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Join Cora, our dual water-gun wielding heroine on a epic adventure in this unique open world platformer exclusive to Nintendo Wii U.
Join Cora, our dual water-gun wielding heroine on a epic adventure in this unique open world platformer exclusive to Nintendo Wii U.
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    1. laith taha beden on

      you never send all my reward ??????

    2. Chris Z.

      Oh wait I'm a noob. I think the currency is the top right number? What are all the numbers at the bottom?

    3. Chris Z.

      Is the stuff that pops out of monsters and chests currency? I pick it up and my currency amount doesn't go up (assuming it's the number to the right of the three gems/coins at the bottom of the screen)

    4. laith taha beden on

      Whene you will shipped the reward ???
      You never talked abut that ???

    5. Ghislain on

      Release date tell on twitter, November 3rd, we will need a update for the detail, NOW !

    6. Chris Z.

      Hey, so I saw the trailer a while ago and finally thought to share some feedback. I thought it was a little annoying to see that when two characters talk that one pops up on the left and slides off the screen as the other character pops up on the right and talks etc back and forth. A better idea (not sure how hard or if too late) is to have both be shown at all times but the one talking is full color while the other seems to dim as if to show they aren't speaking. Or some other indicator to show who is talking, as with the game Recettear for example (you can easily find a YouTube video that shows game dialogue). Just a thought and not a huge deal but the bouncing left and right seemed awkward or clunky.

      The rest looks amazing and in depth since I was expecting a simple platformer lol. Looking forward to this!

    7. Chris Z.

      woohoo thanks for the update. Appreciate it!

    8. Lewis Pugh Creator on

      Hi Chris Z. Thanks again for supporting. Since the latest update I've been playing lotcheck ping-pong. However things are looking much positive currently. I have a tentitive launch window of early october to release in america and europe. Also expect to see lots of promotion for the game soon, ramping up next week.

    9. Chris Z.

      I was under the impression that you submitted this game to Nintendo already for approval etc. Nothing yet. Did something happen? Maybe everyone got their codes except me and i need to message you to get that sorted out? Or was there a delay, in that case what's the ETA? Thanks!

    10. Missing avatar

      Zackary Richardson

      Lewis, I hope in the future there will be a physical release for nintendo nx!

    11. laith taha beden on

      Congratulations that is a good news
      And i am very happy

    12. Chris Z.

      Thanks for answering me earlier. It's been almost a year now lol. Seems like we're closer to completion based on your last update, but is there a new soft target date for when we *might* expect keys to play this cool game? :)

    13. laith taha beden on

      I think the game will lunch for nx ????

    14. laith taha beden on

      hi its 2016 ??????????
      where is the game ???????????

    15. Thomas Wade on

      It's December 2015 now. Will this be released before Half-Life 3?

    16. laith taha beden on

      Hi i wish to play the game very soon

    17. Lewis Pugh Creator on

      Hi Chris Z and David Tims. I apologies for the delay on Twisted Fusion. It's definitely still a Wii U exclusive and the extra time has meant allot of extra features and content has gone into the game. I plan on having development completed early next month and then the game will be submitted to Nintendo. I hope you will all enjoy it when it lands and thank you for the support in making this game possible.

    18. Chris Z.

      ETA on final release for Wii U? Thanks.

    19. Waldar on

      Estimated delivery: Dec 2014

    20. Josh Wise on

      I think the game will be a mid-March release. What do you guys think?

    21. Josh Wise on

      Well I sort of believed it. *shrugs* Excited for the game?

    22. Ben Chaplin on

      It was almost entirely a joke comment.

    23. Josh Wise on

      I'm sure he is working hard on the game. He's been giving us updates on the game's progress with the release of different beta updates to show off the game. If I were to give a guess on a release date for this game it would be February/March.

      The game was almost finished last month but he said from before that he wanted to work on the multiplayer in the game so development had to be extended longer. I hope for more details on a release date too but until, just wait and listen.

    24. Ben Chaplin on

      How's development going guys? *sniff* I miss you. ;-; Remember the days when I got to play the beta levels?

      /sigh Where have the years gone... I bet Cora jumps just like she used to. T^T OH THE THINGS I SHOULD HAVE SAID

    25. Chris Z.

      Hi! December is almost over. Updates on the ETA of the download codes and game progress? Thanks!

    26. curtiscdragon on
      Hey Boss Man Hows the UK ! Over here in Texas its gettin colder and colder......Heard the BLOCK DROP X TWISTED FUSION was released today on WII U. The game looks great ! Boss your team and RCMADIAX looks like they did a great job on the game. Looking at all the beautiful art work and listening to the sounds of the game have me really anticipating the WII U release of Twisted Fusion. Keep up the good work !....Also thanks again for allowing me to be a part of this revolutionary title !

    27. Lewis Pugh Creator on

      No worries Ben, keep watching the updates and you will learn lots about this new environment. And thanks for the support!!

    28. Ben Chaplin on

      ICE RUINS?! Curse you lack of money during the fundraising, dooming me to a non-beta package! D:< CUUURSE YOUUUU

    29. Lewis Pugh Creator on

      Hello all! As a heads up this weeks update / beta update will be slightly delayed. The next update (&beta) is all about the weird and wonderful enemies of Evan, how they look and how they behave. Both should be up by tomorrow evening, should be worth the wait. Thanks for understanding.

