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Miniturized version of the popular Le Potato SBC supported by mainline Linux and Android 8. Compact platform with excellent support.
Miniturized version of the popular Le Potato SBC supported by mainline Linux and Android 8. Compact platform with excellent support.
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La Frite vs Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+, New Rewards with WiFi and Bluetooth

Posted by Libre Computer Project (Creator)

Raspberry Pi Foundation recently announced the Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ to succeed their Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+ model. It comes with 512MB of RAM, quad-core CPU, 40-pin GPIO header, 1T1R dual-band WiFi + Bluetooth 4.2, HDMI, CVBS, and USB Type A port.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+
Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+

 For comparison sake we will list out the pro and cons in as neutral analysis as we can.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ Pros as compared to La Frite

  • Runs all existing Raspberry Pi software with minor modifications to the device-tree
  • CVBS/HDMI/MicroUSB Power maintains the same layout as the Pi 3 Model B+
  • MIPI CSI/DSI to utilize existing devices
  • Integrated Certified Dual-Band 1T1R WiFi AC + Bluetooth 4.2
  • MicroSD Card Slot (Non-UHS)

Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ Cons as compared to La Frite

  • Less RAM (512MB vs up to 1GB)
  • Slower RAM by significant margin (1.6GB/s LPDDR2 vs 3.4GB/s DDR4)
  • Hotter more power hungry SoC (40nm vs 28nm)
  • Funky layout with no "forward" and "backward" direction
  • Only 1 USB Port (vs 2 on La Frite)
  • No IR receiver
  • No eMMC for durable fast storage
  • No Ethernet port

Not to be outdone on the wireless front, we are currently in the works of designing a wireless mezzanine for La Frite, Le Potato, Tritium, and Renegade. It is a 2T2R Dual-Band model with Bluetooth 4.2. It should be vastly superior in range and performance to the module found in the Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+/B+. We will have it certified like all of our modules so easy integration with products. 

The work is expected to be completed at the end of December and mass produced in January. We have also started designing a durable polycarbonate case like that for Le Potato for fulfillment in January. We have added two reward levels to include these new items.

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    1. Mike Kasprzak on

      This is kinda rude.

    2. Missing avatar

      Thomas McKahan on

      The quality control of the last generation of RPi's (and peripheral "hats") has been discouraging, I still maintain that their best product was the RPi 2. I am a little curious as to when the idea to make the "little, but not Zero" RPi 3 occurred... My Le Potato works quite well, and the video decoder support is very nice, it puts it toward the front of the pack on all around capability.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ian Stephenson on

      All looking very interesting. What is the process for adding additional rewards?

    4. Missing avatar

      André Derrick Balsa on

      The "La Frite" has a vastly superior and open-source VPU (Amlogic Video Engine 10) compared to the outdated Videocore IV in all the RPi's.
      Also the RPi 3 A+ is the last RPi based on this generation of Broadcom silicon, so there is no compatibility going forward, not in terms of Raspbian, not in terms of the Linux kernel, and not in terms of 2D/3D graphics or video drivers. In other words, it's a technological dead-end.

    5. Missing avatar

      Alan Kirk on

      You missed one advantage of pi 3 a+ .. you can buy it now
      And it is small
      However I look forward to my delivery from you
      in ? Jan