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Charge or sync your phone and tech devices on the go. The CableKit is effortless to carry so it’s always there when you need it.
Our campaign has ended but we will soon be continuing to crowdfund on Indiegogo in-demand. Link coming soon.
Charge or sync your phone and tech devices on the go. The CableKit is effortless to carry so it’s always there when you need it. Our campaign has ended but we will soon be continuing to crowdfund on Indiegogo in-demand. Link coming soon.
922 backers pledged $28,996 to help bring this project to life.


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CableKit - Ultra Portable USB Cable & Adapter by Lever Gear



Not Just Another Cable

We are rarely without our phones, and maybe a few other devices, but the charging cable is an afterthought. We’ve all experienced that feeling of dread when we’re expecting an important call or following directions while our phone battery is ticking down from 4%, 3%, 1%... Phone cables are ubiquitous yet there never seems to be one around when you really need it. “Key chain” cables are still fairly cumbersome on your key ring and are often cheaply made resulting in a slow charge—if they work at all. That’s why we created the  CableKit™ . 

What is the  CableKit™?

CableKit™  is an ultra-portable case for your USB or iPhone charging and data cable, equipped with an adapter of your choice to charge your other devices or a friend’s phone. Its patent pending design includes a handy SIM card removal tool and even has a small storage compartment to hold up to 2 micro or nano SIM cards, or micro SD cards (not included). 

Ultra Portable, Uniquely Versatile.

CableKit™ is small enough to keep comfortably on your keychain and is also designed with a pocket clip so it stores securely in your pockets or bags—perfect for travel or everyday carry. It’s so easy to carry, you don’t even have to think about it. It’s always with you. 

Charge or Sync Your Devices on the go.

Connect your devices to your computer to sync files or use any USB power source such as a power bank, car USB port or wall adapter to charge them on the go. 

Swap SIM Cards or Store an Extra SD card.

That little silver thing isn't a fancy toothpick. (Though it could be.) It's a SIM card eject tool that tucks away securely in your CableKit so you'll never misplace it. The Kit even has a hidden compartment that stores up to 2 micro or nano SIM cards making it the perfect travel companion. 

About the Cable

The CableKit comes with either a USB A to micro USB-B or USB A to Lightning cable that provides both data and charging functions. It has a unibody TPE over-mold construction so you don’t have to worry about tears at the cable/connector interface. It’s designed to be durable, yet flexible enough to accommodate different charging positions without harming your device. 

Is it “Fast Charging”?

The cable is fast charge compatible. The actual speed of charging is determined by your device and power source. The cable has both data and charging wires so your device can request the optimal current draw and uses 24AWG wires for charging to provide a faster charge than standard after-market cables that use 28AWG charge wires. 

Mr. Science Fun Fact! - The charge speed of a cable is related to the current which is limited by the electrical resistance of the cable assembly. Thicker wires of shorter length means less resistance in the wires. Think of water flowing through a short, wide pipe vs. a long narrow pipe. Which flows faster? The same is true for electrical current. 

Configure CableKit to meet your needs. 

Your CableKit can be configured to suit the devices you use most. Simply choose the right combination of cable and adapter to fit your needs. You will be able to pick your cable and adapter after the campaign ends when we send out the surveys.

Standard Cable - Like it or not, micro-b connectors are on most small electronic devices today. The micro-b cable forms the foundation of the standard charging configuration. Simply choose the adapter you use most to charge your phone and other devices. 

Lightning Cable - Do you love your iPhone and all things Apple? Choose the lightning cable and then pick a micro-B or USB-C adapter for your other devices.

Stretch Goal #1 - Lightning Cable.    UNLOCKED!  

Stop the presses! Didn't we say the lightning cable would be unlocked at $30k? We did. But we heard from a lot of our backers who really wanted this option so we've decided to just go for it. You asked and ye shall receive. (or something like that) 

We've got some other stretch goals in mind but we'll need to raise a few more ducats before we release those so please keep sharing. 

Rewards AKA Pledge Levels.

For supporting our campaign you get... CableKits. The only question you have to decide on at this point is "how many?" Simply choose the pledge level that best matches the number of CableKits you want. 

If you want to get a different number of CableKits than listed in the pledge levels, just pledge for the level below what you want and increase your pledge by the per unit amount noted in the reward level description. For example, if you want 6 CableKits pledge $63 (plus shipping) at the 4-pack reward level ($10.50 x 6). 

A few things to note:

1. You will pick your cable and adapter options after the campaign when we send out the survey. 

2. If you get multiple CableKits they don't have to all be the same so you can have different combinations of cables and adapters for the different kits. 

3.  Somehow we did the math wrong for the "Gifts for the Gang" 10 pack and only listed it at $92 (instead of $95). Our muff is your $3 gain. However, if you want to add a few extras, please add $9.50 per additional CableKit (plus shipping). 

4. If you do add a few extra CableKits above your reward level, we discovered that Kickstarter likes to put the extra money towards shipping. Please be aware that you will need to pay the appropriate shipping for your location so be sure it's included in your pledge amount. 

Finally, you may have noticed the Tech Team pledge level includes an optional logo or message printed on the case of your CableKit. We think these would make great corporate gifts for your team or customers. See the image below for reference. The printing will be in one color in the area shown. 

