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Magically shrinking thousands of pounds of cast iron, hundreds of years of printing history, and taking it everywhere in Portland

The awesome book-tastic launch party is going to be Sunday, February 27th at the amazing art gallery / artists space Disjecta in North Portland. Check out the 'Updates' section to learn more!

Let's take letterpress out of the print shop and bring it to the people. Letterpress PDX, my new business creation, will take small portable letterpresses and travel to any location in the Portland Metro area for demonstrations and workshops on the history of printing and the art of letterpress. By helping fund my kickstarter project, you'll help me bring the art and history of letterpress printing to educational centers, private parties and fundraising events, streetfairs, and stores ― where lovers of books, arts & crafts, and the written word, can enjoy this old and venerable technique in a new and modern way.

In just 30 minutes, anyone can gain an understanding of letterpress printing basics that will change the way they look at books & printed material forever. I love showing people how individual pieces of type fit together and how a printing press works. I want to give as many people as possible the amazing experience of letterpress printing a card or bookmark for the first time. Demonstrations and workshops will be modified to suit groups of any size or age; from a 30 minute in-classroom event for 1st graders with short attention spans to an all-day workshop designed specifically for serious scrapbookers. And for those who wish to explore letterpress and bookmaking further, I'll continue to offer classes at my studio with my full-sized press and a larger selection of printing paraphernalia.

Mind your p's and q's. In a world quickly moving from the physical to the digital, and where the very definition of a book is changing, it's even more important to understand the history of printing. By experiencing first-hand where some of our everyday sayings and typographic terms come from, we not only gain an appreciation for an elegant & traditional craft, but also encourage a deeper understanding of our current information technologies.

I need your help to get this mobile letterpress printing show on the road. I'm cashing in all my trades with friends and doing as much of the work myself as possible. I've purchased several smaller versions of my big Chandler & Price platen press (1500lbs, circa 1910). I've found several small type drawers that I'm fitting with lids to secure them for transport. I've collected some small printers' cuts (illustrations cast in metal). I've set up a business plan, researched a marketing plan, designed a logo, done a photo shoot, and am working on a promotional video. And I'm getting close to making this dream of accessible, affordable letterpress a reality!

Kickstarter funds will be spent on:

new rollers for the small presses
2 or 3 more decorative fonts
paper & envelope stock
custom photopolymer plates for printing illustrations
a collapsible cart for transporting equipment to and from my car
sandwich-board and banner signs
insurance so we're street-legal
retrofitting vintage suitcases for displaying cards & other letterpress material
setting up accounting system
collapsible table
creation of information packets and curriculum

Let's spread the word. Literally. Even if you can't be part of my Kickstarter campaign, it would still be great if you could look me up on the Letterpress PDX Facebook Page, or subscribe to the Letterpress PDX Mailing List

More about me: I love books, and have worked in various capacities with the form of the book and the printed word for nearly ten years. I currently teach letterpress classes privately and at Atelier Meridian Print Studio in Portland, and work with clients from around the world on freelance design, marketing, and publishing consulting projects. Some of my previous clients include Future Tense Books, Lesma e Lula Press, and Brian Marki Fine Art. While attending the Masters in Publishing program at Portland State University, I worked with their trade publisher Ooligan Press as Marketing Manager as well as design team member, and led demonstrations and workshops in PSU's letterpress studio. I've worked for an antiquarian book store in Seattle (Wessel & Lieberman Booksellers), the rare book room at the Multnomah County Library (John Wilson Room), and at Ampersand Bookstore & Gallery in Portland.

Special note for anyone who doesn't live in Portland, Oregon. My friend Kyle of Power & Light Press is working on a similar (but different!) endeavor that will be traveling around the United States. It's called Movable Type. Please check out and support her project too!


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    Letterpress card or postcard printed during one of my workshops by a student, and mailed to you as a special thank-you! Check out the cards pictured in the mini-film for the project for examples of what you might receive.

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    Letterpress-printed thank you postcard that's also your ticket to the Letterpress PDX launch party! There will be live music, a book petting zoo, tasty eats & drinks, and opportunities for everyone to print something on the letterpress (location and date tbd, sometime in Late Jan. or early Feb.)

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    "Expose Yourself to Letterpress" 11.5x17.5in poster (details on my kickstarter Updates page) + 1 ticket to Letterpress PDX party.

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    2 tickets to the upcoming Letterpress PDX party at Disjecta in North Portland, Sunday, February 27th. Hand-printed postcards will act as your ticket to the booktastic event of the season with plenty of entertainment, good eats, literary arts & crafts, and neato raffle prizes you can win just for showing up! PS if you'd like to purchase a bloc of tickets to give to friends and family, contact me directly and I'll set you up!

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    Attend a mini-letterpress workshop just for kickstarter supporters (2-3 hrs, two dates in Jan. + two in Feb. tba) + 1 ticket to Letterpress PDX party + “Expose Yourself to Letterpress” poster.

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    Join me in the studio or on letterpress out-calls, and live the life of a printer and educator for a day. + 1 ticket to Letterpress PDX party + “Expose Yourself to Letterpress” poster.

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    Voucher for $125 towards letterpress classes at my studio + 2 tickets to Letterpress PDX party + “Expose Yourself to Letterpress” poster.

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    Letterpress PDX will come to you! 2-3hr workshop or demonstration at your school, office, or party in the Portland Metro area. + 2 tickets to Letterpress PDX party + “Expose Yourself to Letterpress” poster.

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    You are super awesome! So awesome, in fact, that your name (or that of your pet) will be indelibly etched (on a tasteful plaque) into the history of letterpress (i.e. mounted on one of my small presses). Okay, so maybe it isn't as grand as getting a disease or butterfly species named after you, but you'll know that "Harold" or "Pookie" will be traveling and printing and entertaining multitudes in the years to come. You'll receive a photo and commemorative certificate to remind you of your namesake, a voucher for $300 worth of mobile letterpress services or studio classes, 2 tickets to the Letterpress PDX party, and “Expose Yourself to Letterpress” poster.

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    Wow, you really really love books and/or printing! To honor your commitment to the cause, you totally deserve to have a library named after you. At my studio I have close to a hundred books on books (bookbinding, printing, history, design, typography), and though it may not be as grand as most memorial libraries, I'm always encouraging people to come hang out in my comfy chair, sip some tea, and browse the books & zines. Well, this little resource nook will now bear your name (or that of your pet) on a tasteful plaque. You'll receive a photo and commemorative certificate to remind you of your namesake, a voucher for $300 worth of mobile letterpress services or studio classes, 2 tickets to the Letterpress PDX party, and an "Expose Yourself to Letterpress poster.

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