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Stop pretending sticks and cardboard tubes are an adequate substitute for swords. Start dueling and keeping score with Sabertron.
Stop pretending sticks and cardboard tubes are an adequate substitute for swords. Start dueling and keeping score with Sabertron.
Stop pretending sticks and cardboard tubes are an adequate substitute for swords. Start dueling and keeping score with Sabertron.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Victor Erosa about 19 hours ago

      Total refund. We don't want "credit" for junk we didn't back, or an "eventual" release what was originally promised which we have no reason to believe will ever happen. Man up, admit you bit off more than you could develop, refund us, and move on.

    2. Joseph Bullock-Palser on

      If anyone needs his address for filing court documents, here it is.

      David M Lynch
      6415 Tracton Court
      Austin, TX 78739-1400

      If you need to contact him at work, here is his info.

      Advanced Micro Devices
      7171 Southwest Pkwy
      Austin, TX 78735
      Tel: +1 512-602-1000

      I only put this here as a way to help legal teams to find and issue summons and any other legal remedies. I do not condone or encourage anyone here to harass him.

    3. Daryl McLaurine

      Ditto. Ether refund IN TOTAL, Or deliver what I paid for. I don't want "multiple sets" of crap, I want the promised product, or my money back.

    4. Missing avatar

      Chris Lim on

      Every update has been on a product that we did not back. I am tired of hearing about your Sabertron One, that is still not in production any way. It has been over 4 years, there is no sight of the original product, and we haven't been given any idea if our original pledges will ever be fulfilled.

      I want what I had pledge for (Blackout edition), not using that as credit to buy some pale comparison. If you can't deliver that, then refund our pledge. We never pledged for Sabertron Ones.

    5. Joseph Bullock-Palser on

      You promised us refunds. Now you are changing it again. We don't want your swords. We don't want to wait years before you (if ever) make good on the deal.

    6. LevelUp 2-time creator on

      Daryl, those who paid for the Grandmaster sets will be able to order multiple units of Sabertron One from multiple production batches until your pledge is fulfilled, and since they all work together, you can have a big melee. Or, you can save part of your pledge credit toward the eventual original KS reward product. And, KS backers will always have the jump on any new gaming systems we develop and other original KS perks, forever. You deserve it.

    7. Daryl McLaurine

      Why are you not answering the questions?

    8. Daryl McLaurine

      What about those of us who paid for the Grandmaster sets?

    9. LevelUp 2-time creator on

      We had to step away recently to work on non-Sabertron work, but we are back! Pilot production of about 100 swords will be completed this week, and we will send out an update as that finishes to share the results of the process. Next step, mass production...

    10. Missing avatar

      Matthew Brodie

      Yeah, at this point, I'm also in the refund camp. I've got no desire for the Sabertron One and i'll drop money on a couple of the real sabers, if they ever get manufactured.

    11. Russ Caslis on

      It's been exactly one month since the last update. Back on 7/13/17, there was a promise to "send out campaign updates approximately every two weeks until the project is done". That was in the same update that promised to "to start fulfilling rewards by the end of the year".

      I know things happen, and I'm happy the project hasn't been abandoned. I know how hard bringing a new product to life can be, and I'm aware of how difficult design plus creating a manufacturing pipeline can be from nothing. But unfulfilled promises lead to mistrust.

      FYI, we passed the 4 year mark since funding a couple of weeks back.

    12. That Blasted Samophlange on

      Still waiting on info for my #refund.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Lane on

      OH look, a simpler Sabretron that will actually work (and more likely to ship...)

    14. David on

      Here we are again with the unsurprising delays. First was the 4 year wait for this abhorrent bastard of what we originally backed, then the failure to keep to the promised two week update schedule, and finally here we sit now almost two months behind the proposed production schedule. I want my money back as much as anyone else here who is utterly disgusted by this sham of a project, but if things keep going the way they are, we will probably never see a refund because sabertron one will never get the production needed, just like the original sabertron.
      Stop with the empty promises and the techno-filler in your updates and give us real, meaningful updates when you actually make some significant progress. It seems many of us are just suffering these updates to see if we’re any closer to getting our money back, and those who are interested probably don’t want their time wasted with mediocre “we put three screws together over the last month, hooray us!” updates.

    15. Daryl McLaurine

      "BLACKOUT: A pair of Limited Edition Blackout Collector's Lightswords with color-changing blades & LCD touch screen. This version adds all of the features from the Grandmaster Series PLUS blackout effects and a special purple color profile for the health meter and blade to emulate a black light effect. Individually numbered with a certificate of authenticity. Includes BONUS custom naming on the handle and signed limited edition Sabertron Kickstarter poster."

      Am I getting this? If not, REFUND!

    16. Daryl McLaurine


    17. Missing avatar

      Craig McGill on

      On the positive side, in the time I've been waiting for this project, I now have a four year old kid who will love playing with these.

    18. Beck Altarr on

      @Craig McPherson Good point. That does look pretty functional. Also looks ALOT like the Sword they are trying to peddle today... Makes me wonder if that was their plan all along.
      #refund ASAP.

