar

      Jozsef Tamas on

      Is it possible to switch the subscription and back issues to Fantasy instead of Nightmare on the $24 level even if I don't have issues 1-45 of the latter?

    33. Tasha Turner

      I'm so excited we are getting POC Destroy Fantasy. Daniel Jose Older is really cool online and at conventions, in my limited experience. I love his writing. One stretch goal to go. We can do this.

    34. SITUATE on

      I'm very impressed with your project, and think it is fantastic that it is receiving such support! Well done. I look forward to reading each issue. Godspeed, LIGHTSPEED!

    35. Michael S. Manley on

      Thanks, Lightspeed and company, for producing this and the other Destroy anthologies. And a big thank you to the folks who write the personal essays. I've found them a pleasure to read and great introductions to writers whose works I now feel compelled to seek out. Looking forward to the book.

    36. Tasha Turner

      Thanks Sunil. I'm really excited to see what all the great guest editors including you select for the issues. As in previous editions of "Destroy" you each bring different talents and backgrounds to the table which I believe makes these issues stronger.

      I expect the copies I gift will put large smiles on faces again this year.

    37. Sunil Patel on

      Tasha, I have appreciated your comments! Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read and comment on the essays, here or elsewhere.

    38. Tasha Turner

      @Guy the essays will be in the POC destroy SF issue.

      I back a lot of Kickstarters and am in the habit of commenting on updates. I'm finding as a straight white woman that I'm concerned I might be intruding this time around. But I've been told by many Kickstarter creators that comments help them feel like updates are being read and backers care. I've only had one essay I couldn't find any way to comment on and no one else has either. I feel speechless and can't find words.

      I find the essays a very important part of the "destroy series". They help me get out of my head and see things differently. The fiction is fantastic and some of it makes me think. Every single essay in the 3 destroy series including this one help me "put myself in someone else's head". The world never looks quite the same afterwards.

    39. Guy McLimore

      Len Liu's essay was a real eye opener for me. I admit I never considered the effect of "white privilege" on me as a writer. Though the essay wasn't about that, it did reveal something I had not realized in that regard.
      As a white straight male writer, I am "the default" -- and am free to write from any viewpoint and about any subject matter. I had never considered that a writer of color is always expected to write from the limited view a "non-default" writer is herded into. Were Ken writing under the name "John Smith", his work would not have such a cloud of expectation hanging over it.
      I cheer for every effort to get more diverse viewpoints into print, which is why I backed this Kickstarter and others of the "Destroy" series. But it is just as important that writers of diverse backgrounds be free from assumptions about the necessary amount of "diversity" in their writing.
      Diversity comes from the life experience of the author lending new ideas and views to the writing. It does not mean writers of color must write only about issues faced by writers of color. The diversity of their experience is valuable no matter what the subject of their writing. That is the real reason to support writers of every background - not just because they write about people who we otherwise do not see but because they write from sets of experience that we do not possess, no matter what they write about.
      Damn, these essays would make a worthy book all on their own!

    40. Ira Kalina on

      Seriously, I've backed a lot of projects and followed tons more, but these are the best updates I've ever seen. I want to follow/read/meet every author of every update you have posted. Didn't know about Lightspeed before, but can't wait for my subscription reward now.

    41. Jesse the K on

      Thank you so much, Lightspeed editors, for this essay series. I'm excited to read POCDSF even more now that I know a little bit about the contributors. As an American, I've already learned many new concepts re: the differences between the POC in US vs African American experiences. I'm so glad that these valuable essays will be part of the anthology.

    42. Sunil Patel on

      Thank you, Hufflehobbit! I've been so happy to see the positive response, and there are so many wonderful essays yet to come.

    43. Missing avatar

      Hufflehobbit on

      I don't want to comment on the essays individually because I don't have time to comment on every single one and wouldn't want to inaccurately imply preferences that aren't there, but I just wanted to say I've been loving reading them and am *really* excited about the anthology.

    44. Dustin Fickle on

      I backed at the Lightspeed subscription level, and am going to get the Nightmare magazine add-on! I backed QDSF last year, so have all of the back issues, so I'm really excited to get all of the back issues of Fantasy magazine! I'm also excited for the POCDSF special issue! I'm still reading through the flash fiction and reprints in WDSF and QDSF. Loved what I've read so far!

    45. Gemma Renwick on

      Love that we just hit the anthology stretch goal!

    46. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      @Cheri Kannarr

      You'll get the back issues either way, whether you choose a subscription as your primary reward or as an add-on reward.

      The megapack reward just gives you all of the Destroy special issues. The #2 Stretch Goal (Subscription Booster) means that you get a subscription to LIGHTSPEED but also every back issue published to date (70+ issues). So that's way more than the megapack offers. However, it doesn't include everything that's in the megapack (because some of the issues are issues of our sister-magazines NIGHTMARE or FANTASY, not issues of LIGHTSPEED).

    47. Cheri Kannarr

      Still a bit confused re. add-ons, sorry! The unlocked back issues is for pledge tiers with subscriptions, but not add-on subscriptions? Is the unlocked stretch goal equivalent to the mega-packs? And, any chance of offering the past Destroy special edition ebooks as add-ons? Thanks! Just discovered the magazine & special editions and am excited to read more!

    48. Lightspeed Magazine 3-time creator on

      @Dag-Erling Smørgrav

      You can do that now -- just choose the megapack as your primary reward, but look at the ADD-ONS section and just increase your pledge by the amount necessary to include the limited edition trade paperback. The ADD-ONS are listed near the end of our Kickstarter frontpage, but we've also got them copied here (with instructions) so we can point people right to them:

    49. Dag-Erling Smørgrav on

      Would you consider adding a reward level which includes the megapack + the limited edition trade paperback?

    50. Missing avatar

      Frederic Bernard Jones on

      I emailed customer service a while ago, heard nothing.... then life happened and forgot to mail again. I emailed customer service a few days ago. I will email a few days ago. I will email customer service again now. Thanks for your help

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