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Smaller/Detachable Controller, Water Resistant, USB Rechargeable | All New 'S' Series Kits
S Kits are now in stock! You can order from our website.
S Kits are now in stock! You can order from our website.
488 backers pledged CA$ 70,421 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Czigány Gábor on

      i already a year of his I wait for my packet! :(

    2. Missing avatar

      Héctor Martínez on

      Greetings from Mexico, I filled out the survey and my order was sent on 7/28/2017 but until now, I have not received the order and I don't know where it is.

    3. LightMode Creator on

      Nico's case: shipment was delayed due to questions regarding shipping address. Issue has been long resolved via Customer Support.
      Joel's and Herdegen's cases: both have been taken care off by Customer Support.

    4. Missing avatar

      Herdegen on

      Hello, contacted you by mail, didnt get answer, my tracking mail was incomplet and yet no idea where my package is. Can you help me ?

    5. Missing avatar

      Joel Pratt on

      I didn't receive a tracking number and I filled out the survey. Did it not submit for some reason?

    6. Nico Del Rosario on

      I also didn't receive a tracking number?

    7. LightMode Creator on

      @Carter, when we open your Backer info, it shows "Survey not answered". So, we do not have the information to send your order yet, sorry.

    8. LightMode Creator on

      @Carter, when we open your Backer info, it shows "Survey not answered". So, we do not have the information to send your order yet, sorry.

    9. Missing avatar

      Carter on

      I did not receive an email for my order being shipped and I filled out the survey. Should I be worried my order was not shipped or just expect an email at a later time

    10. LightMode Creator on

      @Nico, the shipment of aqua EL tapes was supposed to be delivered on Friday, but it wasn't sorted in time so we're expecting them on Monday. We'll post an update as soon as we are able to test them.

    11. Nico Del Rosario on

      Update on Aqua Kits?

    12. Oschen Dsouza on

      I got mine it's amazing. It's time they start building kits for entire bikes and cars. Big market out there.

    13. Josh McGonagle on

      Moving forward, it may be a good idea to supply two different colors of string for mapping out the designs. I ended up buying parachute chord instead of using the string because I was having a hard time visualizing my two-color design with the same color string.

    14. Davik on

      An hour away from trying out my helmet at night. You should tell people to post their designs on your Facebook. Be cool to see everyone's.

    15. David Boston on

      @Lightmode I did remove everything from the box to make sure I wasn't overlooking anything, but still did not see any stickers. Yeah, I can use regular tape. Just an inconvenience, and wanted to make you aware for future reference.

      Thank you.

    16. LightMode Creator on

      @jett, Awesome! We're very glad to hear you are pleased with the final results :)

    17. Missing avatar

      jett on

      I am very pleased with the kit the controller was easy to use and the light wires are bright thank you lightmode

    18. LightMode Creator on

      @Jonas, We've shipped several orders to your home country over the years using this method and have never had a problem, so you should be okay. Your phone number was included on the shipping label in case your postal service needs to contact you. We had to opt for using postal service to avoid large shipping and brokerage fees for the international customers.

      @Michael, the white should appear brighter than the red, but our eyes our subjective, so try asking some friends or family members for their opinion. If you feel there is a problem, please send it back to us so we can inspect it and send you another set. We tested each EL wire/tape before shipment, so maybe something happened during shipping?

      @David, it should have been at the bottom of the box, under the user guide. If it's not there, send an email to so we can properly log this. Alternatively, if you don't want to wait, any regular tape will do. Apologies for any inconvenience we may have caused.

    19. David Boston on

      I got mine! Amazing product! My only concern is that I did not receive any of the stickers in order to hold the string and lights in place.

    20. Davik on

      Received mine: Proton S with red and white. Was hoping the white would be brighter than it is. Seems like the red is brighter than the white. Am I missing something?

    21. Missing avatar

      Jonas on

      I really appreciate that my reward has been shipped, but oh boy am I nervous about international shipping without tracking...

    22. Harold Isaacs on

      Oh boy oh boy oh boy..... I received my notice that my reward has been shipped.... thanks team.......can't wait.

