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A dungeon crawling game with a Kickstarter-only premium deck!
A dungeon crawling game with a Kickstarter-only premium deck!
117 backers pledged $1,947 to help bring this project to life.


Creatures and Cards poker deck game - Limited Edition!



This one-week "All in 1, 1-Hit Wonder" Kickstarter is a follow-on to our popular "1s and 0s" project. The goal is to print a limited-edition boxed premium deck!

A fighter, a wizard, a priest, and a thief walk into a dungeon. The dragon says, “Sounds like a party!”

In the Creatures and Cards game, each player assumes the role of a fantasy hero, each with a unique power. Individually, they battle monsters for treasure and followers. At game's end, the player with the most treasure and followers wins!

What is "All in 1"? Throughout March, Kickstarter is featuring one-week projects with four different themes: "1s and 0s," "1-Hit Wonder," "1 Night Only," and "1st-Time Creator." 

What is "1-Hit Wonder"? This theme means a single pledge level. Ours is "The One and Only!"

Fighter & Thief
Fighter & Thief
  • The Fighter kills multiple Monsters with a single blow!
  • The Thief steals Treasure from other Heroes!

Like other Popcorn Press card games, the Creatures and Cards rules began with a poker deck. Our "1s and 0s" project paid for illustrating a print-and-play deck.  

Our goals with this new project are to …

  • Print a boxed premium edition, for Kickstarter backers only!
  • Add 4 unique Jacks illustrations to the deck!

Just 100 pledges! 

100 backers allows us to … 

  • Print this unique edition at bulk-rate costs, so we can offer the deck at just $15—including US shipping (and cheaply to other parts of the globe). 
  • Hire Len Peralta to add 4 individual Jack illos to those already contracted.

Just one week! 

We have just 7 days for this project, so please join, and spread the word!

Wizard & Priest
Wizard & Priest
  • The Wizard attacks Monsters anywhere in play!
  • The Priest heals Followers and rescues them from Discard! 

Illustration is by renowned artist Len Peralta. This page shows examples of his work for this deck. More will be revealed in project updates.

Game design is by the Origins-Award-winning Lester Smith. Click these free rules to try it with a standard poker deck!

Free rules! So why back the project? Well …

  • This is a special boxed, premium edition of the game, available only to backers. This edition will never be republished. 
  • The 4 Jacks illos will give the deck a full set of unique Face Cards. 
  • It also means a one-time-only premium edition of the Add-On cards detailed below. 


At project's end, backers can add the following items to their rewards:

A. Premium 4̶-̶P̶a̶c̶k̶  5-Pack Heroes and Djinn!

Our previous project funded illustration of 3 new Heroes, plus a Djinn. This new project has already added a 4th bonus Hero! 

At project end, the premium 5-Pack will be available to backers for just $1 each! (Normally $2 for a standard edition.)

("1s and 0s" Bonus: Backers of the previous project who back this new one will receive a premium 5-Pack for free with every deck as a special thank-you.)

B. Extra Decks!

After the project, backers can add more decks for just $12 each, with no added shipping!

Bonus Goals

  • $1250 in the 1st day—FUNDED! The original premium 4-Pack is now a premium 5-pack! That's 4 added Heroes and the Djinn. 
  • $2000 raised. If we raise $2000, the premium 5-pack will become a premium 6-pack! That's 5 Heroes and the Djinn.

Please be a hero and join us!

Your rewards will be treasure, followers, and eternal honor!

Risks and challenges

Artist Len Peralta is a pro who has worked with us before. He always delivers impressive work on time.

Designer and publisher Lester Smith has run 11 successful Kickstarters before and has been a contributor to several others. Although he is admittedly prone to over-booking, the rules to this game are already designed and tested, illustration is already underway, and his Popcorn Press publishing team has experience printing card games. We've built an extra month into the delivery time as well, to allow for any unexpected problems.

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