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Music legend Lester Chambers, from The Chambers Brothers, is putting out an album & advocating artists rights. Join him!
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Shirt Design Complete! (Survey for your size & shipping info in your inbox)

Posted by Lester Chambers & Alexis Ohanian (Creator)

Good news, everyone!

Months ago, we spoke with Lester & Dylan about the design they had in mind for the special kickstarter t-shirt we'd design for their campaign. We took those notes and talented designer, Shaun Sanders, sketched some concepts out for us. After some more feedback, he settled on an iconic shot of Lester with microphone and the retro-awesome text for "Lester Chambers' Time Has Come."

Shaun is not just a designer, but also a law student, so he was already going above and beyond to help out amidst all his schoolwork. Eventually that caught up with him and we turned to breadpig designer Hadley Rouse, who brought his concept to life!

Here it is!

We've also included the drafts so you can see the design process along the way.

-Alexis & team Lester!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Joyce Olinga on

      Is the CD coming soon? I'm so excited!!!!!

    2. Robert Joy on

      This is absolutely awesome guys! I love it and I am sure everyone else will too! Also, you have the correct use of the apostrophe. It does not require an extra "s" when the word ends with an "s".

    3. Missing avatar

      Alma Lahnum on

      These shirts look really awesome! I am so excited :D

      One thing though, I hate to be 'that' person but shouldn't there be an additional "s" at the end of Chambers'? I think the rule is that it is always apostrophe+s if the noun is singular, and only an apostrophe if the noun is plural.

      Regardless, I can't wait to get mine! I've enjoyed seeing every single update and watching the whole process unfold. It's been spectacular!

    4. Charles N on

      Thanks for the update! I'm glad we were able to all come together to get this project well on its way!