    30. Josh Wise on

      Hey guys! These guys could use a few more backers for funding. :)

    31. Ben Chaplin on

      So, messing around in this new demo. Love the new jumping, it's very fluid. The falling is still kind of weirdly slow, but that's okay. And there's still a sharp downturn on the jetpack running out.

      I can still jump through certain floors. Mainly ones that are close to the ground and are the tiles with those dangly bits that, with the rock on the right and the dangle, looks like a dinosaur head. I also just had a slime charge me through an impassable wall, so watch out for that.

      There are two things I'm /sure/ you've noticed, but I'm posting anyway. The first is that, when heading down a slope, the camera jiggles constantly as though it's still trying to make you fall. The second is that when you jetpack along the bottom of a surface, it jiggles, forcing you between jet and fall and making the jetpack last longer.

      Still, the changes made are lovely. :) Still pumped for this.

    32. Ben Chaplin on

      That's the idea. :) I figured a good portion of the stuff I said you're aware of, but still, I wanted to get it down anyway just in case. I'll continue to do my part as much as I can. Good luck, keep on keeping on, all that.

    33. Lewis Pugh Creator on

      Hey Ben,

      Thanks for your feedback from the pre-beta demo! The more feedback we get the better the game will be :) of course this will be hugely important in the actual beta with users changes being rolled into the next beta updates.

      Allot of the stuff mentioned is general work in progress. Comments on movement / jumping is hugely important feedback so thanks again, hopefully will get lots more feedback in this area too, that's the main feedback I was hoping for from this.

      Also cheers again for your support and faith in Twisted Fusion, is going to be a very fun ride :)

    34. Ben Chaplin on

      Hey man, just got through with the demo getting all the chests and trying all the characters, and I'm really looking forward to the game. And while I know it's pre-beta and stuff, I still wanted to get my thoughts down.

      The jumping feels really unnatural. Going up is okay, but the sharpness between upward and downward movement is a bit sudden for the speed at which you jump. And going down is just all too slow (unless it's supposed to be the jetpack hovering, in which case, nice work).

      There are also a few weird things about it. There are several walls and floors you can just go through (other than the one you're supposed to), and that's pretty easy to recreate. And it's a little strange that the enemies keep chasing you while they're dying. Also, the enemies only move if you're directly level with you... Good and bad thing. Not a criticism necessarily, just a note.

      I like how the pistols handle in general, I like the animations (very smooth, very nice), and I'm REALLY looking forward to this game. And the pixel work is magnificent. :) Even in light of all the Smash Bros. hype, this game has a special car on the hype train reserved just for it.

    35. David Wagaman

      Nefarious is in it's final hours! Let's get it funded!

    36. Josh Wise on

      Hive Jump just relaunched! Platforms are PC/Mac/Linux and Wii U.

    37. curtiscdragon on

      Hello @Lewis Pugh sir.. Hows the other side of the world ! Ive never been to the UK Ive always wanted to visit. NPC art is ready and sent. You should have it now. Please let me know If my character works for ya. Hey thats a cool title screen poster showing all the characters. Looks like the controler support is going to be top notch as well. Just wanted to know how the multiplayer is going to work? Will it be somthing like Contra or Mega Man ???

    38. Josh Wise on

      Work in progress. They'll have something soon. Just wait. :)

    39. Waldar on

      So how's this game doing? Any updates or new footage? Transparency is cool, would like to see how things are going

    40. DeafTard on

      wait just saw it, AWESOME!!!!

    41. DeafTard on

      awesome lewis! cant wait to see it!

    42. curtiscdragon on

      Hello @LewisPugh sir. Just wanted to inform you that I have sent my NPC Backer art e-mailed to I made shure my character had a name, apperance and backstory as well. Please let me know if you have recieved the art, and if you have any questions about it .Thank you, thank you so much for the opportunity to be a character creator for you game. Its a dream come true. Your game is amazing I am so glad to be apart of it thanks again !!

    43. Lewis Pugh Creator on

      Thanks for the patience everyone! We have been working on a very cool collaboration behind the scenes and will be ready to reveal all today :D hope you enjoy!

    44. Nicholas Hoffman on

      Not to be rude but, will there be any updates soon. I'm kinda curious about how this project is doing. I know it's early and all but, I'm still interested in seeing how this will evolve from the trailer.

    45. curtiscdragon on

      Wow sir are you really working by youself I heard you had a team is that true?????

    46. Carmine Red on

      Hey Fellow Backers!

      I am always finding these sorts of game projects for consoles (especially Wii U) almost too late, so I hope no one minds if I I try to help spread the word about some projects that are just getting off the ground now! We can make a big difference for these if we get involved early, and some of these have really achievable (lower) goals! (yes Josh I already pledged!)

      Hopefully one or more of the above caught your interest, I know they all have my backing!

    47. curtiscdragon on

      Hello @Lewis Pugh I have some great ideas for my npc charater. Cain't wait to show you the pics, look of the character and back story.....its on !

    48. Josh Wise on

      Haha! I didn't even notice I backed 2 KS starring 2 red heads. :)

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