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Outwit your opponents in this blind-bidding, variable powers strategy game about building awesome Gadgets!
Outwit your opponents in this blind-bidding, variable powers strategy game about building awesome Gadgets!
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    1. Michael Cofer Collaborator on

      @Calvin Thanks for the thorough feedback! Some of the stuff you mentioned I think has been addressed already, but even if I think it's covered, what matters is if the players have the info they need. So, let's go point for point
      1) There's a note on the bottom of page 8 that says it can be recalled from any Part. If the note as written is unclear, let me know.
      2) !!! I think we omitted that step! You flip ALL tokens in play face up between the Parts and Gadget phases. I'll be adding a note to that effect back in.
      3) As you alluded, this is one of the reasons that we add new gadgets if no one builds. It isn't a good strategy by any means, since if they never build with that Part, they're wasting useful Tokens. Of course, as soon as they DO build with that Part, control will revert to someone else - even if they only have 1 Token value on it. Also, any 3-5 Tokens used this way would be gone for the rest of the game!
      4) You have assumed rightly that they simply have less than 5 to place. Making use of the Recall between Rounds can often prevent this. This is another reason we continue to add Gadgets when noone builds - to disincentivize piling tokens on the same 2-3 parts round after round.
      I'm glad you guys have been enjoying the previous Letiman Games. I can't wait to get this one into everyone's hands!

    2. Calvin Luscombe

      Nice! With regards to the rule book there are a few things are not clear to me (apologies if these have been pointed out in a previous post and I missed it). 1) When you remove a power token from a part to activate a power does the power token need to be on a part used to build that gadget or can the power token be removed from any part? 2) Exactly when do you flip over the face down control tokens? I assume this is done at the beginning of the control phase but for clarity of the rule book it would be nice to explicitly state "At the end of the parts phase reveal all face down tokens". Also, while not ambiguous, the example of of purple player building Gravtreads would be improved if the purple player had 2 or more tokens on magnet or boots (showing the remove *all* tokens). 3) There also seems to be a potentially game breaking strategy issue, specifically since you do not need to remove your tokens if you do not purchase a gadget, and no one can use a part if they do not control it then what stops a player from dominating a part that is need for all the currently face up gadgets simply by keeping lots of control tokens on that part and not spending them. This may not be optimal especially since the addition of another gadget every turn none are purchase, and I haven't play tested enough to be sure, but it does bring up another issue not explained in the rule book. 4) What happens if all of a players tokens are already on the board at the beginning of the parts phase? I assume that the "each player may..." implies that if you do not have enough tokens to place 5 then you can place as many as you have. A clarifying comment somewhere stating something like "once all your tokens are on parts you must either build or make use of the end of round remove tokens phase to be able to place tokens in the following parts phase". BTW Dirigible Disasters is rocking my world and my fiancee loves Dino Rancher thanks for creating awesome games!!

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      dot bryan on

      very impressive!!