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EXCEED brings the action and energy of arcade-style fighting to your tabletop in a fast-paced 15-minute, 2-player card game!
EXCEED brings the action and energy of arcade-style fighting to your tabletop in a fast-paced 15-minute, 2-player card game!
EXCEED brings the action and energy of arcade-style fighting to your tabletop in a fast-paced 15-minute, 2-player card game!
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    1. Anthony on February 16

      The unboxing got me excited again. I just finished off sleeving most of season 1, so looking forward to the goodies.

    2. David B. Talton Jr. 17-time creator on February 14

      The hype is real!

    3. Aaron White on February 14

      Do you have any more teasers for us? ^_^

    4. Anthony on January 24

      I'll be flying through DFW on Sunday, but I don't think that counts (for many different reasons). :P

    5. Robinraisins on January 24

      Idk if anyone is in the dfw area but level 99 games is holding a friendly game day every Saturday starting this Saturday at madness in Plano. I definitely am excited to get to meet some fellow exceed players in person. 😎

    6. David B. Talton Jr. 17-time creator on January 19

      I mean to say, a new update talking about our status in production.

    7. David B. Talton Jr. 17-time creator on January 19

      Hey everyone, we have a new update talking about our status updates.
      There was a delay because the collector's box we sent to the factory turned out to be too small -_-;; We've corrected this, and things are now on track to ship to us during February, meaning that we'll likely deliver in the early weeks of March.

    8. Missing avatar

      Nathan F Breen on January 17

      Off topic but does anyone know of a place to find the old organized play promos?

    9. Missing avatar

      Zachary Chaney
      on January 15

      Haven't heard anything in a while. What's going on?

    10. Missing avatar

      BranWheatKillah on January 10

      Any word on this project?

    11. Psychic Kitty
      on January 8

      Weirdly I thought I read something about how there was a delay....but now I don't see the links anywhere.

    12. Tonixz on January 3

      Any updates on shipping?

    13. Missing avatar

      Chris Smith on December 23

      Ditto! How's it going over there? And Merry Christmas everyone!

    14. RicBret
      on December 21

      Update on production status and shipping estimate?

    15. Ithry Collaborator on December 18

      @Joseph Guzman
      Please message me on our contact form with your issue:

    16. Missing avatar

      Joseph Guzman on December 13

      I lost the link to the pledge manager for this and will be moving soon. Anyway I can get it to change my address since this won't ship out til spring?

    17. Aaron White on December 12

      Who is everyone going to play first? Taisei and Seijun have snuck to the top of the list.

    18. Ithry Collaborator on December 8

      @Chris Smith
      The pledge manager should be closing today. If you are experiencing any issues with your pledge, please contact me here:

    19. Missing avatar

      Chris Smith on December 5

      Anyone? When does the pledge manager close? Or am I just missing it somewhere?

    20. Missing avatar

      Chris Smith on December 1

      When is the pledge manager closing?

    21. Ithry Collaborator on November 28

      @Brandon Myers
      We're currently looking at shipping to begin in early 2018. We'll post an update regarding this when we have a more accurate date.

    22. Brandon Myers
      on November 28

      probably just missing it but, how are we looking at delivery at this point? like, 2017 still, or 2018

    23. Ithry Collaborator on November 27

      @ʕ; •`ᴥ•´ʔ (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵) ʕಠᴥಠʔ
      Any updates made for Devris and Juno will be purely for template and clarification purposes only. No mechanical changes will be made. If there are significant clarifications made on cards, we may post on our website about it for people that own the first edition.

      @Aaron White
      Upon further inspection, the placement of the + on Devris' boosts was intentional at the time, but I will see if updating it to match normal + placement is possible with his card template.

    24. ʕ; •`ᴥ•´ʔ (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵) ʕಠᴥಠʔ
      on November 26

      What about those who already got the first print? How will the errata be fixed ? :O

    25. Ithry Collaborator on November 20

      @Aaron White
      I believe this will be fixed in the reprint, yes. Apologies for the delay in response.

    26. Aaron White on November 19

      Friendly question bump, with the reprint of Devris will it have the + boost symbol moved to the correct style? There was a mistake in the first printing, if fixed in the second printing may consider purchasing again. Thank you.

    27. Anthony on November 14

      Have we seen anything of the three non-Seventh Cross characters yet? I'll have to check to see if they have been added to TTS yet!

    28. Aaron White on November 7

      With the reprint of Devris, will it have the fix for the incorrectly placed "+" symbol for his boosts?

    29. Ithry Collaborator on October 30

      You can change your address in the pledge manager, or contact me on our contact form with your address and I can have it put in:

      @Matthew Bricker

    30. Missing avatar

      Sirus867 on October 28

      How can I change the shipping address for this project? I have since moved.

