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Join Cora, our dual water-gun wielding heroine on a epic adventure in this unique open world platformer exclusive to Nintendo Wii U.
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Public BETA 2 Launch - Powered Up!

Posted by Lewis Pugh (Creator)

Welcome all! Since the 1st public BETA that was launched last week we've received a huge amount of feedback, so thank you everyone for playing and giving your feedback. 

Whilst you have been playing the latest BETA we have been busy taking your feedback into consideration and making changes where it makes sense. 

Today, we launch the 2nd public BETA, with changes made from you feedback, additional updates and giving you all access to the 4 core ability upgrades to help you test the game.

So what's need from player feedback?

  • Overhauled Jumping system
  • Decreased starting running speed
  • More enemies on screen at once
  • More varied spawn points for enemies 
  • Visual special effect when hit by enemy 
  • Visual special effect when shooting an enemy
  • increased height of collision boxes when hitting your head on a roof

Other changes?

  • additional visual special effect when shooting enemies with elemental advantage shot
  • Additional bug fixes on the 'my monster' app.
  • Added the last of the unlockable characters special moves.   
  • Increased speed of 'Super-Speed Boots' and improved visual effect trail.
  • bug fixes and improvements to multiplayer code
  • Level counters now visible in the shop to see level of boosts without selecting them
  • changes to elemental strengths for both 'my monster' app and special elemental attacks

Powered Up! - the following is unlocked from the start in this BETA!

  • JetPack - When in the air hold (Z) to use your JetPack.
  • Charge shot - Hold down (X) to charge your shot, release to fire.
  • Special (Sprinkler) - unique to each character, press (C) for Cora you drop a sprinkler for large damage to enemies who walk over it.
  • Super-Speed Boosts - Hold (V) while running to super run.

Walk: left arrow/ right arrow   
Jump / JetPack / Confirm in menus: Z
Shoot / Charge shot: X
Special / Sprinkler: C
Super-Speed Boots: V
Talk/enter doors: up arrow
Launch Apps: + 

To play the BETA, simply click here. It will launch in your browser, please wait while everything loads and refer to the controls on this pages. Have fun, explore, try out the new, unlocked abilities and please do let us know so we can improve the game even more.

Thanks everyone again, please do give the latest BETA a spin and let us know what you think. 


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    1. Josh Wise on

      I like the new features you added in. :)

      Since I am on Spring Break, I'll try to give some time to this beta.