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Join Cora, our dual water-gun wielding heroine on a epic adventure in this unique open world platformer exclusive to Nintendo Wii U.
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Public BETA 3 Launch - Final Chapter and a new App!

Posted by Lewis Pugh (Creator)

First up a huge thank you to everyone who has been playing the latest public BETAs for Twisted Fusion. Since the public BETAs we have seen a huge uptake in people jumping in to try it out and a equally huge uptake in feedback being sent back to us.

We have now gone through all feedback sent in and have gone through our own personal / local bug lists and feature requests and we are now all complete with development tasks! 

So we welcome you all to the final stretch, one last public beta to squish any last bugs lurking before we send the game to Nintendo. Please, play your hearts out and let us know what you find!

We have swapped out the Wallpaper app with a new app called Tasks. First up, why did we remove the wallpaper app? 

It's never easy to pull stuff out of a game, especially when all the hard work is already done, but we have removed the wallpaper app for the big reason that it was a memory hog. Storing lots of high quality wallpaper alternatives eat into the precious memory we had to work with and could impact the game, especially when in multiplayer. The other reason was simple, testers were not using it. Almost all other apps got good use except the wallpaper app. So we made the difficulty decision in cutting wallpapers to free up lots of memory, of course this gave us a empty space to fill back in with something new...

The tasks app has a purple icon and can be found where wallpapers used to live. If you tap it you can find a overview of lots of useful information...

Here you can track progress of story items, collectibles, rewards, go gos saved and quests, separated by quest giver.  This app was also the most requested feature to add from BETA players and is a great way to not only track what your doing, but also a good tool to find out what else there is to do. 

Today we launch the third (and possibly last) public BETA for Twisted Fusion!

So whats new since BETA2?

  • New tasks app
  • Removal of Wallpaper app
  • jumping / falling system overhaul 
  • jetpacking overhaul 
  • lots of new NPCs to talk to, including Trials and Go Gos. 
  • new quest giver: Yellow Mage
  • new secret location
  • change to the scripting in the final battle
  • change to store prices 
  • clean up of some character profiles
  • new special effects 
  • performance improvments on Wii U 
  • LOTS of bug fixes

Walk: left arrow/ right arrow  
Jump / JetPack / Confirm in menus: Z
Shoot / Charge shot: X
Special / Sprinkler: C
Super-Speed Boots: V
Talk/enter doors: up arrow Launch Apps: +

To play the BETA, simply click here. It will launch in your browser, please wait while everything loads and refer to the controls on this pages. Have fun, explore, try out the new, unlocked abilities and please do let us know so we can improve the game even more. Thanks everyone again, please do give the latest BETA a spin and let us know what you think.

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