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A 56-page comic anthology examining life, loss and love, set in a world where large portions of the population can't form new memories.
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A few hours from now a series of coordinated terror attacks will see a devastating biological weapon released at seemingly random locations around the world.

Nobody will notice until the day after tomorrow. 

 The biological agent affects the temporal cortex, causing victims to suffer a form of Advanced Anterograde Amnesia. This manifests as an inability to retain new memories beyond a sleep cycle. 

 Effects are permanent. 

 Today is the last day any of them will ever remember.


Cover by Skylar Patridge, with logo by Chris Kosek
Cover by Skylar Patridge, with logo by Chris Kosek


Welcome to Transience, a digital anthology set in a world where people in areas all over the planet have lost the ability to form new memories. 

Transience is a project that Ricardo Mo and I, and many of our talented friends, have been working on for well over a year. What began as a simple story idea that he emailed me one day would eventually become an anthology with contributors on three different continents and in six different countries. It's set in a world where biological attacks have left large swathes of the population with anterograde amnesia - the inability to form new memories. It's like 50 First Dates with less terrible Adam Sandler jokes and more existential crises. In the seven stories of Transience, we look at different people in different parts of the world as they deal with the effects of this at varying numbers of years after the event. 

The stories take place around the world, giving us an idea of how people in different places might deal with this life changing event. Each story features at least one creator from the country it's set in. So, the Australian story features an Aussie creative team, the Spanish story has a Spanish artist, etc. We were lucky enough to get folks like Ryan K Lindsay, Natasha Alterici, and Eric Grissom, and among others, to contribute a story and help bring the anthology to life. 

The contributing artists were all paid a small page rate, while the writers all donated their time. Because of that, any and all money we're raising is all going straight to the contributors. Everything we make from this Kickstarter, after fees, will be divided up among the writers, artists, and editors of this book, to help make sure that everyone gets at least a small portion of what they're worth. 

We're keeping things simple and going a digital only campaign - less hassle for us, less wait for you. All the stories are done, so once the Kickstarter campaign wraps, we'll be sending out PDFs immediately. You've got nothing to worry about here.

Below, you can see a page of each other stories, along with the creators responsible for bringing to life that part of Transience. 

 United Kingdom - Alberto Muriel (artist) and Ricardo Mo (writer)

 Australia - Mark Lauthier (artist) and Ryan K Lindsay (writer)

Spain - Bruno Hidalgo (artist) and Ben Kahn (writer)

Rural USA - Natasha Alterici (writer/artist)

USA - Will Perkins (artist) and Eric Grissom (writer)

Italy - Alex Diotto (artist) and Kristen Grace (writer)

Ireland - Cian Tormey (artist) and Sam Read (writer)

Risks and challenges

The entire anthology is already written, drawn, lettered, and put together, so the risk is essentially nonexistent. Unless one or both of us dies, or the UK or US descend into anarchy, we'll be ready to send out the digital copies as soon as the project is over and funded, making sure that our backers get their books with the least amount of fuss.

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