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You asked, we listened. This is the gigantic BattleCON Collector's Box you've been waiting for! Also, we rebalanced Arec.
You asked, we listened. This is the gigantic BattleCON Collector's Box you've been waiting for! Also, we rebalanced Arec.
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What's Next? Our immediate plans moving forward.

Posted by David B. Talton Jr. (Creator)

Greetings everyone, and Happy Halloween (well, a little early, but still)!

It's been a busy week since the end of BattleCON Unleashed last Sunday. Right now, we're working on organizing our art, balance, and press schedule in order to get you BattleCON Unleashed on time next year. 

Here's a quick overview of what's going to happen next:

BattleCON Online Rewards

Digital rewards for BattleCON Online will go out very soon. Look out for an email from us early next week. This email will be delivered to your Kickstarter registered email, and will contain a code that can be redeemed in BattleCON Online to unlock Evil Hikaru, Magical Hacker Marmelee, and 500 BattleCOINS. To receive the code, please make sure that the email connected to your Kickstarter account is accurate, accessible, and up-to-date.

Those aren't the only two rewards included in this code, however! The additional reward costumes unlocked through stretch goals will be delivered automatically to any account that has redeemed this code when they are ready.

Pledge Manager

The Pledge Manager should launch early on the week after next, and there will be an announcement here containing instructions, as well as emails inviting you to join the project. There, you can manage add-ons and pay for project shipping.

Victor - Secret Bonus Character

During the final project stream, we announced a secret bonus character, Victor!

You can read all about the mysterious secret boss of BattleCON: Wanderers here!

We're still putting together the final art for this character, but the concept is ready and the gameplay is mostly finalized. This extra fighter will be included in all copies of Unleashed, as an extra thank-you to all backers of this project!

That's all for today. I'll be in touch next week when we're ready to distribute codes for BC Online. See you then, and have a great weekend!

- Brad


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    1. Cris Zehil

      Damn the backerkit is already out next week. When does it close?

    2. Shaun Cooley on

      I like how Brad liked his own update. When you're Level 99, you can like your updates all day long!

    3. Malarialist on

      Wow! Thanks so much for the extra character!