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pledged of $230,000pledged of $230,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jul 5 2013
pledged of $230,000pledged of $230,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jul 5 2013

Kickstarter campaign postpone - Campagne KS reportée

Posted by Lexis Numerique (Creator)

**** [Version française plus bas - French version below]******

Dear Everyone,

First of all, we want to thank you for your tremendous support over the past week. Many of you spread the word and we received almost 100 emails with proposals for help and very useful insight. We’re more than thankful for that.

On the other hand, we have to acknowledge that we haven’t planned the fund raising campaign well enough. Although a real progression has been made in the past days, it is very likely that we’re not going to reach our goals.

Therefore, we decided to cancel this Kickstarter campaign, taking effect today.

For those of you who pledged, this means that your pledges will be void and you won’t be charged.


As many of you already know, we have set up a Facebook page a few days ago. And the stats are amazing! We reached 4000 fans today (and even 4125), in less than 5 days! And the trend is really good.

This gives us a lot of hope and confidence in the project.

Therefore, we decided to relaunch a new Kickstarter campaign on Sept. 2nd 2012.

With your help, we’ll try to build the largest possible community. And we want to involve you in the way we prepare this new campaign.

On our Facebook page, we will constantly update you on the progress of the game, give you information about the features and take the time to listen to you. And of course, we will discuss with you how to do a better campaign on Sept. 2nd 2013

A sincere thank you for your tremendous support and generosity. We're not leaving, we're working much harder. And we stand by you!

The whole team (and please LIKE the page :-D )

**** Version française***********************************

Chers supporters,

Nous voulons tout d'abord  vous remercier pour le soutien extraordinaire que vous nous avez témoigné toute cette semaine. Beaucoup d'entre vous ont parlé de Taxi Journey à leurs proches et nous avons même reçu près d'une centaine de mail avec des propositions d'aide et des remarques et conseils très pertinents.

Malheureusement, nous devons constater que nous n'avons pas suffisamment bien planifié le lancement de la campagne Kickstarter. Malgré une très forte progression ces derniers jours, il est fort probable que nous n'atteindrons pas les objectifs que nous avons fixés.

Pour cette raison, nous avons décidé d'arrêter la campagne en cours, à compter d'aujourd'hui.

Pour ceux d'entre vous qui nous ont fait des promesses de dons, cela signifie que les promesses ne vous engagent plus et que vous ne serez pas débités.


Comme beaucoup d'entre vous le savent déjà, nous avons ouvert il y a quelques jour une page Facebook. Et les résultats sont fabuleux! Nous avons aujourd'hui dépassé les 4000 fans, et ce en moins de 5 jours! Et la tendance est excellente.

Ceci nous donnes un grande confiance dans le projet.

Pour cette raison, nous avons décidé de relancer une nouvelle campagne le 2 septembre 2013.

Avec votre aide, nous allons tenter de construire la communauté la plus grande possible autour de Taxi Journey. Et surtout, nous voulons vous impliquer dans la façon dont nous allons préparer cette nouvelle campagne.

Sur notre page facebook vous trouverez des mises à jours régulière sur notre état d'avancement et de nouvelles informations sur les caractéristiques du jeu. Evidemment, ce sera également le lieu pour dialoguer avec vous de façon à faire la meilleure campagne possible le 2 septembre prochain.

Et encore un énorme merci pour votre soutien et votre générosité. Nous ne partons pas, nous continuons de travailler encore plus dur, et nous savons que nous pouvons compter sur vous!

Toute l'équipe (et merci de LIKER la page :-D )


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    1. Missing avatar

      Aurélie on

      Hâte que septembre arrive :) bon courage à toute l'équipe, que l'été soit productif... on croit en vous !

    2. Justin on

      Yup, I'll be back too. I guess what I don't get about canceling early is when a KS project doesn't fund it goes into canceled status. canceled = canceled.

      @Lexis - be sure to post an update to this canceled project when you start the next project so we all get a reminder notice!

    3. Jeff Stewart on

      yeah its definetly a roller coaster watching a project you really want crawl back out of the dark at the end. that being said this game is definetly one that i want to see get completed and i will be back in september to support again. good luck on gaining more followers.

    4. Loic Chambard on

      We'll be there in September.
      Keep working on it, the project looks amazing !!

      Courage et à bientot :)

    5. Lexis Numerique 2-time creator on

      @ Flavio @ Buster kitten
      Merci les amis, on reçoit vraiment beaucoup de mails d'encouragement - ça fait super plaisir et ça nous booste!

    6. Lexis Numerique 2-time creator on

      @Justin @Jeffrey
      We know you really backed us hard and we don't want you to be disappointed.
      You're both right on the fact that it was possible but it was statistically really hard - we believed the stakes here are too high for us to take that risk. That said, we're NOT quitting - we're working really hard and we'll be back on KS on Sept. 2nd. In the meantime, we want to discuss with you guys. For instance, one thing that we heard a lot are questions about the platforms (Vita, Wii U...), among other thinns. We want to take this opportunity to involve you more in our decisions. We'll organize a little poll soon and you're more than welcome to give your thought :-D.

    7. Justin on

      Exactly! Another one is my current avatar. Hunters of Arcfall. That one was small but all the same they did more then half on the last day! It was an insane roller coaster.

    8. Jeff Stewart on

      @Justin. a perfect example of a kick starter that gained right at the end is armikrog. they still needed about 300000 with just a few days left and they gaing almost 60000 MORE then what they needed. you can never estimate the final push. they even asked supporters, if they had the funds, if they would be willing to pitch in a extra twenty. which i gladly did for a game i really wanted to play.

    9. Justin on

      Ah well. Just FYI, I've seen projects gain 2/3 of their goal in the last two days and make it. Food for thought.

    10. Flavio Perez on

      Bon courage ! Le projet à l'air super beau et super prometteur !!
      À la rentrée donc ! On sera là :D

    11. William David on

      On se voit à la rentrée donc.
      Bon courage pour les nouveaux préparatifs !

    12. Lexis Numerique 2-time creator on

      @Wild@x. Hi Wild, we really work hard, but we are realistic. When you look at the data of all the successful campaign, if 20 to 30% of the sum if not raised in 3 to 5 days, the campaign is a failure. We're curently at 5%. We don't want to invlove hundreds of people in the last days and end up failing.

      The progression that we have those last days is really good, but when you look at the figures and try to project them, it shows a maximum reach of about $130K, which is way above the initial goal.

      When we launched the campaign, too few people heard about it. That's the ONLY reason why we plan to reschedule. And believe us, it's not something easy to do. But we really want to be as transparent as possible in this situation.

    13. Wild@x on

      Would be better continue until the natural end, unless there are other reasons.