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Liberti is a socially conscious brand that uses fashion as a platform to empower resettled refugees living in the US#Freetolivethedream

Liberti is a socially conscious brand that uses fashion as a platform to empower resettled refugees living in the US#Freetolivethedream Read More
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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on September 30, 2015.

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Liberti USA
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Liberti USA

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About this project

In America, there is a growing desire for products created by artisans that provide a sense of culture and deeper meaning. The current market is full of great brands making a difference in countries around the globe, but few are helping people right here in America that have needs, too. That’s why Liberti was created. We want to help transform consumers into socially conscious change makers—one purchase at a time. When you support the Liberti Kickstarter campaign, you’re supporting a one-of-a-kind, made in America model that blends the best of business and social impact investing by employing resettled refugees living here in our own backyard.

Our target market is all women in the United States who are seeking handmade, ethically sourced products that are sustainable and more distinctive than mass-produced ones. 

There is a growing desire for goods created by artisans with a sense of culture and deeper meaning. Today’s consumers want products that help or give back to the people and communities from where they were created or sourced.

Every year over 75,000 refugees leave their homelands and legally obtain their place in our country. Immediately, these newcomers are thrust into a new culture, a new way of life, newfound rights, and likely a new language—all while being expected to work and pay taxes like native-born US citizens. 

In a land created from immigrants and refugees, we’re proud that our country continues to provide a place for families fleeing war and persecution to rebuild their lives here in America. This is a constant reminder that our country is still a land of opportunity. But rather than create just another charity that offers one more hand out, we wanted to create a socially responsible company that gives its participants a hand up instead. Liberti’s goal is to help empower these women with the opportunity to make beautiful, handcrafted jewelry that would provide a living wage and the chance for them to share in the profits.

Liberti is a for-profit social business that embraces all refugees as an asset to our communities not only for the diversity they bring to our neighborhoods, but also the economic opportunities they create through their pursuit of the American Dream. Our Ultimate Kickstarter goal is to hire six “Liberti Creators” for our campaign launch. Our select Creators are refugees currently located in the Denver area that tend to be isolated due to their age, knowledge of English, and lack of confidence from years of persecution and living in fear. 

By pre-ordering through our Kickstarter campaign, you’ll receive your Liberti membership before anyone else in the world. You’ll also be the first to: see our Fall collection, help employ our first round of Liberti Creators, have a voice in empowering refugees all over the world, and help a startup bring a powerful idea to life.

We take care of our friends. Donate today and let us show you how we can make a difference in a refugee’s life.

Our mission is to ensure all US refugees have access to entrepreneurial opportunities to develop products and services that deliver exceptional value, unique innovation and shareholder opportunities for all.

Our vision is to empower all refugees in America with entrepreneurial opportunities and help them achieve the American dream by giving them a hand up in their new homeland. 

This isn’t just a dream or a whim to help ourselves get rich. Liberti is a genuine, socially conscious business created to help refugees, who come here legally, to live out the American dream. The jewelry has been designed, a website has been built, logistics have been vetted, accountants and lawyers have been enlisted, and oversight has been put in place. We are ready to hire and start making a difference for those that weren’t blessed to be born here in the U.S.

The initial feedback and support we’ve received from our network of friends, colleagues and business partners has been nothing short of overwhelming. (Who knew there was such a market for socially conscious, handmade jewelry that makes you feel as good as it looks?) Now we’re coming to Kickstarter to hire and empower these women with the skills and employment opportunities they need to better their lives and the lives of their families here in the U.S.

 It’s easy to forget that our country was founded by refugees fleeing persecution and hardships of their own. Liberti needs our fellow Americans to prove that this country is still a land of opportunity for those willing to work for it. Living out the American dream isn’t just for the privileged or those lucky enough to be born under a red, white and blue flag. We’re not looking to provide these refugees another handout. We want to provide our newest neighbors and friends a hand up. 

But we need your help to prove there’s enough caring people left in our country willing to support socially conscious brands and products that empower those who came here seeking a better life. We need your help to kickstart Liberti and show that an ethical fashion brand can make the statement that all lives matter here in America. Thank You!

Our minimum pledge goal of $68,447.41 will allow us to hire and train our first Liberti Creator, as well as purchase the raw materials needed to create each unique piece of jewelry. Our stretch goal of $205,342 will allow us to hire and train three Liberti Creators, as well as provide them with the raw materials they’ll need to start working. Our ultimate goal of $410,684 would be to hire, train and equip six women who are ready to work and start learning how important their skills are to the business.

With your help, Liberti love will spread across America. Thank you for your support!

Follow Liberti online at: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and on our website. 

Liberti is a socially conscious lifestyle brand that uses fashion as a platform to empower resettled refugees living in the US. Each piece is individually and meticulously crafted by hand with love and patience by our female Liberti Creators. Liberti Creators are not child laborers or indentured servants. They are fairly paid employees who live here in the US and are willing to share in the commitment and dedication it takes to make each Liberti piece a real work of art. After one year of working with us and learning about entrepreneurship, our Creators can become shareholders in the company and acquire further skills to help better themselves and support their families. As you’ll see with the launch of our Collection in the Fall of 2015, Liberti’s passion for handmade, elegant jewelry is matched only by our desire to help refugees seeking to create a better life in the US.

