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A strategy video game of Near Future Corporate Espionage! Investigate, plan missions, hire operatives, and dominate your competitors!
A strategy video game of Near Future Corporate Espionage! Investigate, plan missions, hire operatives, and dominate your competitors!
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$25+ Pledgers get the Net Gain Soundtrack!

Posted by Level Zero Games (Creator)

Good afternoon, Brokers!

Richie Palys has been hard at work making music for the game, and after quite a few requests we've added the soundtrack to the rewards! 

Anyone who pledges $25(Power Player) or higher gets the soundtrack! Just like the game itself, the soundtrack is still being produced, and anyone who gets the soundtrack will get each new track in a high-quality download! Any other goodies that we think you might be interested in (e.g. unreleased demos) we'll add to the reward!

Richie Palys: "Hey fans of Net Gain! It humbles me to be know that people out there are enjoying my music. It makes me only more motivated to put out the best stuff for fans of the game. Truly, writing music for videogames is my dream and I'm living it right now thanks to Level Zero Games giving me this opportunity. I hope you enjoy the next tune we released and stay updated!"

We've included three tracks below, "Cityscape", "Company Man", and the newest track of tense thinking music, "Tradecraft"...

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    1. Richie Palys on

      Hi Guys! Firstly, I'd like to thank you all for supporting Net Gain as well as listening to my music. I'm very open to constructive criticism. Allow me to start off by explaining my vision for the OST. The Net Gain OST is going to be built like any other album; a certain amount of tracks, each track with a beginning and end. With that said, nothing is going to be looped on the album, so each song has a composed beginning and end. What you hear on the album might not be presented in the game the same way. Under certain circumstances, a song on the album may have a looped section in the game in order for it to fit the vibe. So essentially, what you hear on the tracks we're posting might not be exactly what we put in the game.

      Rob Hamilton: I appreciate the critique. You seem to have a focused ear for listening to music. I agree with you on the 2:30 and on part, I feel like it could use some revision. Thanks for pointing that out. What I wanted was to have the song be completed but I feel like it needs to be smoother. Company Man is the same way with the ending. I wanted it to have a definite ending for the OST, so keep that in mind because the ending part may not be looped in the game. As for Tradecraft, I know you said you might feel a bit anxious while listening to it but I think you'll appreciate the vibe once you're in the game and understanding where the song it placed. I'm glad you enjoy it!

      MaryBeth: I appreciate your view! I believe that the way we loop the tracks in the game will set a great vibe for the game. Also, these tracks are kind of demos. They aren't demos unless we find a way to make them better, and in this case we have found many ways to set the mood better. So keep sending constructive criticism to help us make this game even better!

    2. Missing avatar

      MaryBeth on

      I think it makes sense to wait for the game is out before we make judgements as to what music will make us feel what at whatever times. We don't know what scenario will feature what music. And I think it's safe to say these are demos? rather than completed tracks? Their purpose being to tantalize and tease us, leave us curious and wanting more. And in that case, well done.

    3. AngoraFish on

      Cityscape totally kicked arse... real chill, mellow, euphoric groves. I would totally buy the album... until around 2.30 when it fell apart, completely breaking me out of my zone with off key notes and off beat silences. In game music tracks work best where they stay in background. Bear in mind that someone playing the game for 20 our 30 hours might have to listen to this thousands of times, and we want to be gaming in the zone, not distracted by the ambiance. Incredible work up to 2.30 though.

      Company Man is great as well, although I notice that you couldn't resist finishing out the last 20 seconds with off-beat static, which once again does break the mood. There's a bit of cheerful whimsy in this, which for me makes it a good choice for my "thinking" track.

      Tradecraft was certainly tense, although the base line feels more anxiety inducing to me, like I'm hacking a computer against the odds and on the edge of being caught at any moment. If I'm simply "thinking", I'd prefer something a bit more mellow, melodic and cheerful that I can metaphorically tap my foot to while I stare off into space, without worrying that someone might be about to mug me at any moment. As a whole, this is the most complete of the three. I'd suggest slotting into "calm before the storm" situations. It would also work well as a lead-in to a track that significantly picks up the tempo as a combat sequence kicks in.

    4. Steven Brown on

      Cityscape alone made me up my pledge :D
      Its fun to remix them since they'll all play at the same time too.