    19. Missing avatar

      Phillip Galasso on

      Bring it on.
      Good work guys.
      Thanks for trying to get us something
      Hope they kick ass

    20. Craig McPherson on

      4 years... and this is still a pipe dream, even though they clearly were able to produce these test units without 4 years of BSing us to death.…

    21. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Congrats on getting it to this point! I can't wait to get this in my hands - it has been a long time coming. Thanks for the hard work.

    22. Jared on

      As great as this is, I had thought that this was where you guys were at when the campaign first launched in terms of prototypes.

      But hey, whatever. I'm still hype to get these, and good on your guys for not just running out of money and ghosting us.

    23. LevelUp 2-time creator on

      We have been hard at work this month finalizing logistics for production. We will post a campaign update in the next few days.

    24. Missing avatar

      Chris E on

      So when can we officially consider this project dead?!

    25. Benjiman Smith on

      Anyone still expecting to get this?

    26. Missing avatar

      Chris Black on

      Anyone not negative towards this project at this point, regardless of whether you're OK with the changes, is just being blindly foolish. The creators amount of product completion, experience and competence was GROSSLY misrepresented from the start, their communication has been so poor it would be funny if they're entry price wasn't $100+, and after YEARS they haven't been able to fix any of it. All they've done is string people along and strip down features. I would rather have the prototypes at this point then what they might deliver. And their solution to those unhappy is hilarious. If this actually gets produced there will never be another product after this one. Or even if it does, I'll need grand children by then to use them. That's assuming progress is really even being made. Anyone can post pictures of increasingly generic looking PCBs and the demos during the campaign looked practically finished so who knows what's really going on. The purple PCB is common to a company that does small batch, single run Maker PCB printing, though. I don't actually think they're running a scam but I strongly question if there's any "real" manufacturing chain in place or if they are just going to print these off Maker-style.

      Regardless, I can't understand why anyone would remain positive towards this company. Be hopeful you'll get something worth the money and wait (you won't) if it helps but LevelUp has done NOTHING to deserve our positivity, support or respect. After everything they've done, anything short of a spectacular, flawlessly function product will be a complete failure and they know that. Anyone with business common sense should know that. They also know that won't happen. Anyone with manufacturing common sense knows that. You either need to deliver on-time(ish) but flawed or really late but amazing. Really late and mediocre won't play out for the products survival. The clones for 75% less will be great, though.

    27. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Hasbany on

      I appreciate the updates. I signed on knowing that it would be a long process and I'm glad that I'll receive a quality product at the end of it. Keep up the good work guys!

    28. Paul Thompson on

      "I just want to say that I'm still looking forward to this being completed. All the negative comments don't speak for me."

      Ditto. Completely agreed!


      I just want to say that I'm still looking forward to this being completed. All the negative comments don't speak for me.

    30. Missing avatar

      Scott McDonald on

      Scroll down in the comments, it's the first Level Up comment you come to. How feasible it is as a solution is up for debate, but it is a route to a refund and likely the only route to a full dollar to dollar refund.

    31. Joseph Bullock-Palser on

      @Scott McDonald "Seriously, those asking for a refund were given a route to that refund."

      Oh? I didn't know this? What route is that exactly?

    32. Missing avatar

      Leah Rohwer on

      Anyone else noticed that in each of the past three updates they've moved projected shipping back another entire month? Sept 11 update said October, then 9/27 said November, and most recently Oct 14 says December? @LevelUp- while the more frequent updates are a good step in the right direction, this doesn't engender confidence in the "One."

    33. Michael Hawley on

      I have no idea what this Sabertron One is. Could someone please explain it to me? Is it anything like I ordered or is it going to be a silly dollar store trinket that I’m going to let my niece and nephew destroy?

    34. Missing avatar

      Stephen Williams on

      I have moved since submitted my survey. What is the best way to get you all my new address.

    35. Beck Altarr on

      The majority of commentators, like myself, would like a refund. It is stated in the KS rules as well and I think 3+ years is more than long enough. In my comments I never use "We" or "us" to mean all the backers. There will always be fanbois or people who over committed and don't want to look/seem foolish and "need" a project to succeed to validate their egos. Some people drop money and walk away and don't care or pay attention to the end result.

      I have supported a few projects where I just wanted to help out and didn't need an award. However with this I have a very specific purpose in mind and that purpose has long past. I'd say my costs are beyond what I paid for already as I was creating a game activity I could add on to other entertainment services I provide as a business. This was a unique item at the time, however I have seen 2 other products on store shelves that are this already and for even less than my backing pledge for what was going to be a less than retail price for.

      Having this in mind, this product is not likely to ever see the light of day. I highly doubt we will see their base model as it too is still over priced compared to what I have see out already. With what has been produced and shown I can't see them having spent all of their Kickstarter money already. They haven't actually produced anything you can't make on a consumer 3d printer for under $2000. The computer bits are cheap as hell too and they still have their full time jobs so they don't have to use their money to pay a wage since it is only a hobby anyway (at 10h/week or less).

