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Let's Patch makes growing your own food easy. Self-watering and compact, it's designed for urban gardeners and families on the go.

Watering is the biggest challenge for growing healthy plants at home.

Take the guesswork out of growing your own fresh, nutritious herbs and greens with Let’s Patch! Our lightweight, self-watering Patch Planters are user-friendly for kids, grownups and, well, everyone! After a soft launch with our local community and a bunch of elementary school classrooms, we have come up with the perfect formula for fresh, healthy herbs and greens every time. With your support we can go from beta to mega, bringing Patch Planters and a healthy, sustainable food source into more homes around the world.

When it comes to food, if you grow it you will eat it. Especially with kids.

Imagine if we all started to grow even just a small amount of our own food. Think of how this would benefit our health and lifestyle. Imagine 20 years down the line if kids started growing their own food now. Our current food systems are broken. Let’s Patch it up! Our low-tech, self-watering Patch Planter makes growing good food easy peasy. Come on everyone, Let’s Patch!

Inside the Patch Planter

The wicking leg pulls water up from the reservoir and delivers it to the plant’s roots
The wicking leg pulls water up from the reservoir and delivers it to the plant’s roots

The Science: Patch Planters ‘self water’ by using a technique called sub-irrigation that allows the water to moisten the soil through capillary action and keep plant roots healthy and growing. Think sea sponge.

The Dimensions: Each Patch Planter is 12”x 6”x 6”, holds 4 litres or 1 gallon of soil and 2 litres or 0.5 gallons of water in the water reservoir. Folded down and flat-packed, Patch is only 12”x 6”x 1” which makes for easy and affordable shipping and storage.

The Material: The Patch Planter body is made with Tyvek, a high-density and durable material which has all the properties of paper, film and fabric. It’s fully recyclable, washable and stain resistant.

We need your support!

In order to go from beta to mega, we need to take our manufacturing process to a whole new level. That includes:

· Upgraded materials, such as switching from wood to bamboo for the batten pieces

· Longer-lasting reservoir support made with injection mold pieces

· New large-scale manufacturer with higher minimum quantities

All this adds up to a sizable chunk of capital required. We’re looking for you to support our move from a local prototype to a product that has the potential to influence urban agriculture and provide a sustainable source of food for the future. This is where you come in!

When you buy a planter from Let’s Patch you are enabling change. When you grow your own food with Let’s Patch you are joining a movement.

Be part of our healthy and delicious future – Let’s Patch!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Let’s Patch was created in early January 2012 and since then we have tested our product from every angle. We reached out various demographics, such as elementary schools and food bloggers, to give them an opportunity to try the Patch Planter for themselves and provide valuable feedback.

We are extremely proud of our self-watering planter design. After working within our community and slowly expanding our reach, we are ready to take Let's Patch to the next level: we want to go global.

We need your help to make this game-changing method of growing food a reality and make a positive impact on communities around the corner and around the globe!


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    When you get to the Manage Pledge page. Type in the total pledge amount and make sure your reward is selected correctly below. That's it. You're done!

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  • The Patch Planter is designed to allow water to enter the soil through capillary action; essentially the same process by which a paper towel, or sponge soaks up water. This process ensures the plants in your Patch always have the perfect amount of water. All you have to do is make sure there is water in the reservoir. Easy!

    Plants that water themselves! Patch Planters use the sponge-like system of subirrigation so the soil always has the perfect amount of water.

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  • Once a week will be more than sufficient in the early stages of growth. Once the plant is mature and quite large you may need to add water to the reservoir every 2-3 days particularly if it is quite hot.

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  • The best and really only type of soil (or as the pros say “growing medium”) to use in your Patch is called Potting Mix. This mix is available at your local garden centre or hardware store.

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  • You can grow edibles, particularly high-value crops that spoil easily. We’ve started out with basic culinary herbs and greens as a way for us to launch this easy DIY system and will be releasing more growing options in the near future (think salads, peppers, cucumbers and more!). So, what do we recommend that you grow? Grow anything that loves moisture and doesn’t need too much depth for this 6” planter. Sub-irrigation means lots of moisture, so we encourage our growers to stick with herbs and edibles that like this environment. Culinary herbs grow really well, as do leafy greens and kale.

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  • We do not recommend growing flowers in your Patches, unless they are nasturtiums or other edible flowers. Why? Because we believe that this thoughtfully designed growing system can do more than just grow pretty blossoms – it can feed you and your family!

    Of the all the herbs in the culinary spectrum we can plant almost all of them, but we have discovered that two don’t play nice with our planters: rosemary and sage. The main reason being that they prefer super dry climates like a desert so a consistent amount of water in the soil simply won’t work.

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    The Patch team will come to your home and set up a Patch prototype garden that will provide you with all of the fruits & vegetables that you can eat. We will be making you dinner while professing our undying gratitude!

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