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True Horror Campaign RPG
True Horror Campaign RPG
True Horror Campaign RPG
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    1. Gary Anastasio


    2. John Ickes

      Update please?

    3. Missing avatar

      andy reynolds on

      a dice bag would but cool but a t shirt with epic artwork would be cool to.

    4. Mike0815

      Happy Birthday and congrats on the successful campaign!

    5. Jesper Peterson

      @Lester Happy birthday, and congratulations on a successful campaign.

    6. John Ickes

      Happy Birthday Les; looks like you are getting a great present.

    7. Shane Bradley

      A six demon bag would be a nice stretch goal. Hint hint...

    8. Kairam Ahmed Hamdan on

      Some extra info: the book will be A4/Letter size, right? please don't do it small like A5.

      What about shipping, you said you had looked into some ways to ship the books in a less expensive way, any further news?


    9. Lester Smith 16-time creator on

      That is a valid question, John. Originally I thought that $9000 was out of reach. But when all the limited edition books are claimed, about 30 PDF pledges would get us to $9000. We already have 24 PDF backers, so it's quite possible. Time to start thinking about a $9k bonus.

    10. John Ickes

      @Lester: what if we hit $9000?

    11. Lester Smith 16-time creator on

      David, I should add that there will almost certainly be a quick-start adventure with example characters, skills, and combat rules before this Kickstarter ends.

    12. Lester Smith 16-time creator on

      Hi, David. Asking a designer to classify their game may result in vagueness. Same with asking what other game it is like. We hate to cubbyhole them, so we may dodge the question. :-)

      That having been said, I would point you to the D6xD6 rules online at You'll see my personal design philosophy in action there: Story based I suppose, with crunchy mechanics that are more than rules-lite but not encyclopedic. I'm a formalist poet (sonnet structure, etc.) who believes the form is an essential skeleton, but it should disappear behind the muscle and flesh of story. The same with game design.

      As with D6xD6, I believe the D13 dice and tasks mechanic to be unique. Unlike D6xD6, D13 has number ratings for individual attributes and skills. Like D6xD6, the combat sequence is quick: a single dice roll accounts for success, effectiveness, and turn order. (I hate when games lock you into one initiative roll, and then a great attack roll is followed by a wimpy damage roll or vice versa.) Unlike D6xD6, weapons have numbered damage ratings (though I think you'll find this unique when you see it). Add on psychic rules with a crunchy card-based mechanic, and optional ways to incorporate a spirit board, and the D13 core rules are necessarily larger than D6xD6's.

      One-shots or campaigns and maim/kill/madness are covered by the same answer: The GM is free to run unrelated adventures that truly risk characters' lives and minds, but each player's characters are unknowingly incarnations of a spiritual meta-character whose own existence is weakened by loss of those incarnations. So though a character may die, the meta-character has a larger campaign significance. You can learn more in Update #3, especially through its link.

      But let me summarize with this. The point is horror. True horror leaves a mark on body or psyche, or even actual destruction. Without this risk, a game is not horror, it's just spooky or scary. But without some sort of ongoing thread for a player there is no campaign.

      As for specific mechanics, I'll admit I'm asking people to trust me based on quality of my previous work. My main Origins award was for Dragon Dice, which demonstrated that dice could be as individual as collectible cards and with game mechanics just as rich. And I'm confident that D6xD6's one-stat system is as unique. The D13 system has a lot of unique going on, but I'm still polishing and play-testing. I'm not trying to be coy. It's just my nature to have a solid draft before revealing it. Backer critique then polishes and perfects.

    13. Lester Smith 16-time creator on

      Thanks the cover questions, Jussi. They are printed, with UV coating to highlight the text and spots of the art to make them shine. I'm thinking of having the ghosts highlighted on the cover illustration. Cloth with a dust jacket is beyond the budget for this project, as is leather, I'm afraid. (And I hope you'll forgive the confession that I'm vegan. No offense intended.)

    14. David South on

      @Lester Smith, I would love to know more about the game itself. How would you classify it? OSR, narrative, rules-lite, simulationist, story-focused, combat-focused?

      Is it designed for one-shots or campaigns?

      What sort of game/system is it most similar to? Such as Call of Cthulhu, Apocalypse World, Pathfinder, Fate, Savage Worlds, Gumshoe, Fiasco, etc?

      How exactly does it let you maim, drive insane or kill PCs without killing the campaign, as it says on the campaign page? Do you fix this via GM advice or through mechanics (or both)?

