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EXCEED brings the action and energy of arcade-style fighting to your tabletop in a fast-paced 15-minute, 2-player card game!
EXCEED brings the action and energy of arcade-style fighting to your tabletop in a fast-paced 15-minute, 2-player card game!
EXCEED brings the action and energy of arcade-style fighting to your tabletop in a fast-paced 15-minute, 2-player card game!
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    1. Chris Solis Collaborator 2 days ago

      @nick Pilon

      Glad you heard back! Pretty hilarious misprint!

    2. Nick Pilon 2 days ago

      Heard back - replacements on the way!

    3. Nick Pilon 3 days ago

      My copy had a misprint on the foils in box 2 - the backs are all wrong. One of the ultra attacks for each character has a box 1 character's normal side instead of a normal card back, and the character cards have a normal card back instead of their normal sides.

      I tried writing in on the contact form, but haven't heard back yet?

    4. Chris Solis Collaborator 5 days ago

      @Xielmach There on fan made reference cards on BBG. There are no official reference cards for S1 at this time.

    5. Chris Solis Collaborator 5 days ago


      Oh snap. We can fix that. Send and email to here and we will get you your missing character.

    6. Santiago Mendez 5 days ago

      I received my big box. Everything appears great, except I received two copies of Shovel Knight and no copies of Emogine.

    7. Chris Solis Collaborator on May 15

      There are currently no plans, however, they have been fan made here!

    8. Missing avatar

      on May 15

      Are reference cards for season 1 also going to be developed?

    9. RicBret
      on May 14

      Thanks @Chris!

    10. Chris Solis Collaborator on May 14

      S1 tuck boxes are happening! They will be for you to print out at Home (or Kinkos on card stock paper). Here's a preview of them in the Exceed FB group:…

    11. RicBret
      on May 14

      I'm aching to get my ghetto storage system for Season 1 dumped and get everything into that Season 2 box. I echo so many other's comments here: BRING ON THE SEASON 1 TUCK BOXES!

      Seriously, thanks. Seriously bring 'em on.

    12. Wizard of AZ - Go Fast Go Home
      on May 14

      Now that I have Seventh Cross I really want tuck boxes like these for my Season 1 (Red Horizon) characters.

    13. Missing avatar

      Nicholas E on May 13

      I know it's been asked a ton, but I'm hoping it's been asked so many times that people know it off the tops of their heads by now: How many sleeves are needed for the game?

      And also, regarding the $100,000 stretch goal character that we didn't get, Meron: Was there ever any artwork or anything shown for her, maybe during an update or live stream or anything? I know the Seventh Cross game is still a ways away and I'm curious to know what she would have looked like.

    14. RayLancer
      on May 13

      I recommend opaque sleeves if you plan on playing tag team mode between seasons. The card back colors and size aren't the same. But wow the production quality on season 2 is amazing.

    15. Michael Condon
      on May 12

      @Michal I use Fantasy Flight gray sleeves on both seasons and they worked great.

    16. Missing avatar

      Michał on May 12

      *don't seem

    17. Missing avatar

      Michał on May 12

      my only complaint is exceed s2 cards are noticeably wider and longer, maybe thicker, which results in ultrapro standard pro-fit sleeves doesn't seem to work with them as good as with s1. can someone who actually have sleeved them suggest any replacement?

    18. Roxicity
      on May 11

      Anyone else looked at the back of their cards? On the top of the back of all the cards there is a bit of grey smudge which doesn't seem intentional since it's different on each card. Seems like a printing error? Other than that everything is great.

    19. Chris Solis Collaborator on May 11

      @Zak One of the crossover characters would be a good start. They don't transform like the main S2 characters.

    20. Missing avatar

      Zak Stoiber
      on May 11

      Does anyone have suggestions for the easiest characters to use while learning/teaching the game? Thanks!

    21. Missing avatar

      Derick Dancer
      on May 10

      Well I got my Exceed and Argent Monday but I finally opened them today. I did get my additional Season 2 playmat as well. It looks like Season 1 playmats are being reprinted so those are getting sent separately. At least mine is. :) @Rory B There is a playmat in the box. Yeah, you might have already seen it being 4 days later. Haha I can't wait to try these this weekend.

    22. Missing avatar

      Zak Stoiber
      on May 10

      I just want to say that I think the foiled cards look amazing and I'm glad you guys went with them. If sleeving ends up being necessary so be it.

    23. Calvin Brooks
      on May 10

      So far nothing for me here in Michigan. Anybody else here from Michigan.

      It's crazy......really I just backed Street Fighter Miniatures game.......I know you guys are going to throw tomatoes and eggs at me for saying this.....but should Brad/Level 99 develop a fighting game with miniatures?? I think 7th Cross miniature would look fantastic.

      I'm just saying. There were only 850 backers for this project. I think this project should have had at least 5000 backers.

      I'm preaching to the choir, but if you haven't played Exceed.......your missing out on one of the best fighting games out there......EXCLAMATION POINT!!!

    24. Psychic Kitty
      on May 10


      The package with exceed was delivered today.

