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The legendary fighting board game expands with BattleCON: Trials, featuring 10 new fighters, upgraded gameplay, and more!
The legendary fighting board game expands with BattleCON: Trials, featuring 10 new fighters, upgraded gameplay, and more!
The legendary fighting board game expands with BattleCON: Trials, featuring 10 new fighters, upgraded gameplay, and more!
1,336 backers pledged $78,668 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Istre 3 days ago

      Any new updates? Everything on schedule?

    2. Paul Johnson on March 6

      I will have to admit I've grown on the box. I could definitely see myself buying it if it were made, assuming everything turns out as it looks. However, I have another idea that might be more feasible and financially wise -- basically, it has two parts.

      First, to make those tuckboxes part of the default storage solution for BattleCON moving forward. If Trials comes out with the ability to hold its 10 tuckboxes, a game board, and whatever etc items necessary to play the game then that right there gives everyone a good small portable box. Then, when Devastation gets remastered, port the tuckbox storage solution to it -- now everyone has a big box. And of course if War or Fate ever get touched again they too could be ported into the system.

      Secondly, take those trays you showed off, with the 8 generic tuckboxes each, add a top to it (similar to a M:tG fatpack) and sell them individually. With those, people could port their older and/or promo characters into the tuckbox storage solution and everyone can get the storage solution that fits them and their collection personally. You could even have the tray lids be made out of clear plastic so that you can see into the tray and identify which tray has which characters without opening them, but I'm just spitballing with that.

      You won't have a giant enormous carry everything box, sure, but if you want to bring a couple fighters just slot them into the Trials box (or even just a tray with the 8th slot dedicated to tokens & trackers and the card based board) and if you want to bring a lot of fighters you bring the Devastation box.

      Lastly, a small aside, but if you do decide to go with any sort of tuckbox based storage solution (which I support the heck out of), please make sure to have a Force Special Action card with each tuckbox or else we're just going to move the base allocation problem to a new arena.

    3. David B. Talton Jr. 15-time creator on March 6

      @Rick: We're still waiting on a response back from the factory with our new electronic proof. I'm hoping to hear something this week.

      @Alistair: Thank you for this. <3

    4. Rick Haasnoot on March 6

      @David, any updates about our game? It's a little quiet here

    5. Alistair Toshiro Acapella Everitt on February 18

      I am interested in the box. The solution you have seems fine, but there could be some changes. The side compartment you have for the play mat and misc items could hold rulebooks, it looks like, with Dev going on top of the tuck-boxes. It seems that plastic would be the best solution for that divider, though. With about 8 tuckboxes in each holder, the weight will probably smash divider down if the box is mishandled or dropped. What if you were to use the same solution and have two long compartments stacked on top of one another for the mats and misc items? The difference would be that the top one has a wide gap on the bottom so it reaches the compatment underneath it to fit mats and manuals. And what about yransportation? I would recommend an add-on or higher pledge level that includes a "travel cooler". It has one strap, obviously very thick, and has the material coolers are made from that you put your Big Box into. I think that puffy, mettalic material would be best in case people use it in extreme heat so their box doesnt warp. It would be srung over one shoulder and the box would be on the side or the back. Maybe have a detachable satchel for taking individual tuckboxes on the go with enoigh space for a board and life counters so you can play at a wedding or in line at Disneyland or at a buffet. I have more, but will leave you with the fact that I love this idea, i will back this project, and i have already put aside $200 for it especially beacuse of how obsessed I am with this game line.

    6. Anthony on February 17

      Almost anything is better than my sandwich baggie method! Bonus points if it saves space.

    7. Marcus anthony on February 17

      I love the box, I'm definitely going to get one

    8. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Eskridge on February 16

      Oh, agreed with Charles Eastman: Rulebooks fitting in the box is definitely needed. I love the Smash Up Big Geeky Box but hate that rulebooks won't fit inside.

    9. Sleepyazn15 on February 16

      And as far as the concern goes if the games goes past 128. The devastation box would be a great secondary extension to hold more characters. ;)

    10. Missing avatar

      Charles Eastman on February 16

      The box has potential -- can you tell me if the rule books will fit? This was a 'fail' in the Smash-up big box ... I cant remember all the rules and need the books with the game.