      Thanks and I would love to hear your responses, the game seems quite interesting.

    15. Jussi Myllyluoma

      Hi Lester,
      Could you tell us a bit more about what the covers will be like -- will you have printed covers, or something to really match the premium quality of the smythe-sewn binding like cloth with a dust jacket, or even (drool) leather...?

    16. Stefano Carluccio on

      Pledged now, thanks a lot for all your work! ;)

    17. Lester Smith 16-time creator on

      Thank you for pushing us over the top, Chris!

      And yaay indeed Shane. :-D

    18. Shane Bradley

      Yaay we funded

    19. Chris Gagnon on

      I believe I just made the last purchase needed for funding. Congrats on successful funding!!

    20. Kairam Ahmed Hamdan on

      I had an idea to use the personalized letters as a d13, instead of using 19 letters, use only 13 and you have a d13!


    21. John Ickes

      Here is a circular Spirit Board:…

      As for using the Tarot, I am willing to look at any ideas regarding using the Major arcana, I have been reading the cards for over 40 years.

    22. Lester Smith 16-time creator on

      There will indeed be a preview set of rules later this month. I started building the game text online at (as I'd done with the D6xD6 game at

      For now I've taken down that game text while making some changes (especially to the setting description). But the plan is to restore it soon.

    23. Lester Smith 16-time creator on

      For spirit board I've been using a standard Ouija board so far. But I think any board with A-Z in two rows will work. Can you point me to an online image of a circular one, John?

    24. Lester Smith 16-time creator on

      I'm still developing major arcana uses, John. Play-test to this point has been with a poker deck just to make sure the suits idea works. So I can't yet give an educated answer to which tarot deck. But anything with four suits, a fool, and a hanged man will do for starters.

    25. John Ickes

      Also does it need to be a standard Ouija board lay out or would a circular Spirit board work as well?

    26. Lester Smith 16-time creator on

      More info to come, Olaf. Thanks. :-)

    27. flyaturtle~ Mage at Saga World Builder

      The ones we're about to unlock :)

      Would love some sneak peek updates at some of the pages and more info about the starter adventures

    28. John Ickes

      What Tarot deck would you recommend for use with the game?

    29. Olaf Buddenberg on

      Chuck McGrew brought me here! I have always liked your work, Lester, and this sounds promising. So say no more and take my money!


      Well, er, actually please do say more! ;)

    30. Lester Smith 16-time creator on

      Hi, Hagalaz. Thanks for the questions.

      Re the names, the printer says they'll be stamped. I've not seen a specific example. All I can say for sure is that the copies I have of Andy Hopp's books have title, other text and specific parts of the cover art given a UV coating that makes them stand out. For example, the words "Alphabeast Soup" and "Written and Illustrated by Andy Hopp" shine, as do the illos' eyes and gems on the crown. I'll ask the printer more specifics about those personalized names.

      Regarding the tarot deck, psychic powers in the game fall into four categories, each represented by a specific suit. Cards are turned up until pips in your suit reach a target number, but all the suits drain life points. Higher skill levels allow you to apply more than one suit to your target number, so less life is spent for the same effect. Normally you can stop drawing cards when the cost gets too high, but there's a possibility of drawing a card that makes the power rage out of control at risk to the user's life.

      The spirit board is currently used to track turn sequence and combat position. As in the D6xD6 RPG, a single roll determines success, effect, and "initiative," so the two rows of 13 letters on a spirit board match to the 13 numbers on a dice roll. And the board itself serves as a "combat map," showing which characters are in brawling range, or throwing range, or shooting range, or just in sight, or out of sight. I'm play-testing other possible applications.

      Tarot decks, GM screens, and spirit boards (ideally with a dry erase coating) may be future items, especially if this Kickstarter goes beyond basic funding. You're right that those would be great add-ons, and they can certainly be published through DriveThruRPG and DriveThruCards. I've done card decks there, and they can do GM screen inserts, plus posters and game tiles. I guess it's time to start planning such things!

    31. Hagalaz on

      Sorry for another question...and how are the names printed on the covers? Do you have examples of how they look? Thanks again.

    32. Hagalaz on

      Can the use of Tarot Decks and Spirit Boards for game mechanics be explained ? Will there be any special decks or gm screens , dice ...etc. Be available for add-on with this project. Thanks

    33. Shane Bradley

      Backing another Lester Smith project?? How can I say no lol