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Music legend Lester Chambers, from The Chambers Brothers, is putting out an album & advocating artists rights. Join him!
2,193 backers pledged $61,084 to help bring this project to life.

All the things are packed and en route!

Looking good, Lester!

Sorry it's taken so long to get all the physical perks packed and shipped but Lester and Dylan have been doing the best they can. Everything is done! We cannot wait for you to get your hands on these pieces of music history!

-Alexis & Team Lester

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    1. Creator Mike Marshall on January 16

      Still no package received and no reply to several messages left here and on Facebook. For a person who was so severely ripped off, there doesn't seem to be any concern about doing the same to someone who jumped at the chance to help your cause. It's a very disappointing lesson that cost me $130.00

    2. Creator Jeff Roffey on September 17, 2014

      Still have not received my "More Cowbell" package....le sigh

    3. Creator Mike Marshall on January 9, 2014

      Has anyone else in Canada received their cowbell yet? It's been a while since all things were packed and en route.

    4. Creator Frank Mazzarone on December 3, 2013

      I did finally receive my cd, but was disappointed to find no liner notes in the cd. As you've made it impossible to even download the digital liner notes without signing up for a Scribd account or a Facebook account, I'm stuck without an liner notes showing I participated in funding this album. The whole point of "liner notes" is to include them with the album! Otherwise, how are they liner notes?

    5. Creator Nala Rollo on November 27, 2013

      Still no CD here...

    6. Creator Martin Johns on November 13, 2013

      I'm at least happy to see I'm not the only one who hasn't received my CD yet.

    7. Creator Christopher Bushman on November 13, 2013

      hmm, I seem to not have received the cd yet. I am excited though. Can't wait Lester! :)

    8. Creator Ronnie Litchfield on November 2, 2013

      I received my cow bell, t-shirt, and CD today via USPS. Thanks Lester!

    9. Creator Paul Adamsbaum on November 1, 2013

      How about it Lester and Alex? Those of us who believed in your project, and donated our money nearly a year ago, are not only disappointed that we haven't received the CD/Shirt/Cowbell/etc. but are even more disappointed by your lack of accurate and forthright communication. How about an update commensurate with the passion those of us showed you when we supported your project last winter? Posts have been unanswered. E-mails have been unanswered. Respectfully, what's going on?

    10. Creator Peter J. Cooper on October 29, 2013

      Still not recieved my cd.

    11. Creator Kat Hilbish (deleted) on October 24, 2013

      So glad you are feeling better! I haven't received my package yet... :-)

    12. Creator Harusami on October 21, 2013

      Still no cowbell here either... perhaps it's being delivered by an actual cow? :)

    13. Creator Ronnie Litchfield on October 19, 2013

      Over one month since this update stating that "All the things are packed and en route!" Still no cow bell at my house. What gives?

    14. Creator Charles N on October 14, 2013

      I got my cowbell and t-shirt on Friday! Thank you and I hope all is going well, Lester!

    15. Creator Kevin Mitchell on October 14, 2013

      I am enjoying the digital download :) Still waiting for the prize package! I like this year around Christmas feeling and music. Long Live Rock ! ! !

    16. Creator monkeygrudge on October 11, 2013

      i, too, am awaiting delivery.

    17. Creator Paul Adamsbaum on October 5, 2013

      Nothing received yet. I just sent an e-mail to

    18. Creator Rusty Whitcroft on October 4, 2013

      Dear Mr Lester,
      Thank you for the great group of items. Listened to the cd straight away yesterday in the car. Love the opening track. Thanks again and take care.
      Everyone else, be patient. Your time will come...

    19. Creator seth elalouf on October 4, 2013

      Still waiting for the LP & T-Shirt.

    20. Creator Ronnie Litchfield on October 3, 2013

      Nothing received yet.

    21. Creator Harusami on October 1, 2013

      Looking forward to getting my cowbell! Hope Lester is recovered from the attack. Love & hugs!

    22. Creator Chris N on September 26, 2013

      got mine! the download links do n't seem to work any more though :(

    23. Creator Tracy Blackwell on September 26, 2013

      Nothing yet...

    24. Creator David Mikal Johnson on September 24, 2013

      has anyone received their boxes yet? just returned from vacation and may have missed my delivery.

    25. Creator Charles N on September 20, 2013

      Wow, that is a lot of boxes!

    26. Creator Corrodias on September 19, 2013

      That is quite a wall of boxes.

    27. Creator Kevin Brztowski on September 13, 2013

      Thanks for the update Les

    28. Creator BooSpaceHamster on September 12, 2013

      So happy to see you complete your goals Lester, please focus on recover now and enjoy yourself and your family, you've more than earned it. I plan to give the CD to my folks as a gift as they liked some of your older songs.

      I know it probably wont happen since they've nearly unlimited funds to fight you legally but I'd love to see you guys hire someone to sue the pants off Columbia and recover your rights to your old music. Reissues or even just the sales on Itunes/amazon mp3s would probably bring in more than this CD did as it's more well-known and has exposure to a very large customer base, it hurts to see they're still making cash off your music.

    29. Creator Susan Gosman on September 12, 2013

      Wow! That's a lot of hard work. Thanks so much - now please take a much-needed break.

    30. Creator David Stroud on September 12, 2013

      Worth the wait, I'm sure. Thanks for the update and best to you both!

    31. Creator Augustine Flores on September 12, 2013

      Looking Good Lester, this is going to be Epic!

    32. Creator Jamie Dutton on September 12, 2013

      Thanks for the picture and the update. Everything is looking good! Wow, that is a whole lot of boxes. It's good to see Lester up and around too. Good luck with everything, guys!
      Can't wait to get my cd :)

    33. Creator Peter J. Cooper on September 12, 2013

      I can't wait to receive my package. Thanks for keeping us updated.
      Be well.