 1. Exactly where are the Kickstarter funds going?

As with any startup business, we’re always looking for friends, family and fans to help us along in our journey. We’ve come a long way in just over the past nine months, but we recognize that we still have an incredible fiduciary responsibility ahead of us. This responsibility looms not only for our KickStarter supporters, but for the amazing Liberti Creators who will be part of this company. All KickStarter funds will be going directly to hiring our Liberti Creators, training and funding our purchases of raw materials. KickStarter will help fund our initial launch phase which includes a tactical online marketing campaign, SEO, social media engagement focused on web sales leading up and through the holidays. Our funding for stage 2 would include a tactical plan targeting strategic boutique retailers in select markets across the country. Our funding for stage 3 would include a strategic marketing plan to target select "big box" retailers with a co-branded or private label model that fits our mission.

2. Who is responsible for managing, allocating and accounting for those funds?

Liberti has retained the services of Coet2 CPAs PC, a firm with 30 years experience in accounting, tax preparation and tax planning for individuals, corporations, partnerships, and fiduciaries. Our financial guide along the way has been Coet2’s CEO Frances Coet, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Valuation Analyst, and Certified Financial Planner® Practitioner. She has qualified as an expert witness regarding business valuations and income tax issues, planning and cash flow, and is a seminar leader on tax legislation, tax planning and record keeping for businesses. We love working with Fran and her team of wizards in Excel® and QuickBooksTM.

3. How are the refugees identified and how is their relationship managed by Liberti?

Liberti has partnered with several nonprofit agencies who provide support services, assimilation and needs assessments for newly arrived refugees. Our partners are a key resource for Liberti as we search to hire more Liberti Creators. They help us determine the women who would be a good fit for our company and learn more about their background and specific issues. We also have a very detailed application process that often requires translators to help us thoroughly vet potential candidates. We look to hire and invest in women who are: responsible, organized, self-starters, creative, quick learners, possess attention to detail, and interest in developing their skills to help grow the businesses.

4. How do people distinguish between refugees and undocumented immigrants?

An immigrant is someone who chooses to resettle in another country, but does not have the legal documents to seek residency and or citizenship. Refugees do not have the choice to remain in their home country. They have fled to save their lives. They run from war and persecution, often losing or leaving behind beloved family members along the way. Many refugees then spend years and sometimes decades in substandard refugee camps. Less than 1 percent of all refugees get the chance to leave a camp and resettle in the U.S., Canada, Sweden, Australia or another country that offers asylum. Every year, the U.S. welcomes over 75,000 refugees with the opportunity to legally obtain a place for themselves and their families in our country. Many of our refugees come from Nepal, Sudan, Iraq, Burma, Somalia or other poor or war-torn parts of the world. All Liberti Creators have come to the U.S. legally under the refugee asylum program. Our applicants must have a valid I-94 form and or (aka “green card”) to apply and become a Liberti Creator.

5. Do Liberti products come with some document confirming authenticity?

Yes, every piece comes with a signed card from the creator and features her story.

6. How does money from a purchase flow back to the refugee who made the piece?

Liberti is a social business that reinvests profits back into the company and its people. Our vision is to provide additional company-paid educational opportunities, 401K plan and profit sharing to all. We want to provide a path for success within Liberti so all can find their purpose and support within their new community and homeland. We want all Liberti Creators to be free to live the dream that we were so blessed to be born into.

Risks and challenges

Today in the U.S., there’s an unprecedented demand for handmade and artisan products in the gift, home and accessories markets. The current market is filled with brands and designers doing admirable work in third world countries to help empower families and lives abroad. Popular brands such as Toms and Me2We have proven wildly successful at helping consumers believe they are changing the world with their everyday purchases.

Liberti will capitalize on the good will and consumer behavior generated by these social pioneers, but with a different spin since our artisans are the poor and marginalized living right here in American. We will focus on creating fashionable accessories and jewelry that are already in demand, but provide a touch of culture and unique story behind each beautifully handcrafted piece.

Utilizing a strong team of marketers, strategists, industry designers and friends, Liberti has developed plans to help address the various hurdles of launching a new business in the highly competitive accessories market. But we also recognize we still have many steps and hurdles to conquer. Some of these hurdles include:
• Dependable supply chain partners to ensure we can meet our commitments
• Customer service to support initial demand from Liberti fans and rapid
exponential customer growth
• Strong operations and materials selection to ensure high quality standards
• Cultural and language barriers from a diverse workforce
• Retail partners for multi-year exclusive representation
• Sourcing sustainable product suppliers and distribution contracts in Asia
• Ensuring our entire supply chain supports and meets ethical and sustainable industry standards

If you think you can help us with our challenges, recognize a challenge we may have not addressed, or can add value to the Liberti mission, we’d love to hear from you. We welcome your questions, ideas and insights surrounding our launch. Feel free to reach out to us and join in on this exciting adventure to create a movement of social impact businesses that, together, can truly change the course of this country. Cheers!

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