      Thank you so much. The cards look great and the packaging is excellent.

    25. Brian Leahy
      on May 9


      Got an email this evening saying that the UK distributor was short stocked and they're waiting on additional stock to arrive in the "next couple of days" to fulfil my order. Here's hoping I get it next week.

    26. Joey Smith on May 9

      Just got my boxes. Excited to play it tonight!

    27. Chris Solis Collaborator on May 9

      We are in the process of creating S1 tuck boxes for all S1 characters including promo characters. It will have print instructions and recommended type of card stock to use for you to print out at your local print shop. And of course this will be free. :)

    28. George Bracy
      on May 9

      Got my big box, and while almost everything looks good, I do have to comment that you guys seriously need to hire someone who knows how to design instruction manuals. It's not the 90s anymore, people don't want to have to read road maps... :p

    29. Missing avatar

      Lloyd on May 9

      Why was there not an option to back this project that included sleeves? It also appears that tuck boxes for season 1 cards was something the community wanted. I hope Level 99 will incorporate these options in future projects.

    30. Anthony on May 9

      I use Dragon Shield Sleeves (matte black)... I know people who had problems with Ultra Pro for games that get shuffled often.

      Got everything, and a quick sort shows nothing missing. It's always nice to check off a project on kickstarter!

    31. Missing avatar

      Justin Freeman on May 8

      Can we get a new printable deck box for Skull Man from season 1? Wasn't sure if he was included in the new printable box designs but his original box doesn't fit sleeved cards.

    32. Missing avatar

      Justin Freeman on May 8

      @ZakStoiber I'd recommend Ultra Pro Standard clear sleeves. They're cheap on Amazon and fit well.

    33. Missing avatar

      Zak Stoiber
      on May 8

      Does anyone have recommendations for card sleeves? I don't mind thin ones if they fit well, like KMC Perfect Size.

    34. Missing avatar

      Justin Freeman on May 8

      Received! Also pleasantly surprised if I turn season 2 boxes a certain way I can fit everything from season 1 and season 2 into the collector's box. Huzzah!

    35. Michael Condon
      on May 8

      Shipping got a bump from Saturday to Thursday. Not too shabby.

      I sleeve this game immediately, so ive never noticed a difference in the foils. I did hear something about it in season 1, and how they said there would be a different process this time. Is this better, worse or the same from S1?

    36. Anthony on May 8

      Thanks. That sucks, since the foils are a nice feature. Nothing sleeves can't fix I guess!

    37. Missing avatar

      Nicholas E on May 8

      @Anthony: Yes, that's what I saw people reporting on the Exceed Facebook group, that despite word that the Season Two foils were being made with a different process that would make them less prone to warping, they were warping anyway. It led to one person questioning if cards could even be made with a foil finish that didn't warp period, to which I responded that I've purchased custom X-Wing alt-art cards with a foil finish that didn't warp. I believe the Yomi foil cards didn't warp either, but the finish on those was dark and made it hard to see the card art/text.

    38. Anthony on May 8

      @Nicholas: Are they saying that about season 2 cards? I know the season 1 cards ended up being noticeable (though generally fine for playing with unless you were really looking for them).

    39. Missing avatar

      Nicholas E on May 7

      My Exceed and Argent arrived today here in SC, after being here but unable to be delivered since Saturday. Looking forward to sorting out Argent and building tuckboxes for Exceed later. I guess I'll need to pick up some sleeves though, what with the multiple people out there saying their foil cards are warping.

    40. Missing avatar

      Eduardo Roman
      on May 7

      Can any one point me keyword "pull" on the rules? I can't find it to save my life

    41. Anthony on May 7

      Looks like I'll get Argent tomorrow, up from this friday! Looks like my Exceed got lost in the "pending" void. SIGH. So close and yet so far.

    42. Anthony on May 7

      @Chris Solis: Nice! Now all we need are PnP season 1 reference cards. ;) ;)

    43. Chris Solis Collaborator on May 7

      Hello everyone! I wanted to bring to your attention the official Exceed Facebook group!

      Also I can confirm that S1 boxes will include the 3 original promo characters!

    44. Dominic-Jo on May 6

      Scratch that, hadn't unrolled the playmat, oops.

    45. Dominic-Jo on May 6

      It's just struck me that there wasn't a poster in my delivery, :(

    46. Anthony on May 6

      Yeah, my package is in Chicago and was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but I guess they forgot to put it on a truck or something. Oh well, getting my hopes up for nothing!

    47. Brian Santamauro on May 5

      When you live in CT and the package starts in NJ and goes to new Mexico first.

      Ah Monday is just as good. Just funny how the post office works.

    48. Matthew Bricker
      on May 5

      @Dr Jimes Tooper, for me it was.

    49. Missing avatar

      Rory B
      on May 5

      Is the playmat inside of the collectors box? I haven't had time to open the collectors box itself, just to empty out the shipping box.

    50. David Wickham on May 5

      So, is the wrinkled up sheet of paper that was rolled on the inside of my playmat the poster?

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