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Vie for mystical resources, hire skilled specialists, research new tech, and build railways to industrialize a vast fantasy realm.
Vie for mystical resources, hire skilled specialists, research new tech, and build railways to industrialize a vast fantasy realm.
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August Update

Posted by David B. Talton Jr. (Creator)

 Greetings friends!

It's been quiet around here, due to Gencon and the still-pending launch of BattleCON Online. However, we've been hard at work making sure that Empyreal stays on track (ha ha)!

Nokomento has been busily working on new specialist arts, and Laura has finished up the in-game player interface. After interviewing seven different factories, I've finally signed a purchase order and begun plastics production.

I'll be dropping in periodically to make art updates and post work-in-progress pictures from the factory, so watch this space for coming updates.

Bonus Captains

Based on sales of the Pledge Manager, and as promised in our final countdown stream, we've unlocked the additional secondary captains for inclusion in As Above, So Below (the Expansion to Empyreal). Look out for some artwork and lore on these new characters in the next few months!

Art Showcase

In the meantime, here are a few more recent art additions you may recognize from other games in the World of Indines series!

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    1. David B. Talton Jr. 20-time creator on

      @MrFixit: The delay is due to doing extra artwork for all of our stretch goals and social goals. Nokomento is working hard, but it takes a while to put together all these new illustrations in such gorgeous style. :D

    2. Missing avatar

      Jake Kuska on

      @Trey, at least we have an "official" answer! :P

    3. Trey Chambers Collaborator on

      But after looking, I noticed it says "base game and expansion" on the Stretch Goals, so ignore what I just said! I really have no idea. XD

    4. Trey Chambers Collaborator on

      I *think* the extra captains were always intended to be part of the expansion (for all companies). I could be wrong, it's definitely L99 would have to make official or not. But I think part of the reason we developed them was to give extra incentive to back the expansion (not that it doesn't already come with a ton of content!). It could also be a box thing, the base game box may not have enough room for another punchboard. Measurements for these sorts of things tend to be very tight, and we'd have a lot more leeway with the expansion box to add things in.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jake Kuska on

      @love code: I think since the captains are supposed to be alternates for each company; you'll likely get 6 in the base game and 2 in the expansion. However, I'm also interested in the "official" answer.

    6. love code on

      @Jake: Thanks for the answer. It does matter for backers who just went for the base game. Would they get 4 extra captains or would all 8 go into the expansion?

    7. Missing avatar

      Jake Kuska on

      @ love code, it doesn't really matter for delivery of the project. The overall project delay was CAUSED by the expansion/extra captains. If the extra captains were to be in the main game, they'll be there but, the delay will still happen regardless if you got the expansion or not. If I'm wrong, I'm sure someone in the know will comment. Still, I have to say the product will surely be worth it. Level 99 games is one of my good Kickstarter companies; if they kickstart and I'm interested, I'm in. They do average late by about 6 months though.

    8. love code on

      Regarding those captains: will they really all be found in the expansion? On the campaign page it was said that they would go into the base game as well as into the expansion.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jake Kuska on

      @Mr. Fixit, Likely it's due to the extra 8 captains, needing to balance the various abilities and creating the art assets. The delay was put in when Brad realized he needed to create the expansion but, he wasn't certain.... until GenCon and he decided to go all in on the new captains. It'll make the game better but, keep an eye out for the shipping notification. If the game isn't on the water by the end of December, expect it in March/April due to Board Gamers favorite time sink, Chinese New Year....

    10. Müd Monéi

      Hello. I pledged 1$ on kickstarter. But then late pledged with expansions. DonI get everything juat the same? :)

    11. Gutris

      F'ing baller :) Thanks so much, here's hoping everything goes smoothly for ya'll. Love L99, looking forward to everything coming up!

    12. Missing avatar

      MrFixit on

      Hi, what's the reason for the two months delay? (Your newsletter stated a february 2019 delivery instead of a december 2018 one.)

    13. Simon Agner Holm on

      Additional Captains!!! Thats the best :-D cant flippin wait.
      Will Level99 have any presence at Essen SPIEL 18?