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A strategy video game of Near Future Corporate Espionage! Investigate, plan missions, hire operatives, and dominate your competitors!
A strategy video game of Near Future Corporate Espionage! Investigate, plan missions, hire operatives, and dominate your competitors!
1,065 backers pledged $36,066 to help bring this project to life.

The War Room Is Funded! POLL: Next Stretch Goal?

Posted by Level Zero Games (Creator)

The War Room Funded!

We did it! You pushed us up to the $25k mark! I cannot say it enough, thank you to every one of you backers!

Now this brings us to the next stretch goal, decided by YOU! The winner will be added if the Kickstarter hits $32,000, and the other will be added if the Kickstarter hits $38,000!

Before we get to voting, here's a breakdown on The Feed and Mobile Ops.

The Feed

The Feed makes the operatives more talkative! The operatives get a twitter-style private feed, where they’ll log missions, activity, and a whole slew of posts about whatever is on their mind! It could be fallout from a recent event, thoughts on another operative (based on their traits or their loyalty to each other), a happy comment on something they bought for their apartment, excited reactions to headlines or world events, or just the idle musings inspired by their traits or situation. This also includes “barks” for the operatives during missions, short comments or quips that they’ll pop up as they run the gauntlet of plots in your missions!

While it’s not as much as Mobile Ops, building a dynamic phrase system and providing enough variations in text, plus providing extra text for most events/missions/traits/etc, combinations of those, and for every new content update is a pretty massive undertaking. Even dynamic phrasing (“I hope [broker] breaks out the [asset: weapon]s for our next run!”) gets old fast, so it’ll take quite a volume to keep the same thing from showing up too often, give them the appropriate range of reactions, and tailor the language for different personality types.

Mobile Ops

Mobile Ops makes the operatives mobile, increasing their autonomy and gives them more options for what to do outside of work (and during!). They can engage other operatives to hang out, have more options for activities to engage on (preferences determined by their traits), get involved with their circles, can go “deep cover” and operate independently, and possibly do some work of their own on the side...

With this, Mobile Ops also increases your interactions with the operatives, instead of simply directing their training and picking gear, you can set policies on night-jobs, offer raises or pay cuts, set up procedures for deep cover, and a whole new set of events that trigger between the broker and operatives like company retreats, requests for help, cutting you in on side deals, and more!

The second major component is a major upgrade to the Canon Generators. Instead of a simplistic form, the generators will be small programs in their own right, upgraded and expanded as new content and features are added to the game! Because they’re standalone programs, they can be updated like software with the content packs, giving you instant access to the latest features, traits, industries, and more. With these new generators, it will streamline the process of implementing backer content on my end, allowing us to collect and update your creations more frequently.

The “mobile phone” portion of Mobile Ops is a free application that ports the Canon Generators to Android and iPhone (and web), and a small portion of the operative simulation, allowing players to create and tweak different characters and companies, and to follow them with the engagement brokers tend to have with operatives (assign training, side jobs, etc).

Note that the phone game is just a small portion of the full game, and none of the bigger economic simulations or missions (the side jobs all being “off camera”). The core Net Gain game has all of those features, generators, and much much more on the trusty desktop! It’s mainly a way to give players a new platform to play around with the generators and have some of that “tamagotchi” fun of the core game, to bring a part of your Net Gain game with you on the go!

Another key aspect is offering a free taste of the Net Gain world to a whole new group of players. That means more people contributing to the community and getting interested, which means more people buying the core game, which means more development time, which means more core game for everyone!

Go here to vote on the Next Stretch Goal Poll!

Stretch Goals and Production Time

In the most literal sense, stretch goals are buying extra development time for the set of features mentioned. Much like the core game, many elements of the stretch goals can be included earlier on in production in their base form, and expanded as development continues.

While this may pad out that vague “1.0” date to a slightly later point, the bulk of development will usually still fall after that marker. The game’s overall “completeness” will still develop at the same rate and you’ll still be playing the game as it develops, but where I previously would have run out of funds for development, I can instead keep adding content and features! 

This is a project I want to continue to develop for a long time, well past 1.0. Stretch goals (and future sales) will keep the content coming!

Calling on the Syndicate (That's You)!

Thank you again for getting us to $25k! I'm really excited for the next stretch goal, and hopefully my efforts at GDC will get us the press we need for that traditional "end of Kickstarter" spike. 

Of course, I can't do it alone! Spread the word, tell your friends, share us on facebook/twitter/reddit/etc, email the blogs and tell them about Net Gain: Corporate Espionage! We've got one week left, so let's get it out there!


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