      They have the money to pay back the majority of the people who want it. If Chris Meil is right and maybe 20-50 people want a refund then there is no reason why we should not be getting it because it wouldn't be that much money and I think the potential public image damage we could do by complaining all over the web will do a lot more harm in the end. I run a radio station and I am considering doing some reviews of KS projects I have been a part of.

      Really I have little hope or expectation of a refund so trashing this failed mismanaged project wont cost me any more than I've already lost. I have more to gain in the end because they might actually step up and offer a refund so I'll go away.

    36. Missing avatar

      Chris Black on

      @Phillip Galasso It's a far cry from what was originally promised and supposedly prototyped. It's even farther from the up-sell options they offered like the "Grand Master" and it's YEARS late with horrible, HORRIBLE communication. The backers were the last to hear about many things if they were told at all.

      Anyone that thinks there will ever be another version of this product from this company is a fool. They have mismanaged the entire process and proven themselves incompetent. If this actually ships (which again, don't expect it by Christmas) and is moderately successful there are a dozen companies which can produce what was originally promised in a faction of the time for less.

      Sabertron is almost certainly done as a company. The best they can hope for is selling a patent if they even have something original at this point.

    37. Missing avatar

      Phillip Galasso on

      So it is not the exact product that we ordered but it is hopefully going to be a damn good
      Base model that will allow future enhancements and a new better product that we will have first dibs on with some sort of loyalty credit I assume .

      A lot of kick started campaigns have gone a lot worse than that so even though I am not ecstatic, I am damn excited to get something fun in the mail soon.

      Lastly updates are much better know, this is how it should have been originally.

      Thanks for sticking in there Sabertron and not giving up, as a lot of campaigns would of.

    38. Missing avatar

      Marijn Vis on

      I am happy that after a long time, something is finally happening.
      It is a Kickstarter campaign and that is not like buying a product in an online store.

    39. Missing avatar

      Scott McDonald on

      @Chris Meill +1

      Of course I basically had to delete a paragraph stating the same points on the refund :)

      Seriously, those asking for a refund were given a route to that refund. The only other way was to go the legal route and wait years for a possibility of some pennies on the dollar (court fees, lawyers, how LevelUp setup their business all affects this). So, for those wanting to bad mouth the new product and campaign against it; you are working against your own benefits. Is the Sabertron One the product I wanted? No. But I sure as hell hope they can sell enough so that those that want refunds get all of their money back and that I hopefully have a chance to get LevelUp's original vision of the Saber, because that vision was awesome!

    40. Missing avatar


      @Chris Meill: +1

    41. Missing avatar

      Chris Meill on

      Sure, some people are asking for refunds, but by no means do they speak for all of us. I get that some backers are upset with the direction LevelUp has taken things, and that's fair, those people are entitled to their own opinions. They've asked for refunds, and LevelUp has responded with details about how and when those refunds will become available. That seems like that should have been the end of it, right?

      However, some of those demanding refunds have adopted the attitude that they do speak for all of us. They throw around "we" and "most of us," as if all the rest of us backers are standing there behind them, pitchforks in hand. It's fun to feel vindicated when the mob is on your side, but it's not necessary to make your point, and only serves to stir up frustration among those who you've been misrepresenting.

      Regardless of what your thoughts are about Sabertron One, you're allowed to have them, and your opinion doesn't become any more or less valid based on how many people agree with you. If you want to turn your refund request into a self-righteous crusade against the wicked, then go ahead, just please leave me out of it.

    42. Missing avatar


      @Victor Erosa: Naturally I only represent myself. That is my entire point. I have never claimed otherwise.

      What I DO say is that everybody who says "we" and try to make it sound like it is from all backers are lying. Plain and simple.

      I'm not so much standing up for LevelUp as I am calling out liars.

      As far as not caring about the opinion of others go then you might want to rethink posting self-evidently false statements in public fora.

      If you don't want trolls then stop feeding them. |-D

    43. Missing avatar

      Victor Erosa on

      @ThomasDN Then there is you who represent one person, less than 0.1% of the total backers, who feels the need to stand up for LevelUp. If you are so confident in them and want to support LevelUp, put your money where your mouth is and buy out the backers who are complaining; otherwise we don't care about your opinion and trolling. You are happy waiting forever, congrats. We are not and want to hear from LevelUp, not you.

    44. Missing avatar


      This campaign has 1,318 backers. How many have expressed a desire for a refund? Ten? Let's go with double that - twenty. That is not even two percent. AKA not "a lot".

      "Some" would be correct.

    45. Dan Wright on

      A lot of us are demanding refunds. I think we're due them at this point. While I appreciate what they're trying to do, we've been jerked around long enough. It's only fair.

    46. Missing avatar



    47. Missing avatar


      No "most of us" won't.

      (I know absolutely no more about this than you - which in both cases is nothing - so let's stop the sillyness, right?)

    48. Missing avatar

      Victor Erosa on

      Yes, most of us will, and are doing so while being ignored.

    49. Missing avatar


      No "we" won't be demanding full refunds.

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