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You asked, we listened. This is the gigantic BattleCON Collector's Box you've been waiting for! Also, we rebalanced Arec.
You asked, we listened. This is the gigantic BattleCON Collector's Box you've been waiting for! Also, we rebalanced Arec.
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BCU - January Update! Come help us playtest BattleCON!

Posted by David B. Talton Jr. (Creator)

Greetings, friends!

Now that the holiday season has ended, we're getting to work on the planning portions of BattleCON: Unleashed! Here's a quick status update on where we are with each different aspect of the project:

Art / Creative

Our artwork is still on hold for a little bit longer as Empyreal gets finished up in the first half of February. You should start to see new BattleCON arts in our March update!

Content / Development

There's still quite a bit happening on the playtesting side of Unleashed! Wanderers and the rebalance for Devastation continue smoothly. We plan to start Organized Playtesting Events next week. During these events, we will have our Development Leads available to help you learn and play BattleCON, as well as to record the event and give you bonus points in our Organized Play Program. 

Furthermore, we will be providing playtesters data on character design philosophies, game system balance, and some designer-level tips to teach you a bit about the game development process as you playtest!

If you want to be part of these events and playtests, join our Discord and sign our Playtest NDA!

Discord Link:

NDA Link:


We're currently laying the groundwork to get the reprint portions of this project underway. As part of Unleashed, we need to reprint Trials and three promotional fighters (Merjoram, Jin, and Raritti). These reprints can happen early, since the materials for them already exist.

We're also planning to produce a number of free demo decks, which we can provide to stores, organized play leaders, and to new fans at conventions.


Things seem to be coming along well, and we're making good progress as expected towards BC Unleashed. Look out for more updates next month!

Next from Level 99 --- Millennium Blades: Collusion!

For our recovering TCG addicts in the audience, if you haven't played Millennium Blades yet, you ought to give it a try! We're launching a big project next month where, much like BC Unleashed, you can get a big storage box + expansion for Millennium Blades, or jump right into the game economically–or both!

Look out for a preview of the KS page in our newsletter this Friday!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Esker on

      Definitely looking forward to that MB storage box!

    2. Matt Trenton

      Glad to hear everything is moving along smoothly.

      but holy cow....the MB box is really big as much bigger are we talking!?!?
      Although i wont lie i scrapped the original insert(if it had one, i forget) and just put deckboxes in the box(which doesn't cause the lid to close well, but it doesn't leave my house anyways)...I still welcome more MB fun :D