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You asked, we listened. This is the gigantic BattleCON Collector's Box you've been waiting for! Also, we rebalanced Arec.
You asked, we listened. This is the gigantic BattleCON Collector's Box you've been waiting for! Also, we rebalanced Arec.
2,792 backers pledged $383,153 to help bring this project to life.

Thank you Backers! BattleCON Unleashed is FUNDED!

Posted by Chris Solis (Collaborator)

Hello friends, 

The BattleCON Unleashed Kickstarter has ended. Thank you all for making this biggest project in Level 99 Games history. We are humbled. We are now switching gears to put BattleCON Unleashed into the pipeline. While we're hoping to hit August 2019, this date was based on our original project goals. Since we hit a ton of stretch goals, this increases production time and could easily push the delivery date back. We're planning on having the project delivered by the end of 2019, if everything goes well. The Pledge Manager is schedule to be up mid/late November. - Chris Solis (GCFOX)

Marco's Story Time: What BattleCON means to Me

BattleCON is entering a new era. Marco has been playing making BattleCON guides for years and playing for even longer. Take a look at the video to see how BattleCON has impacted his life.

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    1. Joe Martineau

      I don't actually care because obviously it will be delayed anyway. I doubt you'll hit the new date, even. I genuinely just thought it was funny.

    2. Marc Alexandre on

      For future project, I would advise to set the date as if all stretch goal would be achieved. If they're not, then there is a good chance that backers get everything early, and if every stretch goals are reached, then you got the right date.

      I don't mind at all the way it was done here, it's pretty straightforward, and you were upfront about it as soon as the KS was finished (saying it directly in the campaign page before the KS end would have been even better). But I think it's still a better idea to surprise everyone by being early instead of having to announce from the get go that the date is wrong. And not everyone reads the updates.

    3. Ithry Collaborator on

      @Joe Martineau
      As mentioned in the update, the estimated delivery is based on the original project goals. Since we hit over 20 stretch goals, production time will increase, which could delay delivery. Kickstarter does not allow us to change estimated delivery dates once they are set. Apologies for any inconvenience.

    4. Baka - Creator of Kora on

      Yeah, I think it’s good that they are realistic up front.

    5. Jason Hunt on

      The original target date was based on the initial funding amount. The potential delay is because we unlocked more stuff via stretch goals

    6. Joe Martineau

      I have to say, it's pretty funny to announce a delay immediately after funding.