      As others have posted, the tuck boxes sound awesome, even if the big box doesn't get the green light. Especially if the tokens will fit (along with sleeved cards) sign me up!!!

    11. Sleepyazn15 on February 15

      The go7 insert for devastation is great, but sadly is already saturated. I am definitely interested in the box, mostly for the tuck boxes. Honestly I would pledge for just the tuck boxes and bases. Hahaha.

    12. Bryan Rosander on February 15

      I'd like there to be a cutout on the tuckboxes to make them easier to open.

      At those prices, I'm more interested in the travel sized box with 16 characters. Getting 8 or so of those is also a great solution.

      Plastic tuckboxes without art are $2 or less. They take up more space, but I'm using them with my current solution at 2 characters per box or so.

    13. David B. Talton Jr. 15-time creator on February 15

      If there are any questions I didn't answer fully, feel free to post here.

    14. David B. Talton Jr. 15-time creator on February 15

      Thank you guys for participating in the short video of the box.

    15. David B. Talton Jr. 15-time creator on February 14

      I got in the big box yesterday (but I was super-sick and couldn't open it D:)
      I'll do a proper preview tomorrow and get everyone's opinions on it. Look out for it!

    16. Alistair Toshiro Acapella Everitt on February 10

      Thank you, Brad!!! I hope the Boss is some crazy other Level 99 Games Character like Anansi or Milquetoast.

    17. Anthony on February 10

      Well, that sounds like the good type of progress, and not the bad kind of progress. So that's good!

    18. David B. Talton Jr. 15-time creator on February 9

      Yes indeed, I do have progress to report! :D
      I'll post a full update tomorrow. :)

    19. Alistair Toshiro Acapella Everitt on February 9

      I know that it is a lot to ask for, but Millenium Blades ships out next week, can we have an update on this franchise?

    20. Cris Jesse on February 7

      Haven't seen any updates in a while. Are we still on for a May delivery estimate?

    21. Matthew Bricker on January 23

      Thank ye for response.

    22. Ithry Collaborator on January 23

      @Matthew Bricker
      We have not sent out surveys to collect addresses yet. This will take place later this year when it gets closer to shipping time.

    23. Matthew Bricker on January 21

      Did we already collect pledge info for this? I'm moving at end of this month, so just trying to get all my Kickstarters updated with new address. If we've already collected pledge info, who do I need to contact to update my address?

    24. Ithry Collaborator on January 11

      We are currently updating our website, yes! Hope you like it!

      We're currently in the process of ordering pre-season rewards. We should be contacting pre-season participants for addresses and sending out rewards for pre-season at the end of the month! Expect Season 1 to go live sometime this month.

    25. Anthony on January 10

      Hmm... looks like you had a website update! And the new game has me excited!

      But, is the Battlecon/Exceed league still in the works? I believe the pre-season ended, so any news on that front?

    26. Michael Johnson
      on December 31


      Awesome! Thanks for the response. Looking forward to 2017 for Level99

    27. Ithry Collaborator on December 30

      @Michael Johnson
      Not too much to report at the moment. We're hoping to finish up production on Trials next month and send it to press around then as well. Everything appears to be on schedule so far.

      I believe Brad mentioned this in the comments earlier, but we're planning on running a Kickstarter for the BattleCON storage box sometime in 2017. As we don't have too many details on this yet, we didn't mention it in the newsletter.

    28. Michael Johnson
      on December 29

      Just read the holiday update from Brad and didn't see any mention of this project or the (much, much, much anticipated, infamous!) large box storage solution for all things Battlecon.

      Any news on this front? =)

    29. Ithry Collaborator on December 21

      It does not look like we'll be hitting Rheye with slacker backing, but that doesn't mean you won't see her in the future!

    30. Audius the Fade Avenger on December 21

      BattleCon was a unique experience for me. I was able to play during lunch breaks with a few coworkers who happened to like it. They've since left the warehouse but we're all playing on TTS and trying to get anyone who's willing to play these games with us in our new homes.

