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A drafting battle card game for 2-4 players. Open portals, build your team, and destabilize your opponent in an epic showdown!
A drafting battle card game for 2-4 players. Open portals, build your team, and destabilize your opponent in an epic showdown!
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Temporal Odyssey - Draft the Future!



Delve into past, present, and future to bring forth epic characters, powerful spells, and ancient artifacts. Destabilize your opponents and banish them from the timeline to carve the future as you see fit!

Temporal Odyssey is built to pick up and play. Setup takes moments, and the rules are simple. Cards are easy to learn and integrate into your plans even in your first game. Adapt your strategy and react to the needs of the moment by selecting cards from an ever-changing card pool.

Between games, alter your time period decks with different classes to create a new timeline, which will introduce new strategies on subsequent plays!

Temporal Odyssey is quick and cutthroat. The casting of a single spell or the arrival of a new character can drastically shift the balance of power, forcing you to play adaptively and proactively to thwart opponent's plots.


In Temporal Odyssey, you take on the role of a Traveler.

Each Traveler has their own vision of the future, and these inevitably collide, leading to tense showdowns where timelines collide and Travelers use their powers to try and banish one another. 

Travelers cannot be defeated by normal means. Whenever a traveler dies, they can return to life by reversing time, but this reduces the stability of their timeline. If they die with no stability remaining, they will face the judgment of Lovox, the god of time, and be banished once and for all.

Traveler, you have been found... unworthy...
Traveler, you have been found... unworthy...

During the showdown, Travelers will sift through the shared timeline to acquire heroes, spells, and artifacts to use in battle. Every era contains archetypes called Classes. Classes each have specific strengths, support powers, and roles to play on your team. Assemble these to empower your Traveler's spells, build strong team compositions, and weather your opponent's assault.

Use these tools to destabilize your rival's timeline, then defeat their Traveler to win!

Temporal Odyssey introduces a handful of big ideas, which are designed for easy learning and increasing depth through repeated plays:

  • Timeline Drafting - Draft cards from the Past, Present, or Future. Each time period has its own theme and mechanics, and each class has specific uses and value depending on the situation and your Traveler's needs.
  • Spell System / Set Collection Element - Each card you draft provides elemental power. Collecting certain elements will level up your Traveler's spells, enabling power plays that can shift the pace of a fight dramatically. Each Traveler uses each element differently, and can greatly affect how you prioritize your drafting and banning. 
  • Instability - Banishing enemy characters, securing artifacts, and defeating rival Travelers will destabilize your opponent's timeline, but also grant them more power. Once their stability is lost, defeat their Traveler one final time to win!
  • Grouping and Ability Share - Characters in a group share their defensive abilities with one another. Group to defend yourself from your opponent(s) and protect your most important targets from the opponent!

Temporal Odyssey is a great game, but you don't have to take our word for it! Try it for yourself and see! 

The demo game includes two Travelers and fixed timelines. In the full game, there are four Travelers, and you can modify your timelines for many different game experiences. However, even one timeline setup can reveal the surprising depth of gameplay available in Temporal Odyssey.


How to play Video

Watch the how to play video with designer Chris Solis.

(Previews shown in this video are of the Tabletop Simulator Module).


"...beautifully tactical, each draw from the time period decks is a moment of hope. Clever and elegant. I didn't want to stop playing." - JR Honeycutt

"Potential strategies for the game are endless and can change from player to player. This ensures that no two games ever really play out the same way." -

"This is one of the slickest two-player duels I’ve witnessed in a long time." - Spacebiff

"You'll want to be the first to get your hands on Temporal Odyssey." - Sahm Reviews

Temporal Odyssey comes with everything you need to play for up to 4 players!


In addition to everything here, there are more spells, damage and action tokens, stability cards, and other materials. Temporal Odyssey contains over 120 cards, featuring over 90 unique pieces of artwork, developed and drawn over 3 years!

Kickstarter Backers get a Bonus Traveler! Pritchard Leftfield joins the timeline from the world of Millennium Blades!

 We may also unlock more Travelers through our Stretch Goals!

 All of our pledges are EU, Canada, China, and Australia-friendly! Backers in these countries will pay no VAT, though there may be a small shipping fee.


  • Anansi is a trick taking game based on the African spider myths. It's a character-based Trick-Taking game.
  • I Can't Even is a party-style competitive drafting game. It's kind of like reverse Sushi-Go in that you hate draft cards away from your opponents. 
  • Tomb Trader is a speed-play negotiation game where you are attempting to deal your way to the top by divvying up treasures among the players.
  • Professor Treasure's Secret Sky Castle is a 2-player competitive puzzle game which isn't out yet, but will be making it to stores alongside Temporal Odyssey.
  • Sellswords Olympus is a 2-player tile placement game of area control. Draft your heroes and leverage their powers to take over Olympus!

For more info on the individual games in the Library, check out our website!

Stretch goals will help to make Temporal Odyssey even more epic! Share the project with your friends and help us put more content in the box for you to explore!



All of the art and card design for Temporal Odyssey is finished up. We've got production quotes, shipping quotes, and fulfillment centers all lined up. We are doing a few final tests for balance and rulebook clarity, then we'll send the game off to press shortly after we fund!

We hope to ship Temporal Odyssey to you early next year!



Level 99 Games has partnered up with CGC Games to bring Temporal Odyssey to life! This project has been in the works for over two years now, and has been a constant occupation of both companies. We're excited to show you our latest, greatest version of the game!

Chris Solis, Designer - Chris Solis founded CGC Games and published the original Terrene Odyssey. Temporal Odyssey is a spiritual successor which builds upon the aesthetics and world of the original, while providing a unique new gameplay experience.

Adrienne Mata, Art Director - Adrienne joined CGC as an artist for the original Terrene Odyssey. She has worked hard to bring the unique world of Temporal Odyssey to life!

Laura La Vito, Graphic Designer - New to Level 99 Games (but not to board games), Laura La Vito is a Chicago-based illustrator and graphic designer with a background in medical art. She's responsible for the branding, packaging, and card templates for Temporal Odyssey, and thinks her Traveler can kick your Traveler's butt.

D. Brad Talton Jr, Publisher - Brad is the founder of Level 99 Games and a battle card game enthusiast. He has designed Exceed, BattleCON, Pixel Tactics, Millennium Blades, and many other games through Level 99. 

Risks and challenges

The business of producing and shipping physical games is messy and there's a lot that can happen. We're veterans at the process, and we guarantee that we'll overcome whatever obstacles arise to deliver your games.

Level 99 Games has successfully produced, shipped, and delivered 13 Kickstarter projects over the past 7 years. In that time, we've developed a reputation for excellence in design, service, and production.

With Temporal Odyssey, we've heavily researched how to make our games more accessible and available than ever. Now with friendly, low-cost shipping in most locales throughout the world, we're working hard to bring awesome gaming to fans everywhere.

Thanks for being a part of Level 99 Games and for supporting us in this latest endeavor!

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    • Temporal Odyssey
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