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Five brand new games, each able to fit in your pocket and each for a different occasion. Mystery, Tactics, Puzzle, and Storytelling!
873 backers pledged $43,888 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. J. Brandon Massengill

      Reddit users, I posted this just now. - - Feel free to up vote and comment.

    2. Avri

      How about uploading the tagboards to the BGG pages (under "Creative")?

    3. David B. Talton Jr. 20-time creator on

      We finished processing the video. I'll put it up tonight.

    4. SunscorchX on

      I want some more details on the Supervillain stretch goal!
      It sounds awesome, but please, some more information?

    5. Don Riddle

      you know what would help? GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE!! i'm not backing extra for Grimoire Shuffle until i see it in action!

    6. David B. Talton Jr. 20-time creator on

      Here it is!
      Feel free to upload images from the kickstarter to it. :)

    7. Toy203 on

      Wise move! Let's hope for a big big coverage!

    8. David B. Talton Jr. 20-time creator on

      Nice avatar! :D
      I suppose I shall make one then... ^_^

    9. Aaron on

      Blades of Legend needs a BGG page too.

    10. Sputang on

      Yup, if we can reach Master Plan, then the cost of each game goes down to about 7 bucks. And that's not even including the micro games. It's definitely worth the 20 seconds it takes to click on the above link and click the thumbs up button if it means a chance at a free game. At least for the 280+ backers that are getting the full library.