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You asked, we listened. This is the gigantic BattleCON Collector's Box you've been waiting for! Also, we rebalanced Arec.
You asked, we listened. This is the gigantic BattleCON Collector's Box you've been waiting for! Also, we rebalanced Arec.
2,792 backers pledged $383,153 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Oliver Matthews on

      So, "Get all of the BattleCON Fighters and Core Games! A tier for those who want to be fighter-complete!" ... isn't fighter complete. That's a bit cheeky to put it mildly.

    2. Jane Wang on

      thank you David, that really help out a lot!!!

    3. David B. Talton Jr. 20-time creator on

      @Jane Wang
      For the items available in this project, you should only need Oriax Two.

      @Michael Nielsen
      The other two playmats offered have sold out, which is why they are not visible in the pledge manager.

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Nielsen on

      why is only one playmat offered in the PM?

    5. Jane Wang on

      I got confused, sorry may I ask if I already have $370,what else do I need to add-on for complete?

    6. Cris Zehil

      Thanks for the info. I'll wait a little longer then :)

    7. Ithry Collaborator on

      The sleeves are not matte.

      @Cris Zehil
      When you pay in the pledge manager, your card will be charged at that time.

      Raritti, Merjoram, and Jin are individual products that do not come in Trials.

    8. Missing avatar


      So someone below commented that Raritti, Merjoram and Jin are from the Trials KS but I assume they're not included if you add on a copy of the Trials box in the add-ons here?

    9. Charles Phillips

      Yeah I almost always only use clear sleeves, so I'll be getting these ones.

    10. Cris Zehil

      @ithry, does that mean that the money I pay for the shipping and add-ons won't be pulled before summer 2019? Or will they be pulled as soon as I finish the pm?

    11. Jared Wasserman on

      I'm 100% in favor of the clear sleeves. Hiding card backs, even if there's a color difference had never felt right for me. Besides, I don't believe any character will have to deal with two different color blue/red backs.

    12. Ken

      Are the sleeves matte?


    13. Brian Denning on

      Could you maybe include an option for the colored sleeves? I would prefer that, as some of the cards are different shades/textures. I could probably just do dragonshields, but those are expensive...

    14. Gutris


      Thanks! That's great, means I can splurge to the max. Also, looking forward to the next MB expansion!

    15. Ithry Collaborator on

      The Pledge Manager will be open until we start production on the products in this campaign. We don't have an exact date for this at the moment, but we're estimating early Summer 2019. We'll post an update when we have more information on a date.

    16. AceSin on

      I think I'm with the other (minority?) of people. I was going to add the sleeves, but now it is colorless, I think I'll pass. The colored sleeves is nice to protect the card and while hiding the difference in shading for the different editions (currently using some old colored sleeves for my set, but not enough so I constantly have to switch them out) .

    17. Missing avatar

      Eduardo Roman

      Thank you guys, I can't wait.

    18. Gutris

      Clear sleeves was the right call. Also, can you give a rough deadline for PM? Doesn't have to be too exact and can be subject to change, but definitely want to budget right for this one :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Paul Bennett on

      Echoing gwathdring’s question on when pledge manager closes!

    20. Thibaut B. on

      Thanks @Baka, was exactly what I was wondering.
      It should be in a news / pinned.

    21. Svenn

      Thank you! That's what I thought. I just wanted to make sure I had everything.

      Initially I went to the KS page and saw only 3 promo fighters in the stretch goals, completely missing all the ones from the social goals, and thought I was going to have to spend another $60...

    22. Nick E on

      For those confused, I’ve checked with Ithry.

      Merjoram/Raritti/Jin are from the Trials KS and are not included in Unleashed.

      Oriax is new and is a add on, he is not in Unleashed.

      Everyone else is included - Andrus, Rheye, Dolores, Anath, Claus/Wyndham, Eliza, Evil Hikaru, Lucius, Takeshi and Victor

    23. Svenn

      I just realized most of those were Social goal fighters, I missed that before. So it look like the only bonus fighter listed in the New section that is NOT included with Unleashed is Oriax Two? Is that correct?

    24. Ithry Collaborator on

      @Svenn, Eduardo Roman
      Tier descriptions in the pledge manager list all items in each pledge. Unleashed contains all stretch goal and social goal fighters, as well as Victor. Unleashed does not contain Oriax Two.

      We'll be posting a gameplay article about Oriax after he's finished development. His description in the pledge manager mentions a bit about him mechanically.

    25. Missing avatar


      how long will PM last?

    26. Zak Eidsvoog on

      A note in the pledge manager description of each promo fighter about whether it is "tournament legal" or not would also be helpful.

    27. Charles Phillips

      @Svenn, I had the same question. I backed at the $315 "Core Collection" point. Is there some way to easily list what fighters I am missing?

    28. Alexander Ryan on

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADD COLORED SLEEVES TOO! Cards from different prints are different shades, so new bases and such with old cards will be a pain, it's already a pain when swapping in new finisher and base cards. Plus I'd much rather have styles and bases sleeved in Red/Blue and a few double sided cards unsleeved, than everything in cheapish looking clear sleeves. PLEEEEEEEAAAASE.

    29. Cris Zehil

      When does the pledge close? I don't want to pay right now. But rather do a last one at the end of the month.

    30. gwathdring on

      Sorry for the triple post, but is there any place to get further information or Oriax for those considering adding them on?

    31. gwathdring on

      My guess is that because many people *explicitly* mentioned not wanting colored sleeves that obfuscated how many people were interested in the colored sleeves but didn't mention it since that was the default. But I may be wrong.

    32. gwathdring on

      Clear wouldn't be as useful for me, unfortunately. It was hard to tell from reading the comments whether clear really was the preference--most people chiming in seemed to have simply expressed interest. A poll might have been clearer, but oh well.

    33. Missing avatar

      Eduardo Roman

      Are all the New Bonus Fighters included in pledges with SG except for Oriax?

    34. Dominic-Jo

      @Ithry and @Michael, thanks for clarifying, nearly ended up with an extra Victor!

    35. Alexander Ryan on

      What the actual F, clear sleeves?? xD Like in addition to colored ones I hope?

    36. Svenn

      There are a ton of extra bonus fighters here... is there an easy list of what's included with the pledge level and what's extra? Like, Andrus, Dolores, etc are listed as purchasable but are stretch goals so should be included... but there's a bunch I don't recognize (I'm new here, so I don't know if they are old promo characters or what).

    37. Ithry Collaborator on

      This is correct! We're offering them as a thank you to the backers! The update has been edited to mention these two bonus fighters!

    38. Michael on

      from update 16, regarding Victor: "We're still putting together the final art for this character, but the concept is ready and the gameplay is mostly finalized. This extra fighter will be included in all copies of Unleashed, as an extra thank-you to all backers of this project!"

      So looks like Victor comes with Unleashed, but Oriax Two is an add-on only from what I can understand.

    39. Dominic-Jo

      Just to double check, Oriax Two and Victor weren't covered under the stretch goals, were they?

    40. Elsymir on

      I know that a lot of people were complaining about the colors. Maybe there were planning on using them to sleeve something else, since it is a good price for the sleeves? It is too bad, because the color was one of the big reasons that I considered buying the pack. Now I am not sure.

    41. Zak Eidsvoog on

      Yeah too bad they went all-clear. Guess I won't be sleeving after all.

    42. Nick E on

      Noooo why clear sleeves? The multicoloured was good!