What About Add-ons?

We’ve got you covered. Add-ons are super simple for this campaign. 

After the campaign, you will have a chance to add on any Lever Gear product at 20% off retail price when you complete your survey. This is our way of saying thank you for believing in us. Here’s how it works: We use a service called BackerKit to fulfill pledges. When we are ready to fulfill orders, we will send you a link to a survey where you can select your cable and adapter options, verify your shipping address, and (optionally) add more funds to shop for Lever Gear products at the special 20% off discount. Please note, all rewards will ship together when we fulfill the CableKits. 


January - June - Design, Prototyping and Testing.

June 18 - Production Tooling Turned On.

June 20 - July 20 - Kickstarter Campaign

August - First articles, Testing, Certification, Adjustments if needed.

September - Production Run and Assembly

October - Kickstarter fulfillment

November - All Kickstarter orders shipped.

Lessons Learned and a Plan for Success

This is our third Kickstarter project and perhaps the 20th product our founder and design engineer, Mike Scully, has helped bring to market. In manufacturing, particularly when you’re pushing the limits of design, things can (and likely will) go wrong, cost more, and take longer than expected. 

This lesson was reinforced during our last campaign where we introduced two complicated products simultaneously—the BitVault and BitLight. We decided to launch both products together because they shared some common components and we thought our backers would like seeing both options side by side. In hindsight, launching two products of this complexity proved to be beyond the resources of our small company. 

For those unfamiliar with our last campaign, we successfully brought the BitVault to market, and it was well received by our backers. The BitLight, however, proved to be a moving target in terms of technology and cost making the product non-viable. 

In the end, we made the difficult decision to cancel BitLight production and refund our BitLight backers. We have also pledged to give all BitLight backers a complimentary CableKit. We want our backers to be confident that—even if we can’t deliver on our original plans—we will do everything we can to be transparent and to make it right. 


  • Stick with simpler products until we have the resources to take on bigger challenges. 
  • Make sure all of the major technical, regulatory, and cost questions are answered before launching a campaign.
  • Understand how changes in the market can potentially affect our product.  
  • Be very conservative with the timeline. Then add in a buffer. Strive to under promise and over deliver.

Our Kickstarter launch for the CableKit addresses all of the lessons we learned from our prior projects. We’re not inventing some brand new technology here. We’re making a cable using tried and true methods with high quality components. Our innovation is configuring those components in a smart, useful, and novel way. Our manufacturing partner in China is first and foremost a cable company with a second core competency in injection molding small parts. In other words, this product is right in their wheelhouse. 

Our Cable Manufacturing Facility - Testing Room
Our Cable Manufacturing Facility - Testing Room

We’ve spent the past six months iterating on the design, prototyping, and testing our concepts. We’ve covered the gamut on design ideas and feel we’ve struck the right balance of portability, usability, cost, and design. We’ve worked closely with our manufacturer to minimize any technical design challenges and ensure a high likelihood of production success. And, we also have a thorough understanding of the remaining development and parts costs.

Testing an early prototype.
Testing an early prototype.

We have been playing with the prototypes for weeks, and after showing them to friends for feedback, we've gotten an overwhelmingly positive response. We feel confident that this will be a great product. We're so confident in fact that we have even taken the step to begin production tooling now. This means tooling should be completed shortly after the campaign ends, which is great for our timeline. Our Kickstarter campaign will give us the funds to wrap up any legal issues and place our first production order. As always, our Kickstarter backers are the key to our success and we thank you for your support.

Risks and challenges

The cable design is fairly straightforward, but we will thoroughly test the production parts to make sure there are no weak spots. We may find areas where we need slight modifications to the design which could move back delivery.

The regulatory and certification process is a bit nebulous and we are not experts in this area. We have help and we will do our best to stay ahead of the curve in terms of compliance rules for different countries. Our manufacturer does have experience with cable certification and will assist us but any delays or unforeseen snags in that process can push back the delivery.

We’re running a small business with a small team. A successful Kickstarter launch will give us all the funds we need to complete and fulfill this project and buy additional inventory. However, unexpected business expenses that hurt our business cash flow could delay fulfillment.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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    Tech Traveller

    1 Lever Gear CableKit. Save 25% off estimated retail price. Always be prepared to charge or sync your devices. Choose your adapter after campaign on the survey. Add $11 to pledge for additional CableKits.

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    Four For the Family

    4 Lever Gear CableKits. Save 30% off estimated retail price. Your family will have no more excuses not to call. Choose options on post campaign survey. Add $10.50 for additional CableKits.

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    Pledge US$ 92 or more About US$ 92

    Gifts for the Gang

    Get 10 Lever Gear CableKits. Save 35% off estimated retail price. Perfect stocking stuffers for friends and family. Add $9.50 for each extra CableKit.

    • 10× CableKit
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    58 backers
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    Pledge $900 or more About $900

    Tech Team

    Get 100 Lever Gear CableKits at our largest discount. Save 40% off estimated retail price. Great for corporate gifts to your team or customers. Have your logo or text printed on the case (optional). Add $9 for each extra CableKit.

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