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A non-zombie movie with zombies, our story follows a lovelorn young man's search for that special girl...and a little respect.
A non-zombie movie with zombies, our story follows a lovelorn young man's search for that special girl...and a little respect.
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Recent updates

We're thankful for you...


Hello everyone! The film is coming along better than we could have hoped. We've had a few speed bumps (nothing that we didn't anticipate but still a nuisance), but we've completed at least 70% of principal photography and the footage is outstanding. We will have at least a few more nights of filming, and possibly some additional shooting after we've fully assembled a rough cut of the movie. What we've edited together so far is looking really good so hopefully the additional shooting will be minimal.

For those of you who are still waiting on some of your rewards, we ask that you please be patient with us while we focus our efforts on completing the film first. Plus, the poster and lobby cards are dependent on the film itself so we want to wait to produce those. We have some great things in mind for those remaining rewards so we hope it will be worth the wait.

We're so thankful for your support and we can't wait to share the finished film with you in 2014!


Trevor, Matt, and Derek

Rewards have been sent!


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Rewards, casting, and other updates

Hello friends!

We've been in the trenches keeping the production moving forward and we've got lots of great updates to share with you!


We hit a few production snags with the rewards so we're sorry for the delay. The good news is that everything is ready now (except for the lobby cards & poster which won't be ready until after the movie is shot) and we'll begin shipping next week! You can see some shots below of the swag you'll be getting.


We auditioned some great actors and actresses, and found some inspired choices for the film. We've officially cast several of the roles, and are close to casting the others. We've been lucky to have our first choices for each role available to join the film. We can't wait to introduce you to the amazing cast over the next few weeks! 

With an impressive background in film, stage, commercials, and even voiceover work, Brad Picard is the first actor officially cast in Love is Dead! We're lucky to have him!

That's all for now, but we'll be back soon with some more news!

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How about an update?

Hello dear friends! We wanted to give a quick update on the project, and the rewards we'll be sending out soon.

Pre-production is coming along nicely. Here's some of our recent activity:

  • We completed the 6th draft of the script.
  • Storyboards have been created for all the major sequences in the film, and now we're working on the remaining storyboards for the bulk of the film.
  • Location scouting is going quite well. Almost too well. We have several choices for locations but we're still working out the logistics of which ones will be the best.
  • The casting net has been, well, cast and we're planning to hold auditions in April.

Now for the rewards update:

  • For those of you that pledged $25 or more please check your email for an important message from us. We need your shipping address so we can start getting rewards ready to ship.
  • For those of you that pledged $50 or more we'll need your preferred t-shirt size so we can get those printed. If we don't receive your size in time we'll try to accommodate your request but you will likely receive an XL shirt. Please respond by March 31, 2013.
  • Some items, like the HD copy of the film and the lobby cards, simply won't be ready until after the film is completed. You will still receive them but we wanted to be sure that you guys are made aware of the delay in receiving those rewards. They'll be worth the wait, we promise!
  • In the interest of getting rewards out on time we are putting a deadline of March 31, 2013 to receive your info. We'll do our absolute best to honor every reward but we don't want to postpone sending them because we're missing info from a handful of backers.

As always, follow us on Facebook or keep an eye out for these updates so you know what's going on with Love is Dead!

Thanks again for everyone's support!

Derek, Trevor, and Matt

Oh yeah...WE(YOU) DID IT!


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