    31. Matthew Bricker
      on October 28

      Skullman, Juno, and Devris were the three promo fighters that you needed to add on if you got Collector's right? If so, excellent! All three have been added to my order. Can't wait!

    32. Ithry Collaborator on October 27

      @Chris Smith
      We just got permission to reprint Devris, so he is now back in stock in the pledge manager! He was recently out of stock after you reserved him which was why he was showing in your cart but was not available for purchase.

    33. Missing avatar

      Chris Smith on October 26

      Is Devris still available? He's showing in my cart now, but i don't see his entry available to purchase, is he reserved in my cart from earlier or something? I don't want to be charged bit not get anything. If not when will he be back in stock? I'm holding off confirming till I can get everything in one go.

    34. Robinraisins on October 24

      Awesome thank you :D

    35. Ithry Collaborator on October 24

      We don't have an exact date yet, but it will be up at least until the end of November. We'll post an update when it gets closer to closing, so keep an eye on those!

    36. Matthew Bricker
      on October 24

      Thank ye for responding, Ithry. So we're clear, I was just curious, I pretty much expect any Kickstarter that ISN'T all ready to go to miss dates, it's how the company handles missed dates that I judge on.

    37. Robinraisins on October 24

      When does the manager close?

    38. Jordan Konicki on October 24

      Juno is back on the Pledge Manager right now for anyone interested!

    39. Ithry Collaborator on October 23

      @Matthew Bricker
      We'll likely be announcing this on the Kickstarter and/or our newsletter. Best to keep an eye on the pledge manager just in case!

      As Season 2 is not yet at press, I cannot give an exact date at this time as to when shipping will begin. As we hit many stretch goals production and press will take longer than the original estimate. We're expecting it to ship in Spring 2018. We'll have a more accurate date for you when development and press is further along.

    40. Missing avatar

      Derick Dancer
      on October 21

      I'm glad I picked up the season 1 promo fighters before this campaign started. I did grab some extra playmats in the pledge manager. I'm hoping to host some mini tournments. Season 1 characters are a lot of fun. I'm sure Season 2 will be just as good if not better.

    41. Matthew Bricker
      on October 19

      Also, just asking for curiosity's sake, but I'm going on a hunch and assuming the original November date is going to be missed, so do we have an expectation of new ship date?

    42. Matthew Bricker
      on October 19

      Bah, only one of the three promo fighters, Skullman, was left when I just did my pledge. Will there be a general announcement when/if they become available again, or will eagle-eyed fighters just have to keep an eye on the pledgemanager? Regardless, super hyped! Gimme mah faighterz NOWZ!!!!

    43. Ithry Collaborator on October 19

      @Anthony Kirk
      This tier contains all stretch goal items that were hit.

      @David Levesque, Riccardo Fabris
      I’ll be posting an update shortly addressing this issue.

      @ʕ; •`ᴥ•´ʔ (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵) ʕಠᴥಠʔ
      Yes, the collector’s box is planned to fit Season 1!

      @Jordon Konicki
      The $160 tier includes: Shovel Knight, Pooky, Carl, Emogine, and Sydney & Serena

      I’ll be posting an update shortly addressing this. Carl will be added soon. Some are sold out and will not show up when they are sold out.

      @Ibrahim Rodríguez
      This is a shipping issue with between the Kickstarter and Pledge Manager. I’ll be posting an update shortly addressing this.

      The box is still in production, so we don’t have anything to show off at the moment. We will probably post an update showing this off when it is created!

    44. Anthony on October 19

      Yeah, updated to 160! Worth it for the extra fighters (and to replace some of my beat up cards).

      I wouldn't mind seeing a preview of the inside of the inquisitor's box. Hopefully it is something like the Pixel Tactics DX box, which was pretty much perfect!

    45. Ibrahim Rodríguez on October 19


      After selecting the reward I have got $23 left. Any chance to redeem those in your online store for a Season 1 playmat? Or any chance to recover those via PayPal?


    46. Testudownist on October 19

      Dang. Guess that's what I get for waiting until I got out of work like a good employee.

    47. Missing avatar

      Tim Roy
      on October 19

      I was able to pick up all 3 when i did my PM like 7 hours ago but they seemed to be selling out fast at the time. perhaps they ran out?

    48. Testudownist on October 19

      Is Skull Man the only Season 1 promo available in the pledge manager?

    49. Missing avatar

      Tim Roy
      on October 19

      quite pleasantly surprised to see the collectors box added to my pledge level for free. Thank you so much, cant wait to have everything and an awesome box to keep it all in one place!

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