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Grab some friends and fight your way through a long-since abandoned cyberpunk city in this Co-op ARPG.
Grab some friends and fight your way through a long-since abandoned cyberpunk city in this Co-op ARPG.
470 backers pledged $51,200 to help bring this project to life.

Where do we go from here?

It's been one week since our Kickstarter success! And it's been a super busy one for us. We're working hard to make sure everything is in order financially, aligning everyone internally to move forward once again on development, and also doing our fair share of celebrating! To bring you guys up to speed on what we plan on for the near future, here's the run down.

All backers whose payment went through will get an email some time soon requesting any relevant reward info. Address, shirt size, etc. Take another look the reward tier fulfillment dates and notice they're all over the place depending on when in development we anticipate it might be ready. Those dates are what you should follow for those various rewards. The earliest ones are the shirts and prints for November 2012.

Soon we will be transitioning our primary news outlets out of Kickstarter. Our site will get a revamp to include much of the Project Lodus info you've seen here and we'll be making room for a Leviathan news blog that will function pretty much exactly like these Kickstarter updates have. And in addition to that, we'll be creating a newsletter list to keep everyone up to date on these vital updates. Of course our Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr will continue to operate and are another great place to stay on top of what we're doing.

Founder's Club on our forums is still being prepared. Game development took a major backseat to Kickstarter marketing the past couple months, so as we ramp up development again, we'll be able to populate special areas like that and open it up to those that backed at that tier. Stay tuned for more info on that.

Some people have been asking if we would be able to offer another avenue for backing Project Lodus, and maybe offering some rewards there. That seems like a great plan, but we need to figure out the logistics of it. If we can do it, we'll let everyone know asap!

One thing that we learned through the massive Kickstarter push is that staying socially active on the web, even for a small company like ours, is a big undertaking! It's something we love to do, but it's a big time suck. We are committed to staying in touch with our fans and never going completely dark, so that's not going to happen. Be aware though that as we begin to use the money you all have so awesomely given to us, we'll be working hard and be less active on our social networks. Know that our occasional silence means we're working that much harder to make Project Lodus amazing for you guys. We're working out the best way to make sure that despite our intense schedule we still connect with all of you so stay tuned on this as well. For now, the forums are still the best way to be a part of the community. We check it daily!

Last but not least, we randomly picked the 10 Project Lodus tshirt winners from our 470 backers today! Emails will be sent to each of you soon. Names shown as they appear on Kickstarter.

Joshua Villines
Kyle Cahill
Addie Lucas
Todd Nation

Thanks again to each and every one of you!

-Leviathan Interactive


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    1. Will Ayers on October 2, 2012

      Uh yeah... Me either... I also noticed that my name wasn't on that list. Must have been a typo. - I understand these things happen. So I'll be expecting a shirt, right? You guys bought that? :-)

    2. Missing avatar

      Kyle Cahill on September 21, 2012

      Hey, I don't believe I got an email from you guys about the t-shirt thing. Other than that, Thanks and Great Job!

    3. Miles Matton
      on August 24, 2012

      I really like it when projects continue to post on kickstarter, even if it's just a link to the post on their own site. With the number of projects I've backed keeping up with them all is a lot easier if I can just go to one place (my activity feed) and read through all the updates.

    4. Leviathan Interactive, LLC Creator on August 24, 2012

      We don't want to put anyone out if we can help it, and I can understand if there's a precedent set by other games we might throw you off, but is this really the first time we've thrown you for a little loop? ;) We're interested in your opinion and feedback, but our concern is twofold: 1) How long is this area of Kickstarter going to be around and fans active on it? 2) We would like to build up our own web identity apart from Kickstarter and also have everything in one place. To keep referring interested parties to check out our Kickstarter a year after the fact seems strange. But maybe we're just weird.

      Doesn't Kickstarter function just like a blog with an email notification for each post? That's how we plan on doing it. And you won't get double notifications because we'll stop posting here. We didn't anticipate this rocking the boat that much, but we'd appreciate if most people are ok with this because it gives us a lot more freedom to do exactly what we want with our news and keep track of it in a more detailed way.

      Last note: If all you want is the main bulletpoint news, our blog will continue to be that. The forums will have most of that information as well, but are for more in-depth discussion and community hanging out. So no need to make an account there if you don't want to.

      Thanks for your feedback, guys. Keep it coming and keep it civil.

    5. Steve Lipinski on August 22, 2012

      They way I look at it, if you have genuine interest in the game and want to find out more then subscribe to the forums and check it whenever you get around to it. It's not like it costs you anything and a minor inconvenience for you is a huge game changer for them. Kickstarter isn't an all encompassing thing where they are anchored to it for the entirety of the game. Keep in mind that they have way more control on their own forums because they are running them, not to mention no editing abilities through Kickstarter. If you pledged to support them, great, if you want to find out more after the fact then click open a forum, it'll take you seconds. If you want to be close minded and not want to subscribe or be bothered to check it, then don't.

    6. Missing avatar

      Lukas Daniel Klausner
      on August 22, 2012

      Please keep posting on Kickstarter. I have not interest whatsoever in registering in yet another forum or getting yet another newsletter.

    7. rooster on August 22, 2012

      Sweet thanks guys!

    8. Leviathan Interactive, LLC Creator on August 21, 2012

      @Victor Would the proposed newsletter be sufficient for you? We certainly don't expect everyone to stalk our forums on a daily basis, but we never intended on keeping our blog going on Kickstarter for the entirety of Project Lodus' development. Maybe that's not status quo, though. Then again, we are different than most, being that we're so early on and not funding the entire development here.

    9. victorvusa on August 21, 2012

      "...transitioning our primary news outlets out of Kickstarter."

      I hope this statement means that Leviathan Interactive will still occasionally post news here at Kickstarter, rather than go silent here. As someone who pledged on 31 projects, most of which have been games, I find difficulty in locating time to login so many different forums to keep track of how things are progressing. Further updates (bimonthly perhaps?) in Kickstarter would be appreciated. Thank you.