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The legendary fighting board game expands with BattleCON: Trials, featuring 10 new fighters, upgraded gameplay, and more!
The legendary fighting board game expands with BattleCON: Trials, featuring 10 new fighters, upgraded gameplay, and more!
The legendary fighting board game expands with BattleCON: Trials, featuring 10 new fighters, upgraded gameplay, and more!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Nikolaus Kaehler about 2 hours ago

      I sent Brad a message through his kickstarter profile, if I hear anything I'll post here. Also looking at the timeline for how Exceed shipped, looked to be a full 2 months from "on the boat" until deliveries were made, and Trials is soon at that point.

    2. Alistair Toshiro Acapella Everitt
      about 2 hours ago

      I've also backed a few of their games and I agree with their quality of work. But I do worry, now. A month and a half has gone by without so much as a peep, they have many other projects and events going on and, to tell the truth, the shipment really should have arrived here before the end of July.... Level 99 Games is hands down my favorite developer, but this whole campaign has felt like they have been distracted the whole time. Eh, maybe its just me. We would very much like an update, please. Even if its just here in the Comments, like Brad's previous notification last month.

    3. Midnight Campaign about 18 hours ago

      I've backed four of lvl99's campaigns, and they've always delivered quality work. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and give it another month or two before I start to really worry. Good luck guys, you are great.

    4. Missing avatar

      Barry Gregory
      1 day ago

      Boat sunk?

    5. Marcus Robinson 4 days ago

      It's been about 3 1/2 weeks since the last communication, which said the boat was on the water for a trip that was said to have been 2 weeks long. I just want to know when I can expect this to come in.

    6. Missing avatar

      Nikolaus Kaehler 5 days ago

      @Ryan Wanless - I got that same email nearly a month ago, I thought the boat had landed at that point.

    7. Missing avatar

      Nikolaus Kaehler 5 days ago

      I know, things are in full swing with Argent, and preparation for Gen-Con and the other games being released on kickstarter later this year, but an update on Trials is needed. Brad, please give us something.

    8. Kanak 6 days ago

      Did the boat ever arrive? Updates?

    9. Ryan Wanless on August 8

      Well I got an email a few days ago saying last chance to change address. So that must be a good sign...

    10. Audius the Fade Avenger on August 4

      I guess I'll help:

      Things are still on the water right now. This is the boring part, sorry :(

      Have a good night lads.

    11. Marcus anthony on August 4

      Something, anything, even if to say it's still on the water

    12. Missing avatar

      Chris Smith on August 2

      Yes any updates? Are we still gonna be shipping before gencon?

    13. Derek Allgire
      on August 2

      Any updates?

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael on July 24

      Looking forward to receiving still. Thanks for the updates.

    15. Missing avatar

      Stuart Coutts on July 24

      >Chinese business etiquette

      I understand that you need to go via them to keep the price down, but after having half a dozen to a dozen products manufactured there surely you know at least one vaguely reliable source.

      Though I suppose if they get decent quality to you consistently you may not mind if they occasionally miss deadlines.

      On a lighter note, any chance the public will ever get their hands on/have the chance to purchase the music of BCO/PTO/anything else you make?

      The soundtrack to the Trials character trailer (which I'm aware was two different bits of music (?)) was pretty good, for instance.

    16. David B. Talton Jr. 16-time creator on July 17

      Things are still on the water right now. This is the boring part, sorry :(

    17. Marcus anthony on July 16

      pretty silent here

    18. Ehren Woods
      on July 12


    19. Alistair Toshiro Acapella Everitt
      on July 11

      Has it arrived on US soil!?

    20. Marcus anthony on July 11

      looking for any form of an update

    21. Michael Johnson
      on July 7

      I'm okay without a huge box, but I'd lloovvee to get official tuck boxes for all the characters -- even that would help a good bit with the setup of this game!

    22. Kanak on June 8

      partner up with greater than games for their sentinels of the multiverse ultimate collectors case...ask to use their design and just put on a indines skin on it, although i'm sure there's more to it than just that

    23. David B. Talton Jr. 16-time creator on June 7

      Hey everyone. It seems like there was a production issue at the factory that set us back a little bit on our timeline :(

      I don't have all the details yet, but I should get new dates by the end of this week, and I'll post a full update as soon as I do.

      The main thing about the collector's edition box is whether or not it will be able to hold up under its own weight once all the sleeved cards are put into it. That's the issue that the printer and I are both most concerned about.

    24. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Eskridge on June 2

      @Mitchell: Check out the mid-Feb and March updates for info on the big box

      and then the news that it won't happen :(

    25. Mitchell "Wolf" Lurcook
      on June 2

      They need to just ShutupAndTakeMyMoney.png

      if it helps... I really love peanutbutter ;)

      and am willing to do lots for this box......

    26. Marcus anthony on June 1

      @Mitchell lucook, I second this motion

    27. Mitchell "Wolf" Lurcook
      on May 31

      Any word on a possible CE box?

      Battlecon is my favorite game of all time, but I never get to play it because its a pain to bring to my local shop. having everything in one box would make my life a million times easier.

      I understand this woul dmake the box massive, I own Kingdom Death Monster, I know massive boxes, but I would still pay you all my money for one. I would do unspeakable things with peanut butter for a box like that.

