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You asked, we listened. This is the gigantic BattleCON Collector's Box you've been waiting for! Also, we rebalanced Arec.
You asked, we listened. This is the gigantic BattleCON Collector's Box you've been waiting for! Also, we rebalanced Arec.
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BC Unleashed Monthly Update, v19 of BattleCON Online, and a Free copy of Pixel Tactics!

Posted by David B. Talton Jr. (Creator)

Greetings friends!

It's been a busy December here at Level 99 Games. I'm excited to share with you some of what we've got going on! Let's just right in to this month's updates!

Project Progress

  • BattleCON: Wanderers: Final playtesting is underway. Work will begin on updating rules and character guide info next month. Wanderers should be press ready around the start of spring. We're hashing out a number of improvements to the game over Trials, including a new quick-start player guide and improved game board.
  • BattleCON: Devastation Remastered: Playtesting is ongoing and should be finished around the start of spring. Rules and mode updates are also underway and should be done around the same time. Like with Wanderers, we're updating the game with a new quick-start mode and with some improvements to the way flights of fighters are structured.
  • BattleCON Unleashed / Stretch Goals: Social and Stretch goal Promo fighter testing is ongoing and should be finished in the next few months. Patch testing for War, Fate, and Trials is ongoing, and we have art for the stretch goals and extra bases coming along nicely!
  • Grand Chronicle Artbook: Art and writing are underway.

Art Preview

Cionaodh (aka "Kenny") with the take from his latest heist.

Kai, the puzzle box maker, in his workshop.

Oriax Two hovers alone in a secret underground bunker somewhere.

Last but not least, Kat has already started working on the Cadenzaling bases that will be created as part of your petition. Here's a look at "Drive"!

BattleCON Online News

Today, we launched v0.19, with Iri as a new playable fighter! Join in and battle online with us!

We've got a number of big improvements to the game, most notably TOOLTIPS! This should make the outcome of your moves a lot clearer, and should help when learning the game or teaching friends!

You can download the game here!

A gift for you! 

This year, our free giveaway gift is Pixel Tactics 4! Not only that, but you'll also receive a big bundle of 47 rare promotional cards from our past Pixel Tactics Kickstarter project. Don't miss out!

Get it here, while supplies last!

That's all the news for BattleCON! See you next year!

- Brad


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    1. Aranox

      This is Street Fighter Exceed all over again -_-

    2. Private Burgundy AKA Sergio on

      Once again, like in the survey, a free gift for US backers.

    3. Le

      Sold out already?

    4. Mike Norris on is out of stock now.

    5. Aranox

      $42 shipping... That's the most expensive "free" gift I've ever seen.
      Thanks but, no thanks -_-

    6. Jay on

      PT4 for just the cost of shipping!? Thanks L99, that's awesome. I've never played a PT game before.

      Shipping to UK... $49.50

      Oh well, I appreciate the gesture, but that shipping cost... wow!

    7. SpicyRamen

      Thanks for the free gift but 55 shipping (3x the cost of the game) is not worth it :/

    8. Missing avatar


      Where can I find the list of the promo cards, please? Thank you.

    9. Missing avatar

      Anthony W on

      35 to ship to Canada ouch.

    10. Missing avatar

      Richard Tran on

      Is it possible to include it in our Kickstarter package to save on shipping?

    11. Private Burgundy AKA Sergio on

      $45 for shipping a copy of PT4 to Spain? I swear to god at this point it seems you are not even trying.

    12. Missing avatar

      John Silveira

      Any chance to get just order the promos?