      I love this game and am happy with the friends it helped me make in an unlikely place.

      I'm waiting for January for an update.

    31. Missing avatar

      Thomas on December 20

      I've just got a couple of questions:

      Are we any closer to Rheye Cal with the Slacker Backers?

      And when does the slacker backing end?

    32. Alistair Toshiro Acapella Everitt on December 14

      Out of the 30+ people I've attempted to play with, only two have liked it enough to play more than once. My local game shops are all about Magic and YuGiOh. Millennium Blades would go over well, but I love it too much for let it leave my house.

    33. Shawn M. Gage on December 12

      @Alistair You can always organize your own. Grab a few friends and host a meet up. Generally game shops have open tables available to play. I have been hosting meet ups for the past few months in the Orlando area the past few months, but took a break from BC for Arcadia Quest and a few other games. We'll be wrapping up with Block #6 this Friday.

    34. Alistair Toshiro Acapella Everitt on December 6

      Please Character Previews.... I finally recieved War Of Indines and am Jonesing for more!!!! Visited 4 gaming shops trying to convince them to set tournaments so i could get promo characters, too. Is there a way I can buy them seperately?

    35. Missing avatar

      Michał on November 27

      don't know what is your usual policy on foreign shipping since that was my first kickstarter project, but PLEASE, make storage box project avaliable in EU countries. with resonable shipping costs : )

    36. David B. Talton Jr. 15-time creator on November 26

      The holiday has put most of our contacts out of reach, but we are working on getting a prototype copy of the large storage box next month.

    37. Cris Jesse on November 26

      no updates for a while. any word on what's happening with the large storage box?

    38. Alistair Toshiro Acapella Everitt on November 25

      Can we have a character preview of the extra fighters we've unlocked? I'm very excited to ise the cardmancer from Millennium Blades!!!

    39. Missing avatar

      Stuart Coutts on November 19

      Marco wants to trade 2 weeks wages for Andrus.

    40. Missing avatar

      Michał on November 18

      so, any closer to unlocking andrus and rheye with shop pledges?

    41. Ithry Collaborator on November 14

      @Kyung-Su Lee

      1. Special Action has been replaced by Force Special Action as Force Gauge is now used for standard play. Normal Special Actions can still be used if you have them on hand and decide to not play with Force Gauge.

      2. I believe we'll be sticking with "Move" for the final version.

      3. We may be releasing .pdf files for these in the future, though I cannot say for sure at the moment.

    42. Missing avatar

      Kyung-Su Lee on November 8

      Q1. "Special Action" Is Gone?

      Q2. may be notice a Character's(War,Dev,Fate,promo) Text Change about "Move" issue?

      Q3. Can we Get Character Storage Box PDF?

    43. David B. Talton Jr. 15-time creator on November 7

      Rheye isn't really too much of a healer–she's more in the blistering-light-of-divine-judgment category

    44. Alistair Toshiro Acapella Everitt on November 5

      Have we gotten any close to that 100k goal??? I personally would rather have Rheye first! Want to see how a healer would do in a fight. Just up themselves two health every Beat?

    45. David B. Talton Jr. 15-time creator on October 31

      Apologies, but as the online store pledges are shipped from the US, we are not able to offer KS shipping rates for these.

      @Andrew Brumer
      These characters are currently out of print and there is no way to obtain them from us, apologies.

    46. Missing avatar

      Andrew Brumer
      on October 30

      Just out of curiosity is there any way to get the guest characters from the original Devastation Kickstarter?

    47. Jay on October 28

      is there a way to pledge in the online store and get the same as KS shipping rates? It's asking me for $38 to ship which is basically the same amount as the pledge.

    48. Anthony on October 27

      Sweet! Love the art you guys have put out for Battlecon.
      Hopefully we can get up to that additional character!

    49. David B. Talton Jr. 15-time creator on October 25

      We're over the $80k goal, so we're currently in the process of commissioning that extra artwork for the character guide :D

    50. Missing avatar

      Thomas on October 22

      How much closer are we to the next stretch goal, considering the slacker backers?

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