    23. LightMode Creator on

      @Edward, our records show that it was sent to you via email. Maybe it went to your spam. Eitherway, you should still be able to access it via Kickstarter:

    24. Missing avatar

      Edward Michael Alvarez Guerron on

      I have checked everywhere for that survey and I dont believe I got it.

    25. LightMode Creator on

      @Marc, sorry for the confusion. It's very difficult to present the colors accurately due to camera white balance settings, ambient lighting, and the screen in which you view it on. We do not offer orange because we haven't found a manufacturer who can make one to our satisfaction. We've tested several from different sources, and all have a sort of "peachy" appearance when ON. If you scroll down about halfway on our campaign, you will see the color options and their relative brightnesses. Hope that explains things a bit. Sorry to disappoint!

    26. Michael on

      I have no idea which kit to select.

    27. Missing avatar

      Kermit Morrissey on

      I know this will be great I'll be the first in the area with my LightMode Helmet!!!!

    28. David Boston on

      @Michael Prey
      I feel the same way! no one has this in my area either. It's like being the person to start/discover a trend. lol

    29. Marc FLORA on

      I recieved the survey this morning and when I'm about to select the color of my future LightMode... WUT !? why orange is not here ? I pledge this campaign because I own a orange ER6-N and in your video présentation the orange color appears, also in a campaign picture.
      So, do you really create this color? why it's not present in the survey list?

    30. Davik on

      You guys are doing great things. Looking forward to getting mine because I know I'm the only one in my area to have one. Never seen anything like this. Also, a great way to be seen.

    31. Missing avatar

      Kermit Morrissey on

      Christmas In July!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    32. LightMode Creator on

      @Josh, Thanks!! We really appreciate that :)

    33. Josh McGonagle on

      Just checking in to say keep up the hard work and I can't wait to get these lights soon!

    34. LightMode Creator on

      @Nico, our monthly updates usually come out around the 10th of each month. Keep an eye out around then. Good progress has been made since the last update, just hang tight. We're working very hard to get your S kit to you as soon as humanly possible without sacrificing quality.

    35. LightMode Creator on

      @Abdul, we should have another update in the next day or so. Thank you for being patient thus far.

    36. Abdul Hadi on

      Its may already.... any update?

    37. LightMode Creator on

      @Josh, we got another update coming soon. Just keep an eye on the Updates tab above.

      @Matt, sorry to hear that! Kickstarter does not let anyone change pledges after the campaign has ended. Contact our support team and we'll see what we can do:

    38. Missing avatar

      Matt Palomaki on

      My LM helmet got wrecked in an accident and I already backed for the upgrade kit. Is there any way I can change my pledge to a full kit?

    39. Josh McGonagle on

      Did you guys get to start the molding process yet? It's getting warm out and the bikes are coming out! Can't wait to get my lights

    40. LightMode Creator on

      @Jonas, we got one coming up in the next day or so! Hang tight :)

    41. Missing avatar

      Jonas on

      When is the new update coming? It's been a month now since last time.

    42. LightMode Creator on

      @Logan, we have not collected shipping addresses yet on Kickstarter for that very reason. We will be collecting that information closer to shipment date ;)

    43. Missing avatar

      Logan Alexander Yeakel on

      Hey LightMode,
      I moved recently. How do I change my address on your page?

    44. LightMode Creator on

      @Michael, check the Updates section - we will be posting there roughly once a month or more if necessary. Our next one will up shortly.

      @Esch, we will send an email survey to request any information we need to deliver your reward closer to the shipping date. Survey questions will include shipping address, S Kit choice, and colors.

    45. Davik on

      How are things going?

    46. Missing avatar

      Esch on


      I just want to ask when and where to hand in the information which one I would like to take?


    47. Davik on

      How are things going?

    48. LightMode Creator on

      @Tabarric, Yes, it should work just fine.

      @Josh, For a future purchase on our website, just include a note when you checkout stating that you'd like to redeem your $20 USD credit, include your Backer # and Kickstarter name, and we'll refund $20 USD off your purchase.

    49. Josh McGonagle on

      @LightMode You mentioned something like a $20 discount to the first few backers. How will that be issued? I have the screenshot of the email with my backer number verification, I just don't know what to do with it.

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