      Please L99, make a CE box that holds everything in fancy boxes and charge me out the butt for one, ill pay it.

    28. Ithry Collaborator on May 24

      @Antony Tran
      Correction, I meant just Trials and Wanderers. Apologies!

    29. Ithry Collaborator on May 24

      @Antony Tran
      I believe so! Last time I checked, we were planning on releasing a bigger Extended box containing contents for characters from Fate, Trials, and Wanderers at some point in the future!

    30. Antony Tran on May 24

      I just opened up my Light and Darkness that I got from the previous Kickstarter and was wondering if the characters from Trials and Wanderers will get EX and Almighty versions as well?

    31. Ithry Collaborator on May 22

      @Pablo Sancho
      Our Backer Report shows you replied to your survey on the 19th. If you'd like to change your address, you should be able to under the "View Pledge" button on the main campaign page.

      @Vincent Bouatou
      Apologies, but there is no pledge manager for this campaign. If you'd like to change your address, you should be able to under the "View Pledge" button on the main campaign page.

    32. Vincent Bouatou
      on May 20

      The link To the pledge manager I received (twice) only brings me to the project page on the kickstarter site. How can I access the pledge manager ? Sorry for being thick.

    33. Pablo Sancho
      on May 20

      Hi! I did not receive any survey. Can you pls assist?

    34. David B. Talton Jr. 16-time creator on May 10

      Yes, EU pledges are going to ship directly to Europe, and be delivered there, creating a similar or earlier timeline than the USA pledges.

      As for Endrbyt, I think that he and Gerard and Clive, the three characters with the most cards, still require a larger box. We'll take that into account whenever we create an update for these characters.

    35. Missing avatar

      Stuart Coutts on May 9

      I appreciate the tuck boxes are quite spacious, but can they hold a full set of bases, all Endrbyts styles/bases/modes, his standee and tokens, AND the alt-art standee, styles/bases/modes?
      Or is he still too much to take?

      On a more serious note, for non-US backers (such as Europeans) the plan is to send it straight to the distributor rather than going via the States, right? If so, can we expect a similar timeline to delivery?

    36. David B. Talton Jr. 16-time creator on May 9

      We haven't sent the survey yet, but it should go out in just a bit. Check out the latest update for an updated timeline on things. Hopefully we'll be able to accelerate this a bit, but that stuff is mostly out of my hands.

    37. Missing avatar

      Petri Saarela on May 9

      So, I'm just checking. The address collection survey hasn't been out yet?

    38. Aaron White on May 8

      Looking forward to the release, love Exceed but this is going to tide me over until Season 2 releases. :)
      Excited to try out Wardlaw in particular.

    39. Marcus anthony on May 7

      is the timeframe on release still the same

    40. Craig Southworth
      on May 4

      Im guessing we're not going to receive our copies in May as projected. Can we get a revised timeline please?

    41. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Eskridge on April 26

      That's a bit of a bummer, but thanks for the response. I imagine there was a good amount more of pre-season cards printed than the ultra-rare backer-created characters from the first Kickstarter but I hope they don't become as hard to obtain; prior to pre-season rewards shipping, I had everything minus those Backer characters (and I've only seen one of those appear on eBay once).

      I guess I'll have to put out some feelers when it gets closer to GenCon, something like "Anyone going to GenCon and want to make some money picking up L99 promos for me?"

    42. Missing avatar

      Michael Evans
      on April 24

      I am just curious where are you in the production phase?

    43. Ithry Collaborator on April 24

      @Nicholas Eskridge
      I cannot say for sure at the moment. I don't believe we have any current plans to reprint specific alternate art character cards. Any leftover promotional cards from pre-season we currently plan on selling at future conventions like GenCon while supplies last. We may offer older promo characters like the ones from the War Remastered campaign again in some capacity at some point in the future.

    44. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Eskridge on April 19

      General BattleCON-related Question for Brad, Ithry, or whomever: I received the email about the first season of organized play and am glad to see how long the period for the first season will last; I should definitely be able to get some games in this time (provided I figure out a storage solution though). I was wondering though while looking at the prizes: Will the prizes/rewards from the Pre-Season ever make it into future seasons? I want to say I maybe saw mention a while back of the ability to purchase promo cards in the future, will we be able to obtain those cards in a way that doesn't involve traveling to a convention?

    45. Ithry Collaborator on April 10

      @Matthew Bricker
      Apologies, but we will not be running a pledge manager for this campaign. We have also not sent out surveys for address collection yet. This will be done later this year when it gets closer to shipping time.

    46. Missing avatar

      Ed Hughes on April 7

      @Marcus Anthony:

      Other than Hayden Morgan, all of the Trials fighters are already represented in pixel tactics.

    47. Matthew Bricker
      on April 5

      Just a quick check up, has pledge manager gone out yet?

    48. Marcus anthony on April 5

      First off, with the tuckboxes, I am a big fan, especially if it comes as you described it. Second will we be getting another pixel tactics featuring the new characters from trials or maybe more full are leader cards.

    49. David B. Talton Jr. 16-time creator on April 3

      I am looking into the possibilities for producing the tuckboxes we talked about in the latest updated this week. As for the secret boss... I'll reveal that it's a Division 13 member, but that's it! :D

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